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What I Saw in Other Dimensions While Disintegrating the Evil in a Forced Labor Camp with Other Dafa Practitioners

August 25, 2012 |  

(Minghui.org) In 2010 when I went out with another practitioner to distribute truth- clarifying materials, I was reported to the authorities by the local people who did not know the truth about Dafa. I was arrested and sent to a forced labor camp.

I was detained in a cell with nine others, including seven other Dafa practitioners. In September 2010, a practitioner who had just been brought back to the camp told us: "While I was passing by the hall (used by the camp captains on duty), I heard a captain shouting that they would 'transform' the practitioner who was just sent here." I thus told other practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts together to support the practitioner.

Eight of us sent strong righteous thoughts together. In just a few minutes, my celestial eye opened up and I saw the following scene in another dimension:

Two dozen little devils came out from under an old bridge. They all were wearing the same black clothes and carrying something like a small tree trunk. The tree trunk was about eight meters long with each end a different size; the bulk of one end was about 10 centimeters thick and other end about 5 centimeters. Those little devils carried the tree trunk and charged at the practitioner. When the thick end of the trunk slammed into the practitioner's body, the trunk started to send out roots automatically. The roots quickly entered his body—even his small capillaries. But the practitioner remained motionless. The roots then withdrew quickly from the practitioner's body and returned to the tree trunk. The devils then tried again the same things three more times, but the practitioner remained motionless. The devils then realized that they had failed and quickly returned to the bridge. The camp captain in the human dimension was thus unable to shout any longer and couldn't "transform" the practitioner.

In the past when Dafa practitioners were sent to the camp, the camp captains would brainwash them first. Then the "transformed" people took turns trying to indoctrinate the practitioners with their evil theories. They persecuted practitioners both spiritually and physically nonstop for days. This time, the eight of us sent forth righteous thoughts as a whole body and it took only 20 minutes to disintegrate the evil.