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Late Stage Uterine Cancer Disappears after Practicing Falun Gong for Seven Days

December 01, 2011 |   As witnessed by the author

(Clearwisdom.net) There was a kind and honest lady that everybody called Lao Zhang. Lao Zhang worked very hard to care for her family because her husband was in poor health.

Lao Zhang's oldest son had just married, and her middle son had just graduated from high school. Her youngest son had just finished middle school. Year after year Lao Zhang suffered so much due to eating too little and working too hard. She kept getting sick, but she still continued to work very hard. Then, in February, Lao Zhang felt extremely weak and did not want to move. She was diagnosed by three doctors with late stage uterine cancer. The doctors said she was too weak for surgery or chemotherapy and could only handle radiation treatment. Lao Zhang checked into the hospital for two months, which cost her over 20,000 yuan, but her condition did not improve. The doctor told her family that the radiation treatments were not working. He recommended trying more advanced radiation treatments, which would cost an additional 20,000 yuan. However, with this type of cancer, the doctor said that even if they spent another 50,000 yuan, there was no guarantee that she would be cured. Hearing this, her family members were distraught. When others heard the news, they all worried about her, as she was the cornerstone of her family. Lao Zhang was very depressed and could only cry.

When she heard about Lao Zhang's diagnosis, a Falun Gong practitioner went to the hospital to visit her. She whispered to her, “Don't cry. The medicine can help with your sickness but will not save your life. Only Master can save your life. You can repeat from your heart, 'Falun Dafa is good' and 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.' Please give it a try.” Lao Zhang believed in it deeply. After reciting the two phrases for several days, she felt much better. Lao Zhang told her kids that she wanted to go home to check on the house. The doctor would not let her leave, and even if she did leave, the hospital would still charge her to keep her bed. Despite this, Lao Zhang still chose to go home. The Falun Gong practitioner she met gave her an MP3 player with the Fa lectures recorded on it. Lao Zhang listened to Master's lectures and felt very good and comfortable. She also learned to do the five exercises. Lao Zhang said, “I believe in Master, and I believe in Dafa, and now my life is in Master's hands.”

Lao Zhang practiced Falun Gong for seven days, and a miracle happened. Although she previously had bloody vaginal discharge, it stopped. Furthermore, she no longer had any blood in her mouth. Her legs felt very light and her appetite improved. Before, she could only eat half a bowl of rice, but now she enjoyed eating anything and everything. Seven days later, Lao Zhang went to the hospital for a checkup. The doctor was very surprised and asked her how everything had returned to normal. Lao Zhang said that she was practicing Falun Dafa. The doctor was very surprised and permitted her to check out of the hospital. After she returned home, Lao Zhang continued to listen to the Fa lectures on her MP3 player. Incredibly, she improved day by day.

This year, Lao Zhang's middle son needed a house built so that he could get married, so Lao Zhang helped to build the house in the daytime. Then, in the evenings, even though she was tired, she would go to study the Fa. Lao Zhang tells everyone she meets, “Dafa granted me a second life.”

Lao Zhang does not know how to write, so she asked me to write down her story to share with others. She said that she would never forget Master's mighty virtue for the rest of her life.