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Feb. 28, 2013 |   First published in Chinese on February 27, 2013


(Minghui.org) Several days ago a project manager at the US Epoch Times, surnamed Yang, and an editor, named Jade, wrote to Dafa disciples in China. They inquired about Minghui materials production sites in China, such as which districts they are found in, which cities, their quantity, how many people are involved in production and distribution, what items are being produced (for example, Minghui Weekly) and in what volume. They implied that this information was required. Thus far Dafa disciples in Liaoning and Zhejiang provinces have received such inquiries. Some cultivators who have been taking information safety seriously provided the sought-after information without second thought when they were told that “this statistical inquiry is from Epoch Times headquarters, and it is a project approved by Master.”

In the Fa-rectification period, at this time when the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong has yet to end, all such secret inquiries and surveys regarding Minghui materials production sites are the behavior of CCP agents. With supporting the needs of Master’s Fa-rectification as a Dafa disciple’s starting point, we ask that all relevant Dafa disciples be clearheaded and never cooperate with such things, so as to stop this form of interference.


Original Text and Translation Revised March 2