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Painting: A Lesson

September 19, 2013 |   By a practitioner from Wisconsin, USA



Title: A Lesson Medium: Oil on canvas

Description: In a dream, a Buddha was drawing a tulip. I was leaning against his knee, watching him as he painted the flower calmly and with great poise. The tulip looked like a little kid's drawing. I puffed up and said, “Ah, I can do better than that!” The Buddha continued painting, still smiling contently, and the dream ended.

When I woke up, a feeling of embarrassment overtook me. The Buddha’s tulip didn’t look too detailed, but it carried his compassion. The painting glowed with light. Who wouldn’t want that painting on their wall? What would my paintings represent?

It was a lesson in character. To be a better artist, I have to improve myself. To understand what beauty is at higher levels, I have to have more beauty within.