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The Lesson of No Second Discipline is Very Important

May 27, 2012 |   By a Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) In Zhuan Falun Master mentioned an elderly woman who levitates from one bed to another. The woman's name is Ms. Xiao, and at the time she was 84 years old. Everyone called her Ma Xiao.

In August 1993, Master came to Guizhou to organize the third class of teaching the Fa. One night during the class break, several elderly practitioners sat on the floor to the right front of the podium to practice crossing their legs in the double lotus position. They talked and laughed while trying to sit in the lotus position. Master came down from the stage to see how they were doing. I also went over and stood next to Master. Master encouraged them to continue the exercises and to not be afraid. Everyone was saying that they could not do the lotus position. Master pointed to Ma Xiao and asked her to try it. While trying to cross her legs Ma Xiao said, “Look, I really can't do it.” She rolled over as she pulled her leg up. Master smiled and said to her, “Don't be afraid. Try again. You can do it.” After she was urged twice she still didn't dare to try it again. I said to her, “Master told you to try again. You can rest assured. If Master says you can do it, then you certainly can do it.” She was still skeptical while trying to cross her legs and said, “I just tried and I really can't do it.” However, before she finished her sentence, she was able to successfully sit in the lotus position, and she did it pretty well.

Ma Xiao was surprised, and said, “How strange. I couldn't pull it up a moment ago. Now my legs are soft as noodles. I can cross my legs easily without trying.” She was extremely happy. Shortly after, I heard from Mr. Jiang, the director of the assistance center that Ma Xiao floated from one bed to another while doing the sitting meditation. She said at the time, her only thought was, “My slippers are still in front of the other bed and I have to go back.” So she floated back.

We can see that Ma Xiao made quick progress practicing Dafa. She was the first practitioner in Guizhou to levitate while doing the sitting exercise.

At that time Zhuan Falun had not been published yet. There were few practitioners who had a tape recorder or tapes of Master's lectures. Practitioners basically did not have the concept of studying the Fa, so their understanding of the Fa principles was very limited. There were many people who could not distinguish between the Buddha Fa and Buddhism. Although Master had taught the Fa of “No Second Discipline,” many people did not pay attention to this teaching.

The people who used to go to temples with Ma Xiao saw her health greatly improve after she began practicing Dafa. So they came to ask her to go to the temples again. Because they misunderstood, they thought Falun Gong was also Buddhism and they felt it didn't matter which practice they followed. Ma Xiao was also a certified lay Buddhist and she began practicing Buddhism again. About a month later, she was hit by a car. After staying in the hospital, not only did she not recover, her condition worsened. Persuaded by fellow practitioners, she came back to Dafa. Very soon she recovered. Her old friends saw that she was fit again and could climb mountains and go to temples, so they again pulled her to practice Buddhism. She could not refuse them and mainly because of her poor understanding of the Fa principles, she again went to temples with them and left Dafa again. Less than a month later she became sick. This time she was never able to stand up again. What a serious lesson! The issue of no second discipline is extremely important! [Editor's note: Ma Xiao did not suffer retribution because she stopped practicing Dafa, but rather, it was the case that when she abandoned Dafa, she was no longer under the protection of Dafa. The problems that befell her were simply part of her regular course of life, which had been altered as long as she was a Dafa practitioner.]

In the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party the Chinese Communist Party is said to be an evil cult. Practitioners in China still cultivate, live and save sentient beings in the evil party's environment. The evil party uses every opportunity, various methods and all propaganda to spread its evil things. We must constantly be careful. Do not inadvertently fall into the evil party's trap and violate the principle of “No Second Discipline.” Be very, very careful.