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Dafa Responsible for Curing My OCD and My Losing Weight

October 27, 2014 |   By a Dafa practitioner from Sichuan Province, China

(Minghui.org) Practicing Falun Dafa cured my obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and brought me back to my normal weight over the past three years.

My parents took up the practice in 1996. They often told me about its beauty, especially my mother. I knew Dafa was really good.

After the persecution of Falun Dafa began, I understood that the self-immolation incident at Tiananmen Square was staged to defame Dafa. However, I was unable to enter the door of cultivation practice.

Tribulations Gave Me the Impetus to Study Dafa

I used to have severe OCD, which began after I read a report about illnesses that shortened one's life. After reading it, I searched for symptoms and suspected that I had come down with an illness that would result in an early death. I was a wreck afterward and couldn't shake the overwhelming waves of anxiety.

My condition worsened. I washed my hands many times a day, flushed the toilet for several minutes, and took 40 minutes to unplug the television and turn off the gas and water before I went to bed. I tried to fight the compulsions but was not successful. I saw doctors and took medications, but nothing was effective.

My mother passed away due to the persecution at the beginning of 2011. My sorrow was so deep that I did not have the courage to face life. My father was really sad, too, but his belief in Dafa was not shaken.

When my father asked me on May 8, 2011, “Do you want to practice Falun Dafa?” I answered, “Yes.”

No Longer Confused

My father taught me the exercises. When doing the standing stance exercise, my arms were so sore that I had to rest them after a short time before lifting them up again. But Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) mentioned in Zhuan Falun that the practice would be “in vain” if one took down the arms. I clenched my teeth, held up my arms, and no longer felt uncomfortable.

When doing the meditation exercise, I was in pain and sweat a lot in the beginning. Now it is easy for me. I feel that I have a predestined relationship with Dafa.

My father warned me before teaching me the exercises that my thoughts would not be calm at first, but I was able to have a calm mind from the beginning. I did not force myself too much; it just happened naturally. I always have a calm mind when I do the exercises.

I had read Zhuan Falun many times and worried that I might not understand much at the beginning. But Dafa helped me understand many principles that I was confused about.

My mental state changed after I studied the Falun Dafa books. All my compulsive actions from my OCD disappeared, and my thoughts are no longer troubled by whatever comes my way.

I experienced another miracle: I used to be overweight, and even the largest size clothes were tight on me. My appetite and weight returned to normal after I practiced Dafa.

I failed to cure my OCD with medication, and my strong will couldn't make a dent in my compulsive actions. But by practicing Falun Dafa, I could let go of all that stressed me out.

I knew that our compassionate Master helped me return to a life without stress, and words cannot express my gratitude.