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A Once Happy Family Is Broken Up as Senior Teachers Are Persecuted

June 14, 2013 |   By a Minghui correspondent from Heilongjiang Province, China

(Minghui.org) A respected couple, Wang Yali and Kang Changjiang, were both senior teachers at the Third Middle School of Shuangcheng City in Heilongjiang Province. In 2010, their son was admitted into one of the best universities. This was big news in Shuangcheng City, and the highly regarded family was looked up to and envied in their local area.

However, such a happy family was destroyed by the communist regime. The wife was put into a labor camp. The husband was illegally sentenced to fourteen years in prison. The regime agents took away all the family's money and property, leaving their college age son with no money and resources to support himself.

Ms. Wang Arrested

At 12:20 on November 13, 2011, Ms. Wang Yali came out of her home. When she reached the south entrance, a man in plain clothes looked up and stared at her. She had a strange feeling but didn't pay close attention. She waited for the bus on the roadside. Suddenly, she was pushed hard by someone into a car that was parked on the road as she heard someone saying, “This is Wang Yali!" Ms. Wang was handcuffed behind her back. Three men and one woman were in the car. They grabbed her hair and seized her handcuffed hands.

When Ms. Wang Yali asked who they were and why they arrested her, they did not answer. Instead, they searched her entire body. They took her cell phone and house key, and about one thousand yuan in cash. They were very angry. One of them asked, “Is your husband named Kang Changjiang?" Wang Yali said nothing. Then they drove the car to the East Gate. When they drove to the Shuangchen Police Department, they said that they were lost and called someone. When Ms. Wang Yali asked them where they were from, they yelled back, “Who do you think we are?” Then they drove to the Shuangcheng Criminal Team, covered Wang Yali's head when they got out of the car and took her to a room on the second floor.

The people who arrested Ms. Wang were the Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Bureau police. At the same time, some police broke into her home. They arrested her husband Kang Changjiang and Ge Xin, who happened to be visiting. They ransacked the house and took many items. Ms. Wang's arrest was part of a coordinated mass arrest, in which more than forty Falun Gong practitioners were abducted at the same time.

Extracting a Confession

At the police department, Ms. Wang was detained in a room on the second floor. The officers who arrested her took turns watching her. One female officer tried to trick Ms. Wang into giving her family information. A male officer said: "You are clever not to have participated in the gathering. The dozens of people downstairs are Falun Gong practitioners that were arrested from the gathering!” These two officers came in and out after a long time. The female officer threatened her and said, “We found a lot of things in your home. You and your husband will be sentenced!"

While this was going on, Wang Yubiao, the team leader of Shuangcheng Domestic Security Team, came in. Ms. Wang asked him, "Why did you arrest me?" He pretended not to know anything and said, “I don't know anything about it! What happened?” Then he walked away. Ms. Wang heard someone being beaten. Then she heard her husband's voice saying, "What's wrong with my practicing Falun Gong? Why are you beating me?" Two criminal team officers Liu Weidong and Yao Renku who belong to the Heilongjiang Provincial Police Bureau had been attempting to extract a confession from her husband. The female officer came in again and asked Ms. Wang Yali, "We found a notebook containing phone numbers. Who gave it to you?” Ms. Wang said that she printed it out herself. The female officer said, “That's impossible! Those numbers are top secret in the police department. Very few people have access to them!” Then an old man walked in. The female officer said, “This is our director in the provincial police bureau. He can help you if you have something to say.” The director told Ms. Wang, “As long as you tell us who gave you the phone book, we'll forgive your crime of owning Falun Gong materials in your home. As long as you cooperate with us, I have the power to let you keep your job at school.” Ms. Wang remained silent. Disappointed, the director left. It was also under the instigation of this director that Liu Weidong and Yao Renku tortured Mr. Kang Changjiang for two hours, trying to make him confess. The torture caused devastating injuries to Mr. Kang's body, and he lost ten teeth in the process.

Later, they transferred Ms. Wang Yali, Mr. Kang Changjiang, Ge Xin, and Luo Yanjie to the seventh division of the Harbin Police Department. When they were waiting to fill out the physical examination form, Ms. Wang saw her husband standing there wearing thin, inadequate clothing and vomiting blood. Later, Ms. Wang Yali, Ge Xin, Luo Yanjie were detained at the Harbin Second Detention Center, and Mr. Kang was detained at the First Detention Center.

Ms. Wang Tortured

In the afternoon on November 24, 2011, Ms. Wang was taken by three officers to the special hearing room on the third floor. Others at the hearing were Mr. Kang Changjiang, Ge Xin, and Luo Yanjie. They handcuffed Ms. Wang to an iron chair. An officer in his 30s from the 1 st Section of Harbin Police Department interrogated Ms. Wang. A female officer in her 50s from the provincial police bureau sat by his side. The officer held a cell phone with text messages and asked Ms. Wang to say something. Ms. Wang didn't say a single word. At 4:00 p.m., they planned to take her back to the prison. Finally an officer said, "Someone from this side talked!" Ms. Wang Yali was brought back and handcuffed in the iron chair. After a while, the officer assigned to interrogate her picked up an interrogation record and read it to her. In the record, it said that Ms. Wang called this interrogated person and the others came to her home. The record said Ms. Wang Yali taught them how to send text messages. The officers tried to make Ms. Wang admit that she did that. She refused.

