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The Women's Section of Masanjia Forced Labor Camp Employs Drastic Measures to Coerce Practitioners to Give up Their Faith

March 09, 2013 |   By a Minghui correspondent from Liaoning Province, China

(Minghui.org) In June and July of 2012, the women's section of Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang used brutal methods to try to "transform" Falun Gong practitioners. The goal was to force every detained practitioner to give up her belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Guards first handcuffed a practitioner's arms to a bar of the bed. Then two guards pulled her arms very hard for a long time. Sometimes they even broke her arms. Then they put her legs on a stool and pulled them apart. It hurts so much that the victim feels as if she is dying. Many practitioners became handicapped after being tortured this way. They can no longer walk unaided.

Ms. Wang Xuemei Bled Profusely after the Stretching Torture

Ms. Wang Xuemei was subjected to the stretching torture for 24 hours. Blood started to flow from between her legs and wouldn't stop. The guards took her hand to sign a statement to give up Falun Gong after she lost consciousness. When she regained consciousness, she refused to acknowledge the signature and began a hunger strike to protest the persecution. It lasted more than five months. She became extremely weak. Prison staff force-fed her with unknown drugs. They also made her family pay huge medical bills and force-feeding fees.

Many practitioners were tortured in the first round of “transformation” in June and July, including Wang Yingqin, Song Guangdi, Wang Shulan, Sun Guifang, Sun Guiping, etc.

In October last year, the labor camp started a second round of efforts to “transform” practitioners. They ordered every practitioner to write and fingerprint the Three Statements to give up Falun Gong. Many were put on the stretching torture again since they refused to write the statements. More practitioners were persecuted this time, since there were three dozen from Dalian who were detained in the labor camp in July alone.

The following practitioners were tortured in October: Wang Tan, Wang Yingqin, Sun Gui-ping, Song Guangdi, Sun Zhongli, Lu Li, He Qiujing, Chen Haibin, Lin Qiuxiang, Luo Jinwei, Zheng Juxiang, Wang Xuemei, Wang Xuejie, Wang Shulan, Song Changmei, Sun Xiuhua, Wang Xiaoyan, Zhang Lina, and others.

Ms. Wang Tan Was Tortured with Being Hung Upside Down for 24 Hours

Ms. Wang Tan refused to "transform." Police took her to a secret chamber and turned her upside down for 24 hours. She was confined in the secret chamber for over a month and a half. She was give only one bun per meal. They did not give her drinking water and did not allow her to use the toilet. What she suffered in that month and a half is beyond words. The guard directly involved in torturing Ms. Wang was Yu Huijing.

Some practitioners wrote and signed the Three Statements after being tortured horribly. Then they were forced to get on a stage and read their statements over the loudspeaker. They could not hold back their tears, but they were forbidden to cry. If they did, they would be pulled back for further torture. Practitioners who were forced to sit in the audience had to keep smiling.

From the beginning of October to the end of December, both female and male guards were involved in the torture. Seven or eight male police officers were divided into two shifts to torture female practitioners.

Persecuting Practitioners with Unknown Drugs

The labor camp implemented a third round of “transformation.” Falun Gong practitioners were ordered to mark "√" on the sentences that slandered Dafa and "×" on the sentences that promoted Dafa. Whoever didn't do it would be dragged out to be tortured.

They also ordered all the practitioners to “talk about their own experiences” and recorded it. The practitioners were forced to stand up and lie, saying that no illness were cured after practicing and how bad Dafa is. Anyone who did not speak would be pulled out to be tortured.

The persecution of Falun Gong practitioners has gone to the extreme. The guards do not allow them to use the toilet except once in the morning or afternoon. Many practitioners do not dare to drink water. The older practitioners find this very difficult—their faces become red and they cannot sit still. Sometimes they wet their pants.

Guards also force practitioners to take drugs. Many practitioners do not have anything wrong with them, but the guards force them to take drugs anyway. If the don't, they will be force-fed. The guards also tell the practitioners' families to pay for the expensive drugs.

Masanjia Forced Labor Camp's women's section does not allow family visits to practitioners. They claim that no visits are allowed unless the practitioner gives up her belief. It is not unusual for practitioners not to see their family members for one or two years.

Guards Who Participate in the Persecution

Guards who have participated in torturing practitioners are: Ren Hongzan, Yu Hui Jing, Zhang Huan, Zhang Lei, and Zhang Lili. Zhang Huan, the captain, is ruthless. Zhang Lei, the deputy captain, is also extremely vicious, and often becomes furious and slaps practitioners in the face. Ren Hongzan is simply heartless and cold-blooded. She often curses at and humiliates practitioners.

Guard Zhang Lili slandered Dafa at the podium for a long time. Whoever refused to cooperate with her to answer her questions would be tortured. One time she put her foot on a Falun Gong practitioner's head, and said, "Why don't you fly?” Guard Yu Huijing is even worse. She can "transform" the practitioners that other guards cannot. She slapped Ms. Shen Xiangling's mouth and kicked her stomach while wearing high heels. Yu Huijing curses practitioners mercilessly.

The above is only a small sample of the kinds of brutal torture Falun Gong practitioners in this labor camp endure. Unspeakable crimes are committed every day in this living hell on the earth.