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Domestic Security Division of Pingyuan County, Shandong Province Conducts Three Operations to Arrest Practitioners

December 19, 2011 |   By a Clearwisdom correspondent in Shandong Province

(Clearwisdom.net) The Domestic Security Division along with the 610 Office of Pingyuan County, Shandong Province arrested Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Liu, Mr. Zhang, Ms. Qin Shuling, Ms. Zhu Lili, Mr. Wang Jinhua, and Ms. Cheng Liping during three separate operations from July 6 to September 6, 2011. The corrupt officials threatened the families of these practitioners with forced labor camp sentences for the arrested practitioners, unless an extortion fee was paid. The families were subsequently extorted of a total of 78,000 yuan.

Details of the Arrest Operations: Practitioner Ms. Liu

Seven police officers from the Domestic Security Division of Pingyuan County followed Ms. Liu from Heilongjiang Province (previously forced to leave home to avoid persecution) to the entrance of her temporary residence. As she opened her door, the officers swarmed into the house and ransacked it, while confiscating Falun Dafa works, truth-clarification DVDs, and over 200 yuan with the truth-clarification slogans written on them. The officers arrested Ms. Liu and her husband Mr. Zhang.

The 610 Office staff took the couple to the joint enforcement office of the 610 Office and the Transportation Bureau, situated at the entrance of the County Transportation Bureau (actually a secret location used by the 610 Office to persecute practitioners) for questioning. The officers threatened the couple's families with forced labor camp sentences for the couple, unless they paid a 30,000 yuan extortion fee. The families subsequently paid the extortion fee, in order to have the couple released. They were forced to leave home in order to avoid being arrested again.

During their detention, the officers involved in the persecution included Zhang Xiujun, deputy head of the county police department (he actually boasted that he came purposely to deal with Falun Gong practitioners), Hou Zhiguo, an officer from the 610 Office, Li Feng, head of the 610 Office, an officer surnamed Zhao, and a female officer.

Details of the Arrest Operations: Practitioners Mr. Wang Jinhua, Ms. Qin Shuling, and Ms. Zhu Lili

A group of plainclothes officers forced their way into Mr. Wang Jinhua's home on the afternoon of July 28, and ransacked it. They confiscated Mr. Wang's home computer, DVDs, Teacher's portraits, Falun Dafa books, Shen Yun Performing Arts DVDs, MP5 players, cash, and other personal belongings.

Ms. Qin Shuling and Ms. Zhu Lili (who were visiting Mr. Wang), were about to ride their bicycles home, but they were stopped by police. One of the officers broke the headlights of the electric bike. Ms. Qin Shuling's eight-year-old daughter was so frightened by their actions that she cried and pleaded to go home. However, the officers called in more reinforcements. They dragged Ms. Qin and Ms. Zhu into a vehicle. The girl tried to hold onto Ms. Qin. Zhang Zhenyi tried to kick the girl, so she stepped back to avoid him. Officers then handcuffed Ms. Qin and Ms. Zhu and dragged them into the vehicle. The girl cried and ran back outside from the house, trying to hold onto her mother. Team Leader Zhao attempted to grab the little girl as well, but let go when she bit him.

Ms. Qin, Mis. Zhu, and Mr. Wang were taken to the interrogation room of the County Police Department. The practitioners were restrained in chairs and isolated in separate rooms. Ms. Qin requested to use the bathroom during the interrogation, but was refused. The officials also changed her interrogation room because her family had arrived and was requesting her release. Ms. Qin was finally allowed to use the restroom after her family left, some time later. During the interrogation period, the police officers intimidated, verbally abused, and ridiculed her. They demanded to know her contacts and where she obtained the Dafa materials, but she gave no response. Team Leader Zhao kicked her four times. Seven or eight officials took turns questioning her, but she didn't respond.

At approximately 11 to 12 p.m. when there was no one out in the streets, the officers took them to Longmen Hospital for a physical checkup. Ms. Zhu refused to get out of the car. Zheng Weishi and Hou Zhiguo handcuffed her, dragged her legs to the door of the car, and stuffed her into the gap between the front and back row seats with her face down. She was having trouble breathing, so she cried out twice. Li Feng said, “Push her down!” They then pushed her down into the seat.

