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The Bitter Experiences of Mr. Wu Sanbai's Family from Xingtai

February 10, 2011 |   By a Clearwisdom correspondent from Hebei Province, China

Name: Hao Lianxiang (郝莲香)
Gender: Female
Age: 45
Address: Dashitou Village, Nanshimen Town, Xingtai County
Occupation: Farmer
Date of Death: 2007
Date of Most Recent Arrest: 2000
Most Recent Place of Detention: Xingtai County Detention Center (邢台县看守所)
City: Xingtai
Province: Hebei
Persecution Suffered: Extortion, physical restraint, home ransacked, detention

(Clearwisdom.net) When talking about Mr. Wu Sanbai, people who know him always say, “He is a good person!”

Practitioner Mr. Wu Sanbai, 49, is a farmer from the Dashitou Village, Nanshimen Town, Xingtai County. During the past eleven years of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong, he had been detained in a forced labor camp for three years. He was sentenced to a four-year prison term in 2008, and is still being held at the prison.

Ms. Hao Lianxiang was on the brink of death from illnesses before she began practicing Falun Gong. She and her husband started the practice in spring 1997, and her illnesses subsequently disappeared. Not long afterwards, she was able to do manual labor in the fields with her husband. They worked in the fields during the day and did the Falun Gong exercises at night. They were full of energy.

One day, Ms. Hao and her husband went to the mountain and were planning to haul some stones. Someone was cracking rocks with dynamite at the time. At one point, a huge rock began rolling toward Ms. Hao and hit her, knocking her to the ground. Her lower jaw was dislocated and she thus couldn't eat anything. She didn't take any medicine and recovered in a couple of days.

As a result of the practice, they became better people too. Mr. Wu's mother didn't want to stay at her other children's homes and only wanted to stay with them. The couple worked hard and had three children. Their family of three generations was a happy one.

The CCP started the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999. Officers from the Xingtai County 610 Office broke into Mr. Wu's home and ransacked the place. They extorted money and stole grain from the family. Mr. Wu was sentenced to three years of forced labor, and Ms. Hao was taken to the Xingtai County Detention Center. His eldest child was 13 at the time and had to leave school to take care of her grandmother, brother and sister.

The guards used torture devices on Ms. Hao because she insisted on practicing the Falun Gong exercises. She was suffocated for more than two hours. The guards saw that Ms. Hao was about to die, so they sent a message to her relative, “You should hurry up and pay 2,000 yuan for her. Otherwise, she will die here.”

There was no grain left when Mr. Hao returned home. Her family was very poor.

It was the harvest season, and reapers came to the village to help. The village cadre told them not to help Ms. Hao's family. So Ms. Hao and her children had to harvest their wheat with sickles. On the last day, all the wheat had been harvested except for Ms. Hao's. A kind villager blocked the path of the last reaper and said, “You must help Ms. Hao today, or just run over me. They just practice Falun Gong!” The last reaper then helped.

The wheat was bagged after drying in the sun, but the village cadre and several people came to steal the wheat. They came to Ms. Hao's home and started carrying the wheat away without saying anything. Thankfully, Ms. Hao's daughter was able to stop them.

Ms. Hao's second daughter had to leave school two years later because they couldn't afford the middle school tuition.

Wu Shuqi, a police officer from the Qiaodong Police Substation, ransacked Mr. Wu Sanbai's home and took him away during the 2008 Olympics. Mr. Wu was unlawfully sentenced to four years of prison by the Qiaodong Court. His three children had to do some odd jobs to make a living.

In the winter of 2002, Mr. Wu's wife went to visit him at the labor camp and said, “This is my first and last time to visit you. We scraped and saved for a long time before we could afford this trip.”

His wife Ms. Hao Lianxiang had been under pressure from the many levels of CCP officers, and struggled alone with three children for many years. The ordeal was detrimental to her body and mind. She passed away in 2007 at the age of only 45. Her three children had to do odd jobs to make a living.