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Maintain Righteous Thoughts at All Times

March 28, 2011 |   By Rongrong, a practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) I am 66 years old and have practiced Falun Dafa since 1997. Over the past 13 years, under Master's compassionate care, I have passed one test after another with righteous thoughts.

Walking On the Path to Godhood With Righteous Thoughts

After I read, “Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference" in 2000, I knew I should go to Tiananmen Square to validate the Fa. I was ready to leave and wrote a letter to my family saying, “Today's situation is not a conflict among people but is demonic interference. What the government has said are lies created by Jiang. I am going to validate the Fa.”

In the two or three hours before I was about to depart, I received a copy of “Teaching the Fa at the Great Lakes Fa Conference in North America.” While reading Master's new lecture, I had a thought that I would go and come back quickly, and would then send the new lecture to other practitioners.

Because of my righteous thoughts, after I validated the Fa in Tiananmen Square, the evil could not take advantage of me. The police just said, “Go back to where you came from.” That night, under Master's arrangement, I wrote a letter to the local Politics and Security captain. Two days later, I was able to deliver the new lecture, “Teaching the Fa at the Great Lakes Fa Conference in North America,” to other practitioners.

Using righteous thoughts, I negated the evils' plot at the beginning of Fa-rectification. In 2000, 2001, and 2002, several practitioners told me that the police knew about my situation and were trying to find me. However, I always treated it with righteous thoughts. After Master told us to send righteous thoughts, I did so to eliminate the evil each time. I thought, "Evil, you cannot enter my home. If you do, you will just give me the chance to eliminate you.” Those who were manipulated by evil factors really didn't dare to enter my home.

Following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, I had a peaceful relationship with my mother and mother-in-law when they were in their last days. My husband originally treated my mother very well. After I started to practice Falun Gong, he started being mean to her. At first, this upset me. When my mother brought me trouble, I didn't dare reply loudly. Many times when I sat down in meditation, I shed tears and said to Master in my mind, “How can I put down the attachment of feeling upset?” I regretted that I did not do well. Gradually Master changed my cultivation environment. My practice benefited my mother and mother-in-law, and because of this I was admired by my relatives and friends, who changed their incorrect opinions about Falun Gong, including several of my in-law's.

Negating the Old Forces' Persecution in Real Cultivation, Not Just With Words

Master said in “Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan,”

“...when your righteous thoughts are inadequate and not in line with the Fa, you will be cut off from the Fa’s power, and it will seem like you are alone and getting no help.”

When I saw or did something that didn't feel right, it was usually at a time when I didn't have righteous thoughts or didn't send forth righteous thoughts.

Master also said in “Teaching the Fa at the Washington DC International Fa Conference,”

“The evil beings look specifically for your thoughts that contain attachments in order to strengthen them and achieve their aim of taking control.”

Because I did not study the Fa well or understand the Fa thoroughly, for a long time I was attached to the thought that the persecution of Dafa should end immediately. As a result, I had taken a detour on my path of cultivation and was persecuted. I was detained in a forced labor camp for more than two years and I wrote some statements that I should not have written, which is a stain that can never be removed. However, I cannot dwell on mistakes and must never give up.

After I was released, my family was strongly opposed to my contacting other practitioners because the police had told my family that other practitioners had betrayed me. I was considerate about my family's suffering on my behalf, but I wanted to validate the Fa. I sincerely discussed the situation with my husband. In order to reduce their troubles, I decided that I could rent a house and live with my mother-in-law who was 92 years old and wasn't able to take care of herself. My husband did not agree however, and agitated my relatives to besiege me. After many difficulties, they realized that my resolve to validate the Fa could not be shaken, and my husband had to go along with what I suggested.

I now have the freedom to come and go. The police came to my home several times. Each time, I was not at home and was out validating the Fa. My husband wisely dealt with them and did not have any complaints about me.

It is Dafa Disciples' Responsibility to Save More Sentient Beings

Master said in “Be More Diligent,”

“... that the number of lives to be saved before the final moment arrives has not reached the amount it should; and that there is still a portion of Dafa disciples that hasn’t kept up.”

It is my top priority to ask more fellow practitioners to step forward to do the three things well and save more sentient beings.

I have kept in contact with fellow practitioners since I started practicing. For those around me who cultivate well, I think that we can share experiences and actively do the three things well. For those who are in the remote areas and are new to cultivation, I should contact them more often and send them materials related to the Fa. It is very important to catch up with the speed of Fa-rectification.

Practitioner A obtained the Fa in 2006, her younger sister in 2005. Her sister-in-law obtained the Fa earlier but did not have contact with other practitioners. Before I contacted the three of them, they seldom read Falun Gong materials and had to travel to other places to get Master's new articles. I did not fear the long journey and actively contacted them and delivered materials to them. Because they obtained the Fa in recent years, their personal cultivation went along with Fa-rectification. The old forces created gaps and interference among them. When they had difficulties in understanding the Fa and cultivation, or had conflicts, I shared with them separately and asked them to search inward, to study the Fa more, and to find their own shortcomings. Sometimes they didn't understand at the time, but they enlightened later from understanding the Fa.

In recent times, Practitioner A's ex-husband, who divorced her about 30 years ago and was allegedly a cheater, came back to her home because he had nowhere else to go in his old age. Practitioner A helped him quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, and asked him to read Dafa books and materials. He changed a lot and became more tolerant. Practitioner A said to other practitioners, “I searched inward and had no hatred toward him. He cannot bear any difficulties. Dafa is so magical! He has changed a lot and helps me do housework.”

Practitioner B is a veteran practitioner who moved to our area later on. She is very kind and compassionate. Other practitioners like to be around her. Some practitioners in poor cultivation states felt very comfortable when they sat near her. One day, her grandson got a cold and had a fever. She asked her daughter-in-law to recite “Falun Dafa is good.” Her grandson recovered without taking medicine. Her daughter-in-law has also studied the Fa since then.

Practitioner C's home is our Fa-study site. Her husband recently broke his leg. Through reading Falun Dafa materials and Dafa books, he refuted the doctor's claim that it would be three months before he could get out of bed and six months before he would be able to walk. He went to work three months later and sincerely said, “I really benefit from Falun Dafa.”

Practitioner D did not practice the exercises and seldom studied the Fa when I was not at home. After I contacted her, I delivered Minghui Weekly and other Dafa materials to her. She became as diligent as before. She once hung two or three Falun Dafa banners in one night. She walked away twice while being followed by police when talking to people about Falun Gong.

The practitioners I often have contact with are scattered. We formed four Fa-study groups. We now all talk to people about Falun Gong, distribute Falun Gong materials, and advise people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.