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If the Attachment to Showing Off Isn’t Eliminated, the Danger is Great (With a Comment from Master)

March 8, 2013

(Minghui.org) Great danger awaits if a person cannot eliminate the attachment to showing off. Wicked websites are but one means that the old forces use to sift the sand. The below is a letter from a reader outside of China. A comment from Master follows at the end.

Dear Editors,

Greetings! I read today the piece, “What Is One Validating? (With a Comment from Master),” and was startled by the perspectives it shared. I would like to inform you about some matters familiar to me.

I am a new disciple that obtained the Fa outside of China, in 2011. I returned to China in August of 2012, and made contact with a fellow practitioner who had cultivated for more than a decade. He asked how my cultivation was going, and so we exchanged understandings for a while. After that he brought out two thick books for me to “study.” The name of one of the books was something like Human Nature Takes the Utmost Precedence. He turned to the table of contents and went over it with me. I saw that the table of contents had headings like, “Who is Master?” and “The relationship between Master and the old forces.” There were many other such headings. I can’t remember them clearly now. Its contents were really off track. The fellow practitioner said that he had yet to fully “grasp” all of the book’s inner meanings after “studying” it at length.

When I heard that he was studying this, I was really surprised. At that point Minghui had just published the editorial, “Put an End to Plagiarizing and Undermining the Fa.” So I told this fellow practitioner that Minghui had published a new editorial, and asked if he had read it. He said to me, “Looks like you’re still too new and don’t realize a lot of things. Minghui and the Falun Dafa Association both belong to the old forces.” I was even more surprised. I asked him, “How come I never knew this and nobody ever told me this, even though I’m from abroad?” He replied, “You need to realize these things for yourself.” I followed up, “Then how come Master says that on important matters, practitioners must pay attention to the attitude of Minghui? And why was the Falun Dafa Association established?” He replied, “There a lot of complexities here. You’re so new and haven’t even started cultivation yet.” At the time, I really did question myself, wondering, “Is it really that I’m so new and that the veteran disciples were intentionally keeping things from me?”

After that, the practitioner wrote down the name of a website for me, and kept asking me to visit it once I had gone back. As soon as I got back, I did go to that website. It was titled, “Lucid Reasoning.” As soon as I opened the webpage, I was frightened and closed it. I did that because the first thing I saw was the heading, “Turning the Law Wheel Towards Minghui.” There was also something called the “Falun Dafa Ren Xue Association,” and photos of some of its members with legislators. At that point I concluded that the site must be evil! I immediately got in touch with one of this person’s family members (who was living outside of China), and asked her about the matter. She said that this had been going on for nearly six months. She had shared her thoughts with him, but he had told her that he “had his own way” of gaining insight.

I felt that the fellow practitioner in China must have been given those things by someone else. I didn’t know what influence the website and book had been having. I am now aware that Human Nature Takes the Utmost Precedence was first published in New Zealand.

At first I didn’t realize just how much harm this might cause. But today, when I read “What Is One Validating?” I realized that Fa-rectification has reached the final stage, and that if I didn’t report this on account of my personal connection with this person or to save face, then I’d really be acting irresponsibly towards him.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my great appreciation for the selfless contributions of fellow practitioners at Minghui!

A new practitioner that lives outside of China

March 3, 2013 


A Comment from Master

There is order amidst disorder. All such people have deviated from the Fa as a result of their attachment to showing off. There are always some among our students who wish to display their brilliance, to show how learned they are, or how lofty their realizations are. Sooner or later they get into trouble. The evil websites try to ensnare such people. Cultivation is about removing human attachments, and if one doesn’t earnestly cultivate there will be deviant “realizations.” As the multitude of gods see it, these people are in a stupor and nonsensical, at once pitiable and laughable; they don’t cultivate in earnest, and are only deceiving themselves. Cultivation rests upon you, gong upon the master. If it’s a case of sand, then it will be sifted out.

Li Hongzhi

March 6, 2013