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Interview: The Change in a Practitioner's Husband

May 20, 2010 |   by Fei Er

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zheng's wife was illegally arrested many times for practicing Falun Gong and has been sentenced secretly by the court of the communist regime. In the past 11 years, they spent more time being separated than they were together. They have suffered greatly. Mr. Zheng changed from initially opposing his wife's cultivation to supporting Dafa. Recently he started practicing Falun Gong. What was it that caused him to change so much? Recently, we made a special trip to visit him and had a brief interview with him.

Fei Er: World Falun Dafa Day is here, could you give us an interview?

Mr. Zheng: Sure. Write my experience down so that more people can know the truth.

Fei Er: The persecution towards Falun Gong by the communist regime has caused great hardship for you throughout these years. I know that some family members who have had similar experiences as you argue that the hardship is due to Falun Gong. What made you see that Dafa is good?

Mr. Zheng: About that, I would begin with my wife. Her illness was gone after she practiced Falun Gong.

Fei Er: Which year did she start practicing Falun Gong? What kind of illness did she have?

Mr. Zheng: It was in 1996. She developed myocardial ischemia, intervertebral disk hernia and nerve compression. She was in a lot of pain and couldn't help crying out whenever she turned over. She limped when she walked. All the money we had made was spent on seeing a doctor but she did not become well. Then she watched Master Li's video of teaching the Fa and learned to do the exercises, all her illness was gone. From that time on, she was enthusiastic about telling people about the Fa. She talked to everyone she encountered. She organized people to do the exercises every day. At that time the persecution had not started and there were a large amount of practitioners.

Fei Er: Your wife benefitted herself and naturally wanted to recommend it to others, which indicates that Falun Gong is spread person to person and heart to heart. Falun Gong concentrates on cultivating xinxing and was there any change in your wife's personality and temper?

Mr. Zheng: Yes. We did fight with each other before her cultivation. She would shout at me if I went out drinking and playing cards. After she began cultivation, she would not shout at me and she spoke in a kind tone. Her body was healthy and she could do everything at home. In the past, because of her illness, she did not go to work and asked for sick leave every day.

Fei Er: It seems that you should have supported her practicing Falun Gong at that time.

Mr. Zheng: I'm embarrassed about that... I did not know it very well. She went everywhere to promote Falun Gong. She bought books and paper. I did fight with her. I burned Master's picture and after that I could not move my hands. My hands were drooping like this (making a gesture). It was like I had suffered a stroke. My wife told me that I shouldn't have burned Master's image. Does this need to be written out?

Fei Er: (Laughing) Let's count it as a lesson for you. Have you ever beaten her?

Mr. Zheng: Yes. I picked up a cell phone one day on the street. I threw out the SIM card inside it and kept the cellphone. She returned it to the owner secretly and gave him 300 yuan (she did not know how much the SIM card was worth). She was afraid that I would not agree and told me about it after she came back. I was extremely upset and said to her that she was the Number One Fool in the world. I shoved her and gave her a big slap on the face. Afterward, she always told me that Dafa is good. She told me about the principle of "No loss, No gain" and how to be a good person. Then I understood.

One day on the street, I saw that the person in front of me dropped his identification card and five yuan. I picked it up and rushed to give it back to him, "Here you are," I said, "My wife is a Falun Gong practitioner whose name is ***." The person knew my wife and said, "I know, that lady is a good person."

Fei Er: After 1999, the Communist Party's persecution caused your wife to be unlawfully sentenced. How was your life going at that time?

Mr. Zheng: Her boss told me to divorce her.

Fei Er: Did you tell your wife that you would divorce her if she did not "transform"?

Mr. Zheng: Not at all. How could I say that? I missed her and wished she could come back home. Our son was only in elementary school and since I went to work and there was no one to take care of him. He skipped school and went to look for his mom. Afterward, he ran out of money and returned home.

Fei Er: Has your son ever tried to get his mom to quit practicing?

Mr. Zheng: No. This child had his own opinion. He cried when he went to the brainwashing class and saw his mom - he was speechless. He could not say a word and only wept.

Fei Er: Apparently, although your son was quite young, he was very thoughtful. He knew Dafa was good in his heart, so he did not persuade his mom to quit in order to be released. During the time when Dafa and Dafa practitioners are persecuted, the ones who do not listen to the evil and stand for justice will definitely be rewarded.

Mr. Zheng: Yes. She always told me that Dafa is good and I agreed, too. Sometimes I helped her distribute materials and she would do what she should do. I would stay at home and cook.

I often tell people the truth and said, "If one person practices, the whole family receives benefits. My wife's illness was gone and my constant headache was gone, too. I have a new job now which gives me more money and more free time. Thus I've benefited.

Fei Er: I heard that you have been arrested, right? Could you explain the details?

Mr. Zheng: During the time when my wife was forced to leave home and stay outside, the police could not find her anywhere and so they arrested me. From 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm, I was beaten, cursed at and my face was slapped. They used a stick to beat my knee cap. They beat the parts of your body which cause you the most pain. They grabbed my head slammed it into the wall. There were not only the people who beat me, but also those who helped. One person used his knee to hit my lower from behind. From the front, another person beat me and I had no way to escape. When they were too tired to beat me, they interrogated me, "Who do you know? (Rferring to practitioners) Who has been to your home? Who has stayed in your home? You tell us two of them and it would be easy for us to report to our authorities." I said, "I don't know." Actually I recalled some practitioners and thought of them one by one in my head. My wife once said to me, "Practitioners' families should protect practitioners and should not identify them."

Fei Er: Oh, you did suffer a lot. Did you feel pain when you were suffering from the violent assault?

Mr. Zheng: I felt no pain at that time.

Fei Er: What? Why?

Mr. Zheng: I said "Falun Dafa is good" silently in my heart and Master protected me. They sent me to the detention center for 15 days. My home was raided three times totally and they went to my workplace to search my clothes closet without my permission.

Fei Er: Your wife was held in prison and you should have had a visitation day every month. Have you ever seen your wife?

Mr. Zheng: No. The prison did not allow us to meet. I called the assistant number of the jail but nobody answered.

Fei Er: They have a fear of the exposure of the persecution. It is also illegal for them not to let families meet.

Mr. Zheng: Exactly.

Fei Er: I heard that you are also started studying the Fa, right?

Mr. Zheng: It is from this year. I am suffering severe hardship. In the past, when she was persecuted and I always cried secretly. Now I have learned the Fa and I feel that my mind is purified. I feel comfortable in my heart. The more I think about it, the more I know that what Master Li says is the truth.

Fei Er: Since you started learning the Fa, have you felt some change in yourself?

Mr. Zheng: I quit smoking, and drinking, too. I had smoked pipe tobacco since I was in Grade One at elementary school. I had been smoking for many years and now I've quit completely. When I pick up a cigarette it doesn't taste right. Nobody could control me before cultivation and I would not listen to my boss. Now I am always happy and more compliant. There are also some people who pressure me to divorce my wife. I tell them that my wife is doing something righteous. I am proud of that. What the Communist Party said is totally wrong and doing what they want would make people evil.

If the whole society would learn Falun Gong, the society would be stable.

Fei Er: Do you have anything else you'd like to say to our audience?

Mr. Zheng: I hope that nobody trusts the Communist Party and what it said about Master and Dafa and I hope my wife will be set free. I hope the persecution stops as early as possible.