Ms. Qin shouted “Falun Dafa is good” the entire time that she was in the car. Officer Hou Zhiguo shoved a rag into her mouth and shouted, “Cover her mouth! I don't believe that I can't control you!” When they arrived at the Longmen Hospital, she kept shouting “Falun Dafa is good!” and refused to take the physical. Hou Zhiguo tightened her handcuffs, which cut into and bruised her wrists.

Following the forced physical checkup, Domestic Security Division officers took them back to the detention center. On the way, Ms. Qin shouted “Falun Dafa is good!” again. The officers tried turning up the music volume to cover up her shouting, but she continued upon their arrival at the detention center. The officers said, “The police officers here all carry guns. If you shout again, they will shoot you.” Since Mr. Wang Jinhua didn't pass the health check, the detention center refused to accept him. He was then taken to the joint reinforcement office. The Domestic Security Division officers and detention center guards pushed and dragged them inside.

The guards tried forcing them to register, but they refused to cooperate. Guards then ordered them to shout “report,” but they refused again. Guard Wu Xianzhong handcuffed the two practitioners back to back, and shackled them as well. He then pushed them to the ground. Ms. Zhu was menstruating, and wanted to use the bathroom, but the guards didn't allow her to go. Ms. Qin and Ms. Zhu exposed their actions, “You said that there were female guards, but we haven't seen any. You also forbid us to use the toilet. On what basis do you deprive our right to use the bathroom?” One of the guards rushed Ms. Qin, struck her in the face, and dragged her by the shackles. He said angrily, “I won't let you use the toilet! I'll lock you up here and I'll be here to watch you! If you have no sense of shame, then you can pee or have a bowel movement right here.” He also said to the others, “Throw them in the male cells. Those inmates have been jailed for over four to five months. Let the men rape them!” The guards finally removed the cuffs and shackles from the two practitioners after a very long time. They moved the two practitioners to a cell, but Ms. Qin refused to go in. The guards pushed her in and threw her to the ground.

Ms. Qin felt some problems with her heart after this series of ordeals. The following day, a female guard and a prison doctor came to give her a checkup. The doctor determined that she was running a fever and that her heart rate was extremely high, so he administered an injection without her consent. Thereafter, her health deteriorated. At the same time, Domestic Security Division officers came to interrogate us. The female guards carried Ms. Qin by her arms to the interrogation room. The two practitioners refused to answer any questions, and refused to sign any documents. After they were returned to the forced labor camp, the guards there deprived them of sleep. Since the guards were afraid of the consequences and liability in the event that Ms. Qin died, they continually monitored her. Whenever she closed her eyes, they knocked on the metal door to wake her up. When Ms. Qin realized their trick, she simply began doing Falun Dafa exercises 1, 3 and 5. She felt much better after the exercises, and began clarifying the truth to the guards. She explained that she had previously been in poor health, and suffered from heart disease, which all disappeared after she began practicing Falun Gong. The Domestic Security Division officers had taken her to the Dezhou Detention Center two years ago. She was near death due to the torture, but she completely recovered after practicing the Falun Dafa exercises following her release. Her physical condition was improving daily, since she was practicing some of the exercises. She was able to shout again “Falun Dafa is good!” and sang some songs composed and created by fellow practitioners. Ms. Zhu sang the songs with her and explained the facts about Falun Gong. Sometimes when they stopped singing, inmates from other cells asked them to keep singing.

At approximately 5:00 p.m., several officers came and announced that they were being released. They still refused to register or sign any release papers. The officers were at their wits' end with these practitioners, and eventually let them go. Ms. Qin learned from her daughter that her family was extorted of five thousand yuan, and Ms. Zhu's family was forced to pay ten thousand yuan.