Then, the female officer from the provincial police bureau went away and another officer in his 40s came in. He told Ms. Wang that her husband took full responsibility for all the things they found in their home in order to protect her and their children. He also said that if she cooperated with them, they would set her free. Ms. Wang remained silent. The officer in his 40s winked and left. Only the interrogating officer was left. Now he showed his demonic side. Ms. Wang's arms were painful and numb due to the prolonged back handcuffing. This officer pushed her arms upward in order to force her to confess. He tortured her for more than one hour, and she was interrogated from noon to 8:30 p.m. When she was sent back to the cell, her arms were swollen. After more six months, she still could not lift her arms up. Her right hand had a big depression in it and a bruise because of the handcuffs.

The next day, Ms. Wang was taken to the second floor of the interrogation room and handcuffed to an iron chair again. When she questioned them and told them that torture is illegal for interrogation, they answered, "Who saw you being tortured? Who said that?" The officer who interrogated her took out her bank card and demanded to know her password. Ms. Wang told him that no money was on the card. She told him that their family had no money. The officer didn't believe her and said, “Why don't you have any money!?” Ms. Wang said, “All of our money is spent, and we only have the things you found at my home.” Upon hearing this, the officer became very angry. He took out Ms. Wang's son's elementary school card in order to get information from her son. (Later it was learned that some teachers did give the information they wanted).

Ms. Wang was interrogated seven or eight times. Each time, someone else's testimony was read aloud and compared with hers. Ms. Wang told them that she did not know any of those things. Because she kept sitting on the cold iron chair for seven or eight days with very thin clothes, her hemorrhoid condition that had been healed after practicing Falun Gong came back. She could not have a bowel movement for more than a week, and she suffered miserably.

Labor Camp

On December 20, 2011, without any legal procedure, Ms. Wang Yali and 16 other practitioners that were arrested from Shuangcheng City were sent to the Qianjin Labor Camp in Harbin by more than twenty Shuangcheng Domestic Security Team officers, led by Wang Yubiao.

When the practitioners were given a physical examination at the labor camp, Wang Yubiao handed the sentencing sheet to Ms. Wang. It was written that she was sentenced to one and a half years. The reason for her arrest and sentence was "arrested on the venue of a residential building at the southeast corner of Shuangcheng City when gathering with over 40 Falun Gong practitioners." Later, Ms. Wang found another reason they put in another document as "arrested for illegal activity." However, the truth is that she was arrested when she was going to buy shoes in her residential district.

At Qianjin Labor Camp in Harbin, these practitioners suffered physical and mental persecution. They were pressured to give up practicing Falun Gong, write the three statements, recite the labor camp regulations, and do slave labor. Ms. Wang was very weak at that time. What made it worse was that the weather was cold, she only had thin clothes and had to sit on a cold little plastic stool. She had been bleeding for a while and suspected that she had uterine fibroids. She asked doctor Li and doctor Wang Meiqi multiple times for an examination. Every time, they used the excuse that she was almost 50 years old and everything would be all right after menopause. At that time, Ms. Wang had her period every twenty days and each lasted about ten days. Because of excessive bleeding, she was extremely dizzy during her periods. Even though her physical condition was poor, she still had to do heavy slave labor. She would be berated by officer Wang Fang if she took a break. When she finally went to bed at night, her legs were always badly swollen.

Ms. Wang was found to have severe anemia during a routine physical examination at Qianjin Forced Labor Camp in early April 2012. The doctor suggested she buy some medicine. However, when she asked whether she had uterine fibroids, the doctor denied it and didn't tell her the truth. Only on May 7, when the labor camp officials took her for an examination at the Harbin Obstetrics and Gynecology hospital, was she told that she was diagnosed to have multiple uterine fibroids with severe anemia, and she needed to have immediate surgery. Otherwise, her life would be in danger. The anemia caused her body to swell all over and an insufficiency of heart blood supply. She also often experienced shortness of breath while just walking. The labor camp officials decided to let Ms. Wang be treated at an outside hospital. However, the Shuangcheng 610 Office officers used the excuse that Ms. Wang was a "key figure" to reject the decision.

Around 9:00 a.m. on May 23, without any prior notice, team leader Liu Chang told Ms. Wang to gather her things and be ready for the hospital treatment. She was handcuffed and sent to the First Hospital of Harbin City. She was arranged to stay at the Obstetrics and Gynecology ward and had a hysterectomy on May 28.

That day, Ms. Wang's husband, Kang Changjiang was sentenced at the Shuangcheng Court. During the 11 days that Ms. Wang was in the hospital, four labor camp officers took turns monitoring her. Even though she was undergoing surgery, they kept her handcuffed every day. The administration section head Zhang Bo checked whether she was cuffed every day in the hospital. Sleeping at night with handcuffs on is unbearable! The surgery cost nearly 20,000 yuan. She was sent back to the labor camp handcuffed on June 2. Just 20 days after her surgery, she had to continue doing slave labor. She was not released until April 7, 2013. Because she didn't have a chance to fully recover from the surgery, she is still bleeding and her cervix is eroding.

Now Ms. Wang lives alone in her empty home. Her husband, Kang Changjiang, was sentenced to fourteen years in prison.