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Practitioner Couple Mr. Ma Xunde and Ms. Zheng Fengying Arrested

September 29, 2012 |   By a Minghui correspondent in Ningxia Autonomous Region

(Minghui.org) Mr. Ma Xunde and Ms. Zheng Fengying, a practitioner couple from Wuzhong City in Ningxia Autonomous Region, were arrested and taken from their home on September 1, 2012. Both are currently detained at Wuzhong City Detention Center.

It is reported that on September 1, when Ms. Zheng Fengying went home to get clothes and request her wages (her wages had been withheld) after being away from her home for three years. She was arrested by police from Wuzhong City Domestic Security Division, and her house was ransacked. The couple was taken to the Qingtongxia City Police Department. Then Wang Hao, from the Qingtongxia Domestic Security Division of the Police Department, detained them at Wuzhong City Detention Center. Previously in November 2009, the Qingtongxia City Court attempted to falsely sentence Ms. Zheng, so she was forced to leave home and live elsewhere.

Ms. Zheng Fengying is a retiree from Wuzhong Instrument Factory. Mr. Ma Xunde used to be an engineer at the Labor Division of the Wuzhong Instrument Factory. He suffered from kidney stones. He would bang his head against a wall, kneel, or roll all over the floor when he had an attack. In May 1997 Ms. Zheng and her husband started practicing Falun Gong at the same time. Within just a few months, their diseases had all gradually disappeared.

After the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Falun Gong started in 1999, Mr. Ma and Ms. Zheng were repeatedly detained, sent to a forced labor camp, or sentenced. The time they spent with their son has been limited. In the past 13 years, every time they were arrested, their son had to be taken care of by their relatives, friends, or coworkers. Ms. Zheng's mother could not handle the situation and passed away while Ms. Zheng was detained at a forced labor camp.

The following is the persecution experience of Mr. Ma Xunde and Ms. Zheng Fengying:

After Writing a Letter to the Government Regarding Falun Gong, the Couple Was Illegally Arrested in 2000

Mr. Ma and Ms. Zheng and several other practitioners wrote a joint letter to the central Appeals Office in February 2000, saying how Falun Gong had helped them. They asked the government to allow them to practice their belief. Domestic Security Division head Wang Wenzhang in the Litong District of Wuzhong City, along with police officers, including Ma Baozhen, arrested these practitioners. They held Mr. Ma and Ms. Zheng at the Wuzhong Drug Rehabilitation Center for 15 days.

The Drug Rehabilitation Center Extorted Five Thousand Yuan from the Couple After They Were Arrested Again in 2000

A group of practitioners from Wuzhong City, including Mr. Ma and Ms. Zheng were arrested on October 20, 2000 and detained for over a month at the Wuzhong Drug Rehabilitation Center. Mr. Ma had a relapse of kidney stones because he was forbidden to do the exercises or study the books there. He rolled on the floor in terrible pain. He was released after being forced to pay 3,000 yuan. Ms. Zheng's feet ulcerated, and her toes seeped pus and blood. They were so swollen that she could not walk. She had 2,000 yuan extorted from her.

The Couple Was Sent to the Forced Labor Camp in 2001

CCTV broadcasted the staged self-immolation in Tiananmen Square in 2001. Officials Wang Wenzhang and Ma Baozhen from the Wuzhong City Domestic Security Division brought reporters and photographers from the local Wuzhong TV station on the morning of February 9, 2001 and held an "attack session" at the factory. Attendees included factory officials and workers. They also brought practitioners and pressured the couple to "take a stand." Ms. Zheng ignored them. Domestic Security officials scolded her and arrested her after the gathering and took her to the Wuzhong Police Department. The same afternoon, they sent her immediately to the Yinchuan Women's Forced Labor Camp without following any legal procedures. She was held there for the next two years. At the labor camp, she went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The perpetrators added several more months to her term.

Mr. Ma sent Ms. Zheng some clothes in September 2001 while she was still held at the labor camp. The guards found a few of Master's articles hidden in the pockets of the clothes. Ma Yan, the Political Instructor at the forced labor camp reported it to the Wuzhong City Domestic Security Division. Official Wang Wenzhang from the Domestic Security Division sent him to a labor camp to be held for two years.

Four People in the Family Were Persecuted, and Ms. Zheng and Mr. Ma Were Sentenced in 2004

In August 2004, a group of officers from Yinchuan City, Wuzhong City, and the Litong District ransacked Mr. Ma and Ms. Zheng's niece's home. They arrested Mr. Ma, Ms. Zheng's younger brother and niece.

While arresting them, Ms. Zheng's niece was holding her one-year-old daughter. The police took the baby away from her and threw the baby on the floor. The baby's shoes were off and she was having a hard time breathing. The same night, a group of police then ransacked Ms. Zheng's house and arrested her as well.

Ms. Zheng's younger brother and niece were detained for 37 days. Ms. Zheng was sentenced to three years of house arrest and Mr. Ma to five years in prison. He was taken to Guanmahu Prison in Wuzhong City and later transferred to Huinong Prison in Shizuishan City. Then he was taken to the Yinchuan Brainwashing Center in late December 2008, where he was held for 14 days beyond his original term.

Ms. Zheng Arrested and Taken to a Brainwashing Facility in 2005

Ma Xudong from the Wuzhong City 610 Office and several officers from the Domestic Security Division arrested Ms. Zheng on the morning of March 15, 2005. They took her to a brainwashing facility in the Yinchuan City 610 Office, where she was held for a month.

Ms. Zheng Forced to Leave Home for Three Years and Arrested for the Seventh Time in 2009

Ms Zheng and two other practitioners were arrested in March 2009 and later released to await further interrogation. The Qingtongxia Court officials wanted to try the three practitioners on November 2009. So Ms. Zheng left home and lived elsewhere.

Ms. Zheng Fengying and Mr. Ma Xunde were arrested together again on September 1, 2012.

 “The Persecution of Ms. Zheng Fengying and Her Husband Over the Past Decade”