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Fulfilling My Vows and Wasting No Time in Saving People

May 03, 2013 |   By a Dafa disciple from Jining City, Shandong Province, China

(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa in May 1997. Before that, I had nine chronic illnesses, including kidney disease, uterine fibroids, anemia, and cerebrovascular insufficiency. I had seen doctors in various hospitals and clinics across China, but did not experience any improvement. Within two months of practicing Falun Dafa, my illnesses disappeared completely, allowing me to experience the lightness of a truly healthy body.

I want to thank revered Master for giving me a new life. To repay Master for His boundless compassion, I vow to use this new life to diligently validate the Fa and help Master save sentient beings!

After seeing how much I'd changed since practicing Dafa, many of my relatives started practicing as well, including my mother, younger sisters, and brother-in-law. Together we established six practice sites.

Here, I wish to report to Master and share with everyone the things that I have managed to do in my cultivation under Master’s protection.

1. Persuading People to Withdraw from the Communist Party

The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published in 2004, and on February 15, 2005, Master published the article “Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World.” This marked the beginning of my efforts to persuade people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated youth leagues. I have steadfastly walked on this path ever since.

During these past several years of clarifying the facts about Dafa and the persecution, I have not dared to slack off. I have not missed a single day and have walked to every corner of my city and nearby villages to search for predestined people to be saved. The largest number of people I persuaded to withdraw from the CCP in one day was 42. I set a target number of at least 70 people per week. Based on a rough estimate, I have persuaded about 23,000 people to withdraw from the evil CCP and its affiliated organizations to date.

Once, I went to clarify the facts to the Residential Committee. There were two secretaries in the room when I entered. One of them said, “You’ve really got some nerve; others have been trying to avoid us, but you came right to our doorstep.” I told them with a smile that I came to save them.

They asked me many questions about the Tiananmen Square self-immolation hoax, the Zhongnanhai incident on April 25, 1999, and so on. I patiently explained everything to them. Midway through our conversation, another committee member came in. All three willingly withdrew from the CCP and its affiliated organizations, and promised to protect Dafa disciples if they were arrested by the evil party. Thus, through Master’s arrangement, three lives were saved.

Once, there was a large snowstorm. The wind was very strong, and the roads were snowed in, such that I could not ride my bike. My son had brought his daughter over to my place for me to look after. Due to the storm, I decided to take a break that day from my truth-clarification efforts, but I felt very restless at home.

I told my granddaughter: “Your grandmother is a cultivator. Today’s work of saving people is not done, and I can’t stay home and do nothing. Let’s go out together to save people.” My granddaughter was a very good girl. (She is a little Dafa practitioner). Carrying our truth-clarification materials, we went out into the snowstorm and managed to clarify the facts to about 10-20 people that day. Although the wind was like knives against our cheeks, we both felt warm inside. When I asked my granddaughter if she was cold, she replied that, on the contrary, she was sweating!

On another day, I went to a construction site. When the people there asked me what I wanted, I said that I was there to save people. With that, I clarified the facts to them and told them how Falun Dafa has spread to over 100 countries, that the evil CCP will be eliminated by Heaven, and that withdrawing from the Party can protect one’s life.

I went on: “One must withdraw from the CCP without delay and not be destroyed along with it; withdrawing from the CCP will bring you good fortune.” At this point the head of the construction site came out and said loudly to his workers: “Did you all hear that? Falun Dafa speaks of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. If there are any Falun Dafa materials, you should go ahead and read them. This year, my son watched a truth-clarification DVD about Falun Dafa and then managed to score a place at a university. He also received good fortune.”

Everyone at the construction site agreed to withdraw from the CCP--a total of 32 lives were saved.

2. Experiencing Miracles of Dafa

I never had an opportunity to go to school, so I have no educational background at all. When I began studying the Fa with other practitioners, I was very anxious about not being able to read. Everyday I held Dafa books and cried, as I wanted so much to be able to read them. I asked local practitioners to teach me how to read the words I didn’t know.

One day I fell asleep while studying the Fa. In my sleep, I saw very clearly that many of the words in Zhuan Falun turned into large, golden words, which flew into my head. I woke up soon thereafter. From then on, I could read the words in the Dafa books. I was so moved!