Mr. Wang Jinhua was taken to the joint enforcement office, where the officials cuffed his left hand to a chair. Six people monitored him. At 9:00 a.m. the following day, Li Feng asked, “What happened? Why haven't your son and other family members come here? They should come with a security bond. You should pay 30,000 yuan.” Li Feng called Mr. Wang's son and demanded the 30,000 yuan for his father's release. His son hung up the phone, and the rest of the family turned their phones off. Li Feng called Mr. Wang's neighbors, asking them to inform Mr. Wang's family of his demand. Li Feng also called Mr. Wang's son again, and this time, asked for 10,000 yuan. Mr. Wang's family was quite poor due to the successive years of persecution. His son scraped together the 10,000 yuan for the officers. Mr. Wang was released and returned home at approximately 6:00 p.m. The following day, the officers announced that the money was not enough, and demanded an additional 8,900 yuan. Mr. Wang's son submitted this additional amount to Zhu Liguo, but didn't receive a receipt.

Details of the Arrest Operations: Practitioner Ms. Cheng Liping

Four officers from Pingyuan County Domestic Security Division - Zhu Liguo, Hou Zhiguo, Sui Zhenjun, and a plainclothes officer who is approximately 40 year old, broke into Ms. Cheng Liping's home at 5:30 a.m. one day in September, 2011. Ms. Cheng asked them to show a search warrant, but they ransacked her home after asking her name. One of the officers presented some kind of certificate, which looked like an ID card. When she asked to take a closer look at the ID, the officer refused. They then started ransacking her home and confiscated a computer, printer, truth-clarification materials, Falun Dafa books, and other items. They attempted to arrest Ms. Cheng, but she resisted, so the officers grabbed her arms and legs, and then carried her to a police vehicle.

Since it was still early in the morning, the interrogation room wasn't open. Ms. Cheng continued to clarify the truth to them. She didn't obey their orders, so the officers opened the door and dragged her into the interrogation room. They dragged her over 65 feet, which wore a hole through her trousers. The officers pushed her into a chair. She refused to cooperate and said, “I have no resentment against you. Why do you want to persecute me and other kindhearted people?” One officer said casually, “Yes, we persecute kindhearted people. You shouldn't stop practicing Falun Gong, otherwise, where would we get money from?” They were unsuccessful in obtaining any information, so they ended the interrogation.

That evening, her husband was forced to pay 13,000 yuan for her release, without being given a receipt, before he was allowed to pick her up. Officer Hou Zhiguo threatened, “If you do it again, I'll arrest you again.”

Contact Information and Descriptions for the Pingyuan Domestic Security Division:

Zhang Xiujun, deputy head, Domestic Security Division (610 Office); 40 to 50 years old, medium height

Zhang Zhenyi, head, Public Security Bureau; 48 to 49 years old, 5' 7”

Li Feng, head, 610 Office; over 40 years old, about 5' 7”, wearing glasses, graduated from a police academy. He has participated in the persecution of Falun Gong since July 20, 1999.

Zheng Weishi, about 40 and 5' 9”; served in the army in Hebei Province, then transferred to the Pingyuan Police Department after he was deactivated from the army. Prior to being transferred to the Domestic Security Division in 2007, he worked in a detention center.

Zhao, team leader, real name unknown. Members of the Domestic Security Division call him “Teacher Leader Zhao.” Although a member of the Domestic Security Division for a short period of time, he spared no effort in his persecution activities.

Hou Zhiguo, Zhu Liguo, and Chen Guangdu; all in their 30's.

Pingyuan County Police, Shandong Province: +86-534 (area code)
Zhang Xiujun, head of the Domestic Security Division and the 610 Office: 4258919, 13953416898, 4258666 (H)
Zhang Zhenyi, head of the Domestic Security Division: 4256967, 15864178988, 4212336 (H), 7860088 (H)
Li Feng, director, 610 Office: 4256967, 15864178589, 4217698
Zheng Weishi, Domestic Security Division, 610 Office: 13953418087
Zhao (called “Team Leader Zhao” - a vicious individual): 4256967
Zhu Liguo: 15853453928
Hou Zhiguo, Cui Zhenjun, Chen Guang: 4256967
Li Shoujian, 610 Office (County): 4211369, 13706399316