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The Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners in Liaoning Province Women's Prison

January 19, 2011 |   By a correspondent in Liaoning Province, China

(Clearwisdom.net) Liaoning Province Women's Prison is notorious for persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners who are illegally detained there, particularly in the Eighth Ward. There is no practitioner detained at this facility who can escape from being brutally tortured. At least one practitioner has died from torture there. The Eighth Ward is led by Zuo Xiaoyan, who is well known for her cruelty. She carries an electric baton and relentlessly shocks practitioners whenever she can. She often publicly slanders Falun Gong in meetings.

Ms. Shi of Hulu Island is in her sixties. She was illegally arrested and taken to the Eighth Ward in 2009. On March 17, 2010, she was severely beaten with electric batons because she refused to give up her belief. She was further tortured in a water cell that evening by a group of prisoners instigated by officers Liu Yili and Luo Na. The prisoners involved in the beating were Gao Lan, Du Xiuyun, Fang Lili, Yao Yuanyuan, Wang Tong, Huang Yeqing, Wang Xiujuan, and others. Ms. Shi died that night, before she was sent to the hospital. Some of the other persecuted practitioners and their persecutors are listed below.


Detention Status


Li Hongshu

10-year term

Deng Xiujie, Liu Yili, Zheng Qiu, Qiao Wei

Qi Xiangru

9-year term

Liu Yili

Liu Junlu

Serving more than 10 years

Jiao Lingling (leader), Deng Xiujie, Zhang Hongli

Gao Manli

8-year term

Liu Yingying, Yang Yang, Liu Yili

Yu Shuxian

Still detained

Li Dan (leader)

Wang Jinping

Still detained

Qiao Wei

Cheng Ling


Guo Guijie (leader), Deng Xiujie, Qiao Xiaoying

Zhao Lijun


Deng XiuJie, Dai Wenshan

Yu Xiaoqing


Deng Xiujie , Yang Min

Li Chunxiao


Jiao Lingling (leader), Deng XiuJie, Zheng Qiu, Qiao Wei

Sun Yan


Gao Nan (leader), Wang Jian, Wu Qiu

Zhang Guixiang


Qiao Wei, Li Lili

Han Fengzhen


Li Dan (leader)

Gao Yanxia, Xu Baozhen, Lin Kun, Cui Xuejun, Wang Shiyuan, Jin Shunnu, Zhang Lina, Dai Ruilian, Lin Jingping, Lu Jianhua, Zhang Huaping, Wang Chunying.


Deng Xiujie

Phone Numbers of the Eighth Ward:

Police Station at the 4th floor: 024-706898
Police Station at the 3rd floor: 024-706890