Once, I went to a village to clarify the facts. I remained there until it was dark. As the village was far from my home, I eventually got lost. Moreover, it was raining heavily, and there was no one on the roads. I couldn’t see beyond an arm’s length. I thought: “Master, I can’t afford to waste time going round in circles here. I still have people to save tomorrow.” Suddenly, I saw five golden Faluns appear in front of my bike. The Faluns formed a ring of various colors, directing me home. I quickly followed the Faluns. When I was almost home and could finally recognize the way back, the Faluns disappeared.

3. Emerging from a Dangerous Situation Unscathed

When Jiang Zemin, the head of the CCP, initiated the unexpected persecution of Falun Dafa, it was as though a black cloud had descended upon us. Slanderous lies were everywhere, and the world’s people were being deceived. I understood that I had to make use of every minute I had to clarify the truth, but at that time the atmosphere was very hostile with many evil elements at work.

Once I went to a construction site to clarify the facts. While I was distributing truth-clarification materials, a man in his 40s suddenly grabbed my bike and refused to let me leave. While doing so, he took out his mobile phone and began calling the police. I wasn’t afraid; I knew that he had been misled by the evil party’s lies. I told him peacefully: “The police station is for bad people. We Falun Dafa practitioners are the best people one could know, so I don’t belong to that sort of place.”

I also kept sending righteous thoughts to clear the bad elements that were controlling him. He wasn’t able to connect to police with his mobile phone. After trying for a long while, he said to himself, “Why can’t my mobile phone reach through to the police station? This is strange.” Finally he said, “Since you’re of such a senior age, I’ll let you go.”

In January 2003, I went out to the countryside to clarify the facts. The previous day, I had passed by a village and given the villagers there many truth-clarification materials. On my way home, I passed by that village again. A villager asked me if I had any more materials from the day before.

Eager to save more people, I got down from my bike and asked him what materials he wanted. However, it turned out that he didn’t really want the materials; instead he took out his mobile phone to alert the police. I immediately realized that something was wrong. Looking around, I noticed a police car hiding behind a pile of corn stalks. I sent forth very strong righteous thoughts to eliminate all evil elements there.

As I set off on my bike, the police car began to chase me. At that moment, Master gave me the wisdom to turn onto a small road next to a wheat field. The police car didn’t manage to catch up with my bike. Through Master’s compassion and protection, I thus managed to escape.

4. The Only Thought in My Heart Is to Save People

A few years ago, the area where I was staying underwent a demolition-and-relocation process. Many families started adding houses to their land, so that they could claim more assets and then get more compensation once these houses got demolished. My family also urged me to build a new house. However, I was unmoved by their words and remembered that I am a Dafa practitioner.

I remembered Master’s teaching:

“How should we practitioners deal with loss and gain? Not like ordinary people do. The only thing ordinary people think about is their own gain and how to live well and comfortably. But we practitioners aren’t like that, we’re just the opposite. We don’t seek the things ordinary people want, but what we gain is what ordinary people can’t, even if they want to… unless they cultivate.” (Zhuan Falun)

I absolutely cannot allow any attachment to self-interest to affect my efforts to save people; nor can I forget Dafa disciples’ grand mission. So, I abandoned the idea of building a house and instead persisted in studying the Fa well and saving people, so as to walk well the path arranged by Master.

Building a house would have earned me about 40,000 yuan in relocation benefits, but when I was compensated for the demolition of my existing house, I received over 60,000 yuan. Moreover, during the time that I would have used to build a house, I managed to clarify the facts about Dafa to thousands of people and get many predestined people to withdraw from the Communist Party. As my thoughts were righteous, the process of saving people went very smoothly.

On my journey to save people, I have been conscientious and willing to clarify the truth to each person that I meet, and I have gotten better and better at it. I also feel younger each day; much of my hair, which was previously white, has now become black again.

My entire family has benefited from my cultivation. My son had psoriasis, which couldn’t be cured for over 20 years. My daughter-in-law had chronic gastritis. Soon after I clarified the facts about Dafa to them and they recognized that Falun Dafa is good, their illnesses disappeared without medical treatment.

My young granddaughter once got a fish bone caught in her throat by accident. Her face turned blue. There was no time to send her to the hospital, and no one knew what to do. I quickly carried my granddaughter to Master’s portrait and called to Master for help. After calling Master’s name two times, my granddaughter’s throat immediately became clear, and she was fine. Everyone present was stunned by her miraculous recovery. Thank you, Master, for Your boundless mercy!

In following Master in Fa rectification, I want to be even more diligent and steadfastly walk the path that Master has arranged for me. I want to fulfill my vows and waste no time in saving people!