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Police from Ruichang City, Jiangxi Province Arrest Several Falun Gong Practitioners and Some Family Members

October 19, 2011 |   By a Clearwisdom correspondent from Jiangxi Province

(Clearwisdom.net) The police from Ruichang Public Security Bureau in Jiangxi Province, as well as other police from Ruichang City Pencheng Police Station, Ruichang Wuliqiao Police Station, and Ruichang Saihu Police Station, have been involved in incidents of brutality and coercion against Falun Gong practitioners since June 2011. Over a period of three months, police from Ruichang followed several practitioners to monitor them. After a period of observation, they were violently arrested. Those arrested include Falun Gong practitioners He Shengxiang, Zhu Haixia, Shi Lipin, Huang Xianfa, Han Yuming, Deng Xiaoyan, Zhang Daidi, Zhou Meili, Rao Fenglan, and Huang Zhiming. Also arrested was a practitioner's father Li Pingsuo, and his two sons Li Tiehan and Li Handing.

Three Practitioners Arrested and Li Ping Beaten

On June 12, practitioners Mr. He Shengxiang, Ms. Zhu Haixia, and Ms. Shi Lipin from Gangkou Town in Jiujiang County were beaten and arrested by officers from Pencheng Police Station. The following afternoon, practitioner Huang Xianfa was also beaten and arrested after he requested that the two practitioners at Pencheng Police Station be released.

That same afternoon, Shi Lipin's sixty-eight year old husband Li Pingsuo, along with her two sons Li Tiehan and Li Handing, went to the police station to request Shi Lipin's release. The police had deliberately not provided any food to the three arrested practitioners, in attempt to coerce them into signing a falsified statement. Li Pingsuo requested that he be allowed to take the arrested practitioners out for some food, but the police refused. Unable to tolerate the injustice, he slammed his fist on the table and said, “Falun Gong is good! You are reprehensible!” The police responded by surrounding him and his two sons and beating them up. After Li Pingsuo had been beaten to the point where he could no longer move his hands or legs, the police handcuffed Li Pingsuo and Li Handing and detained them.

Zhu Haixia was also beaten during her detainment. Her forearms were black and swollen afterward. After three months of recovery, her wounds are still visible and she is unable to raise her arm.

Six Practitioners Beaten, Arrested, and Extorted by Police

On July 11, six practitioners from Jiujiang City were beaten near Wuliqiao of Ruichang by local police officers. The practitioners were detained at Ruichang Detention Center.

The illegal arrest was arranged by the Ruichang Public Security Bureau and carried out by the Domestic Security Division of Ruichang Public Security Bureau, Pencheng Police Station, Wuliqiao Police Station, and Saihu Police Station. Those arrested were Han Yuming, Ms. Deng Xiaoyan, Ms. Zhang Daidi, Ms. Zhou Meili, Ms. Rao Fenglan, and Huang Zhiming.

After her arrest, Rao Fenglan was subjected to brutal force-feedings. Steel pliers were used to force her mouth open, which loosened many of her teeth in the process. She was beaten until she was covered in her own blood. She was also tied to a bed and not allowed to use the toilet for two days.

Huang Zhiming was recently released due to symptoms of hypertension. The police extorted 12,000 yuan from Deng Xiaoyan because she needed to go home for treatment for her diabetes. Han Yuming, Zhou Meili, and Zhang Daidi are being detained at Jiujiang Detention Center.

The families of these practitioners have attempted many times to request that the Xunyang Domestic Security Division release them. Wang Bin, from the 610 Office, shifted the blame and told them to make their request to Ruichang, as those practitioners' cases did not belong to Jiujiang. When the families went to Ruichang Public Security Bureau, Zhou Zuolin, the 610 Office director, told them that the practitioners were transferred to Jiujiang and they were not responsible.

On August 29, Ruichang Public Security Bureau even detained Zhou Meili's daughter for over three hours because she requested that her mother be released.

These practitioners' homes have repeatedly been ransacked, and they have been extorted out of money several times. The persecutors confiscated many Dafa materials as well as a satellite dish from Rao Fenglan's home, a satellite dish from Huang Xianfa's home, and many Dafa books from Zhang Daidi's home. Han Yuming's rented home was also ransacked. His computer was confiscated and his landlord was extorted out of 5,000 yuan in fines.

Huang Xianfa, He Shengxiang and Zhu Haixia have been sentenced to forced labor camp. Rao Fenglan, Li Pingsuo, and Li Handing are still being detained at Ruichang Detention Center. Li Tiehan and Shi Lipin were able to escape.