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Not Cultivating Compassion Can Bring Sickness Karma

May 29, 2013 |   By a practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I would like to share my understanding of sickness karma.

I have had sickness karma for a period of time. Every time it appeared, I would send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it, but it was not effective. I thought it was because my righteous thoughts were not strong, and I didn't keep up with the exercises due to laziness, thus, my energy was not strong enough to eliminate the bad elements. Therefore, I would spend more time doing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts, and sought help from Master. After many days, the sickness karma would eventually go away. This is how I dealt with sickness karma but I didn't look inward and ask, “Why do I have sickness karma? Why are the bad elements able to interfere with me?”

Recently, many practitioners in our area have had serious sickness karma, and some even lost their lives. This propelled me to focus on my own situation, but I wasn't able to find the answer. Although I looked inward I only found some superficial attachments.

The sickness karma reappeared after a period of time. I had sharp and severe tonsil pain, and it didn't go away after I sent forth righteous thoughts for many days.

I didn't know what to do, so I asked Master for help. On my way to work, a seven-year-old girl sat next to me on the bus. She was playing with a big ugly bug. Someone asked her, “What is your name? Aren't you afraid of the big insect?” The little girl replied, “My last name is Shan (Kindness). I'm not afraid of the bug at all.” Although I heard the conversation, I paid no attention. Later I thought, “The little girl's last name is Shan and she was playing with a scary-looking insect. Master is pointing things out to me, that all evil beings are insignificant when they are faced with kindness.” As soon as I understood this, my throat was not sore anymore. I was shocked! I realized that I had not been cultivating a compassionate heart and had been fostering evil elements.

I enlightened that the cultivation process is the process of eliminating one's attachments, thus increasing one's gong. When a practitioner does not cultivate kindness, the evil side will continue to grow. It is like the demon kings in the universe—although they do not have attachments, they aren't kind and exhibit cruelty. When a practitioner's bad side is strong, the energy emitted from his gong also contains bad elements. Therefore, when he sends forth righteous thoughts or clarifies the truth, the result might be negative.

An energy field containing a strong evil side would attract more evil elements. Therefore, when a practitioner fosters bad elements and demonic attributes, he is also asking for interference from the evil lives.

When we do not cultivate compassion, our behavior could manifest as being overcritical, selfish, indifferent, or irritable. These are demonic attributes. We may not even think that we are wrong, and will not feel good until we have vented or won an argument. Thus, aren't we seeking demonic and evil elements? When the demonic lives in the universe see that we are pursuing them, they come into our dimension and emit their black energy. The manifestation in the human dimension is sickness karma. When we fail to look inward in a timely manner, our negative behavior can become worse. This is the same as acknowledging and accepting their existence. Therefore, they will emit more bad elements, which could result in more serious sickness karma, and cause some practitioners to lose their lives.

These are my current understandings, and I hope they can help other practitioners. Please kindly point out anything that is inappropriate. Heshi.