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Vancouver Citizens Condemn Pro-CCP Chinese Organizations

February 02, 2011 |   By Minghui Correspondent Wang Mei

(Clearwisdom.net) Allies of the Guard of Canadian Values in Vancouver held a forum on January 23, 2011, regarding the Falun Gong entry in the Vancouver Chinese New Year parade, which was rejected by pro-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Chinese organizations. A majority of the dozens of attendees agreed that the rejection was not in accordance with Canadian values, and was strong evidence of a foreign government's infiltrating local, provincial governments, as stated by Richard Fadden, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Vancouver Falun Dafa Association spokesperson Zhang Su expressed regret over the matter and hoped that parade organizers wouldn't follow the CCP or assist in extending the CCP's persecution into Canada, as this wouldn't be in line with Canadian values. They would end up suffering the consequence of this persecution themselves. Zhang said that the Falun Gong procession had been highly praised, warmly received, and won dozens of awards during parades such as the Roger's Christmas parade, the St. Patrick’s Day parade, Vancouver Canada Day parade, Steveston Vancouver Canada Day parade, Burnaby Hats Off Day parade, and the 2010 Calgary Stampede parade. However, the Falun Gong Association's applications to participate in the Chinese New Year parade have been rejected by pro-CCP organizations since 2003. The receptionist of the Chinese Freemasons treated the Falun Gong applicants rudely. Some leaders of Chinese organizations spread false charges about Falun Gong using Chinese language media and even claimed they hadn't received Falun Gong's application.

After what these Chinese organization leaders had done was exposed in the Epoch Times, many Chinese people expressed their resentment. They stood up to support Falun Gong and condemned the conduct of Chinese organization leaders.

Raymond Leung immigrated to Canada from China more than ten years ago. He said Falun Gong's procession in parades left him very impressed. “The Falun Gong procession was always large and neatly dressed. Their spirit and music were great! It was outstanding and brought honor to us as Chinese.” He was surprised to learn that Falun Gong's application to participate in the Chinese community parade had been rejected many times. He said, “We should ask ourselves why we left China, especially the Chinese who came in the early period, who risked their lives to come to Canada. Most of us came here because we didn't like that system. Regardless if you are a high-ranking official or the rich, you don't have a feeling of security (in China) because there is not a fair climate or social system. We came to Canada and should value the fair environment here.”

Calgary West MP Rob Anders said in an email, “I think it is a shame that Falun Gong would be excluded from any event having to do with China. Falun Gong is more Chinese than the Communist Party that oppresses people in China.”

Former MP Simma Holt was angry to hear that Falun Gong's application to participate in the Chinese New Year parade was again denied. She immediately called the Chinese Benevolent Association of Vancouver and asked that they reconsider the application. She also wrote a letter to the parade committee and restated her request. Ms. Holt said Falun Gong practitioners were our true friends. “They have worked tirelessly for justice and freedom, and called for an end to the killing in China. If anyone had stepped forward to stop Hitler, fewer Jews would have died.”

Canadian writer and senior commentator Sheng Xue said Falun Gong was allowed to participate in parades organized by other ethnic groups, but not by Chinese, and that the nature of this phenomenon was very alarming. “It tells us that it wasn't Fadden, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, or Macleans that discriminated against the Chinese, but the Chinese themselves, especially those few organizations that acted in accordance with the will of the CCP. This was an actual example of how foreign forces are influencing a local community. No wonder these organizations wanted so desperately for Fadden to step down. Fadden touched their sore spot.”

Freelance writer Long Languang wrote an article “It Is Chinese New Year. Where Did Such Hatred Come From?” about this incident. He wrote, “This group of people, who considered themselves representatives of the Chinese people in Vancouver, thought too highly of themselves. They forgot the nation, but remembered hatred—the hatred the Party instilled in them. If you don't believe me, ask them why they hate Falun Gong so much. I guarantee the reasons they tell you will be the same boring old slander on CCTV and Xinhua New Agency ten years ago when Jiang Zemin was maneuvering the propaganda. They don't have any opinions of their own.” Mr. Long warns these Chinese organizations' leaders, “It's OK if you don't know what Falun Gong is. Everyone has many things they don't know. But who taught you to hate them? I dare to say you haven't read a single Falun Gong book. Then where did your hatred come from? You can think about it. Isn't it from the CCP's propaganda, its embassies and consulates? ...If the CCP collapses today, the new government elected by the Chinese people must welcome groups like Falun Gong, who follow Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance, just like the mainstream society in any democratic country.”

The Vancouver Association to Promote Quitting the CCP wrote a sincere letter to the Chinese Freemasons, explaining the difference between patriotism and love of country versus love of the CCP.