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Call for Articles for the 8th China Fahui on Minghui.org

Aug. 15, 2011

(Minghui.org) The 8th China Fahui on Minghui.org will start accepting article submissions beginning August 15, 2011. The deadline for submissions is September 15, and the Minghui website will then start publishing selected articles after review.


For this once a year, large-scale Fa conference, we hope to see more cultivation experiences and understandings gained during the process saving the world's people day-to-day; on how practitioners truly look within themselves when studying the Fa and improve xinxing; on how they better understand Dafa and Dafa cultivation rationally through Fa study; on how, while putting in efforts to study the Fa well, they cultivate powerful righteous thoughts, save people with righteous thoughts, handle the cultivation environment with righteous thoughts; and so on. The mainland Fa conference sharing papers are not to promote and validate oneself or to express oneself, but to validate Dafa and Dafa's mighty virtue, and to provide practitioners with an even larger environment to compare in studying and in cultivating, so as to be together, in the limited time left, to save more people more clearheadedly and more responsibly.


How to submit articles and other details:

1. When writing, coordinating, and sending articles, please continue to pay attention to the issue of safety with righteous thoughts. The process of writing cultivation experiences and overcoming difficulties when submitting articles is also a process of improvement in cultivation.


2. This call for articles is meant only for Dafa disciples in mainland China.


3. When sending in articles using the website's internal email account, please indicate what region you are in.


4. To facilitate correct processing by the editing team, please specify “Fa conference article submission” when sending in articles.


5. Please send articles to the dedicated mailbox for the mainland China Fa conference: fahui@minghui.org.


6. If using the Minghui website's “web page for submitting articles online,” please clearly specify your region, overseas email address, or Minghui's internal email account to facilitate the editing team's feedback and communication.


The deadline for submissions is September 15, 2011.


August 15, 2011