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Notice: Urgent Notice

Oct. 19, 2012


The computer system and network used by Fei Tian Academy of the Arts and Fei Tian College to accept and store admissions information have been broken into by malicious hackers, and all of the information pertaining to admissions, including data forwarded from the Minghui editors mailbox, are believed to have fallen into the hands of the evil. We ask that those in Mainland China pay urgent attention to the following:


1. Step up efforts to study the Fa and send righteous thoughts, so as to strengthen one's righteous thoughts and cleanse one's own and related dimensional field.

2. Regard the issue with righteous thoughts. Whether the impacted party is a cultivator of Dafa, or someone who has submitted the name of a child or relative for purposes of gaining admission to an higher education institute or artistic group overseas, their legitimate rights as citizens should be protected.

3. Take the necessary safety precautions and do not give the evil an easy avenue to impose persecution.

4. Fei Tian's computer systems have been restored.


Fei Tian Academy of the Arts and Fei Tian College
October 18, 2012