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Reinforcing the Power of Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

November 28, 2010 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Sending forth righteous thoughts is one of the three things every practitioner should do well. However, some practitioners still do not pay enough attention to doing this, or do not fully understand just how important it is. This is mainly because they don't believe in their own ability to disintegrate the old forces, and at the same time they are focusing too much on the manifestations in this material world. This is a question of believing in Master and the Fa, and is especially a problem when dealing with sickness karma.

During this stage of Fa-rectification, practitioners are saving people by informing them about the persecution. If we have no attachments, the old forces will not dare to persecute us. If we are still troubled by sickness karma, we must first look inward and examine ourselves using the Fa's principles. We should then send forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate all the old force elements that are persecuting us. The cosmos is undergoing Fa-rectification. Master has the final say regarding everything. Nothing is allowed to persecute practitioners or interfere with their righteous thoughts and righteous deeds. If it does happen, then that being is committing a sin against Dafa, and therefore will be completely eliminated. Master emphasized many times that practitioners must do the three things well during the Fa-rectification period: Study the Fa and do the exercises, clarify the facts, and send forth righteous thoughts.

Before I stepped up to do the three things well, I only knew the Fa-rectification verses, but was unable to understand the sacredness of Dafa on a deeper level. Therefore the impact I had in saving sentient beings was not that great. Selfishness and fear prevented me from talking to people about the persecution, to help save them. Ever since I began participating in group Fa-study and exercises, clarifying the facts and distributing truth-clarification materials, the effect of my sending forth righteous thoughts has been phenomenal. Once we truly do the three things well, everything becomes sacred.

Whenever we studied the Fa together, we sent forth righteous thoughts at the top of every hour. Sometimes I could feel the immense energy coming from fellow practitioners, and sometimes others felt mine. Through exchanging and sharing experiences, we encouraged each other to cultivate diligently in the Fa.

When I truly did the three things well, and when I integrated Fa-rectification into my daily life, the power of my sending forth righteous thoughts became enormous. I often felt my body was burning hot. Even when I only wore a thin vest in the winter, I felt very comfortable and uplifted. It was as if I had the power to dissolve all the old force spirits; as if my body became immensely tall; as if the universe and I had merged into one. My mind was crystal clear, with no distracting thoughts. I could only shed tears. I knew that it was because my knowing side had witnessed the breath-taking scenes in other dimensions and was overwhelmed by it all. I gradually calmed down after sending forth righteous thoughts many times.

It rained quite a bit this past summer, especially between 6 and 9 p.m. when we went out to distribute truth-clarification materials. There were many times we felt raindrops on our faces and then knew rain storms were coming. We clasped our hands together and addressed the sky: "Wind and rain gods, we have things to do and people to save! If it has to rain, please hold off for two hours." Almost instantly the rain and wind stopped until we finished our distribution and the people had taken the materials home. There were also times when it started raining right after we finished our work. We then asked Master for help, so that the materials would keep dry to have the maximum effect of saving sentient beings. The places we went to distribute materials had no rain at all, whereas it was pouring down in other places. One can feel the sacredness of doing Fa-rectification work when one is within the Fa. We also realized that sending forth righteous thoughts spans across all time and space. This was possible as long as we studied the Fa well and clarified the facts. When we learned from the Minghui website about practitioners in other areas experiencing tribulations, we sent forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil factors persecuting them, and to reinforce their own righteous thoughts. Strengthened by the righteous thoughts sent by practitioners in other areas, we were able to do well in clarifying the facts and saving sentient beings. Through the Minghui website, we formed one body.

Due to the CCP's Internet blockade, I often encountered problems when accessing the Minghui website. I sent forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate the old force elements in my computer. When I reconnected to the Internet, everything was back to normal. Living in the provincial capitals of mainland China, we experienced more frequent Internet disruption. But nothing could stop us, because we have Master's protection.

In addition to sending forth righteous thoughts at set times, I included sending forth righteous thoughts at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. and at other times depending on the situation. After doing this for a while, I would automatically wake up a couple minutes before the early morning set time for sending forth righteous thoughts.

Sending forth righteous thoughts clears our cultivation field, to get rid of our conventional human notions that may hinder us from assisting Master in Fa-rectification. Master has told us many times that every practitioner, veteran or new, has the power of eradicating the old forces. We will find the results profoundly miraculous and sacred if we follow Master's words. This is indeed a matter of believing in Master and the Fa.

The purpose of my sharing is to remind practitioners of the importance in sending forth righteous thoughts. Please do not wait until you start having tribulations. Let's hope every practitioner pays serious attention to this. Let's integrate the three things into our daily lives in order to do better in assisting Master and save more sentient beings.