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My Understanding of Getting Rid of Attachments

September 29, 2012 |   By a practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Teacher has told us, “I’ll tell you a truth: the whole process of cultivation is a process of constantly getting rid of human attachments.” (Zhuan Falun) (2003 translation)

If we don’t cultivate our hearts or get rid of attachments, we cannot help Teacher rectify the Fa, let alone cultivate to Consummation. As practitioners, how can we get rid of attachments? According to my understanding, I think we need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Study the Fa More and Well According to Teacher’s Requirements

From my understanding, the process of studying the Fa is the process of eliminating thought karma from our minds and removing our attachments. The more Fa that is in our minds, the fewer bad substances, including attachments, there will be. But when we study the Fa, we must study according to Teacher’s requirements. At least we must understand the surface meaning of the sentences, not pull at individual words.

When Encountering Conflict, Look Within. After Finding an Attachment, Distinguish the Attachment and Eliminate It Using Righteous Thoughts

Of course, during cultivation practice we have to suffer a little. It is impossible for Teacher to take out all the bad substances from us, which would disobey the principle of “no loss, no gain.” Therefore, we will face all kinds of challenges in order to eliminate our attachments. So how can we cultivate in real life, and how can we get rid of attachments? Teacher says,

“Why do we ask you to cultivate yourself? You should first of all eliminate bad thoughts through cultivation. The reason you can get rid of those bad things is that you don’t ac knowledge them as you. That is extremely crucial. It is because you don’t acknowledge them as you that you can then eliminate them.” (Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference)

However, during the period of Fa-rectification, the old forces have arranged a set of thoughts for each Dafa practitioner, including every thought of each practitioner. Thus, we must not only distinguish them but also clear them away. Teacher also told us,

“With regard to the manifestation of thought karma, the damage that the evil forces have created for us, and our clarifying the truth to people, we are actively eliminating the demons instead of condoning or passively enduring; but our thoughts and actions must be benevolent." (“Commentary I,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

For example, if I quarreled with a family member today, it is an attachment coming out. Purely regretting it is useless. Because this attachment is a substance in another dimension, if it is not uprooted, it will appear again next time a similar situation occurs. I have to distinguish this attachment of arguing from myself and send forth righteous thoughts to clear it. Next time when I face it, I can do better. The next time when it comes, it seems that I can hold back. However, I still feel a little uncomfortable. Why do I feel that way? The attachments are still there. For instance, if I am afraid to be discussed by others, or I have the will to pursue fame, I still need to distinguish those attachments from myself and send forth righteous thoughts to clear them. While we distinguish these attachments, Teacher is helping us remove the substances in other dimensions. Of course, they are not taken out all at once. Instead, only a part of them are removed. The fewer bad substances in the other dimension, the calmer we can remain the next time we face verbal abuse. But it is possible that we cannot pass the test in a dream. What can we do? We should take the same method to cultivate ourselves. After we try to find our own mistakes, we must distinguish them from ourselves and send forth righteous thoughts to clear them out. Eventually, all the bad substances will be removed.

In fact, we have to distinguish attachments from ourselves in every aspect of life. Teacher says, “Your Main Consciousness Should Predominate” and “Cultivation depends on the efforts of the individual while transforming gong is done by the master.” (Zhuan Falun) Only when we distinguish the attachments can we clear our minds and reach the status of “selflessness” and “compassion.” In a divine state, we can save people and help Teacher rectify the Fa. If our mind is adrift or filled with emotions and desires, what is the difference between us and everyday people? Although we are clarifying the truth, we are doing it in the state of everyday people. Thus, the effects will be greatly reduced.

Of course, some attachments are easy to clear and can be eliminated by sending forth righteous thoughts twice. Some have formed notions and need to be cleared out by sending forth righteous thoughts many times. Some attachments are caused by other attachments, such as fundamental attachments. In this case, we need to find its origin within ourselves in order to eliminate it.

For example, one practitioner is emotionally attached to her her children. She said, “This attachment is not me. I must eliminate it.” But it was not effective. Why? Because she just wanted to clear the qing. Only after getting rid of her attachment to fame and personal interests can her heart of compassion come forth and the attachment to her children be eliminated. However, this practitioner still has the attachment to personal interests and carries relatively great selfishness. She treats family members differently from others. With different attitudes toward different people, her heart of compassion cannot come forth. Therefore, if we have distinguished the attachments and sent forth righteous thoughts but still cannot eliminate the attachments, we must find our own mistakes by checking whether there is anything we have not enlightened to.

Cut Off Secular Things and Do Not Let External Factors Interfere

Teacher says, “In terms of external factors, there is presently a situation that seriously interferes with your practicing cultivation toward high levels, and it seriously affects practitioners.” (Zhuan Falun) (Third Translation Edition) I realized that the external interference is severe now. Then what should we do? Teacher also says,

“The things that are encouraged on television, in the movies, and in literature teach you to become a stronger and more practical person among everyday people. But if you can’t transcend these things you will be far from a cultivator’s character and state of mind, and you will acquire less gong. Practitioners should have little or no involvement with those vulgar and unhealthy things. They should turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to them, and be unaffected by people and things.” (Falun Gong) (5th Translation Edition)

In fact, Teacher has already told us everything clearly, and we just need to follow the requirements. Except for doing our job, we cannot touch any television, movie, fiction, newspaper, music, magazine, painting, radio, or video games. We must distinguish these attachments from ourselves and must not let these outside factors interfere with our cultivation practice.

In fact, as practitioners, we have to cut off many things in this life in the end. Of course, we must balance our relationship with family and society. But we have to get rid of attachments.

The above is only my understanding. Due to my limited level, I hope fellow practitioners will kindly point out anything improper.