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Negating Financial Persecution

October 10, 2011 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) I am a middle-aged Dafa practitioner and have followed Master faithfully through individual and Fa-rectification period cultivation. On the surface it seemed that I was not persecuted that severely by the evil forces, but in actuality I was badly persecuted financially. I am writing down my experience with the hope that this will help practitioners in similar circumstances.

A practitioner who visited me in September of this year told me about a dream that he had. He said that he saw six pipes in my house that were leaking and a boy was trapped inside. After we discussed and exchanged our experiences, we understood that both of our families took huge losses in our respective businesses. It seemed that no matter what I did, I lost money. I had hundreds of thousands of yuan, and lost almost all of it. I planned to coordinate a practitioners' meeting out of town in July this year, but I did not even have the money for the trip. To make it, I had to sell my jewelery to cover the cost. At that time, we stopped doing any kind of business. Then the evil began a new round of persecution. I suddenly gained a lot of weight and out-grew all my clothes. My husband had to sell an old machine as scrap metal to buy me new clothes. Several days after that, I gained weight again, and I had to buy clothes again. I began dieting by not eating dinner, yet my weight still increased. I gained over 20 pounds in one month.

After exchanging experiences with the visiting practitioner, I realized this was also persecution. Master had given me wealth to validate the Fa and save sentient beings. The old forces had no right to take away my money, and they had to return the money immediately. I sent forth righteous thoughts intensively for two days. I lost over 10 pounds overnight and could wear my old clothes again. My business also turned around when I signed a new contract and made a great deal of money compared to the past. I realized then that the middleman I had worked with previously had taken 90 percent of the money which should have been given to me. I also realized that was how I had lost so much money.

I looked inward to see where I had deviated from the Fa. What was the loophole that the old forces had taken advantage of? I searched and searched, and finally found my loophole. When I went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa in 2000, I was arrested. When my husband visited me in jail, the police extorted a large sum of money from him before they released me. After so many years, I did not realize that was also a form of persecution, and I had never exposed the police department's criminal act. After I exchanged experiences with the out-of-town practitioner, she encouraged me to write my experience down to expose this kind of persecution. Thinking back over the last ten years, the evil has been targeting me. Each time the authorities wanted to arrest me, the purpose was to extort my money. I resisted with righteous thoughts, but the evil got in through every loophole and used this financial persecution. I wrote about my years of persecution and exposed this on the Internet this July. I regret not exposing and negating this persecution earlier. Why couldn't I truly believe in Master and Fa earlier?

I truly hope those practitioners who were also taken advantage of by evil in this way will hurry up and correct yourselves according to the Fa. This form of persecution is hard to detect, as only the person involved would know. Sometimes we still use human notions to handle this type of persecution; we think that business is supposed to have ups and downs. We need to think again—we are Dafa disciples in the Fa rectification period. Anything that prevents us from saving people is not a normal state. We need to adjust and correct ourselves in the Fa in a timely manner.