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Through Persisting in Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts for Four Years, My Environment Became Better and Better

September 06, 2009 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) At the end of 2001, I began sending forth righteous thoughts at the beginning of every hour. I had just been released from the labor camp, and when I returned home I carefully read Master's lectures about sending righteous thoughts. I decided to start sending forth righteous thoughts at the beginning of every hour. Unless I was on a business trip, engaged in doing truth-clarification work, or doing the exercises, I generally did not miss any hour. Even when I was eating, if it was time, I would still send forth righteous thoughts. It was especially hard at night. Most of the time, I slept with my back resting on the bed's headboard. In Fall and Winter, I slept in my clothes. Between sending righteous thoughts at the top of every hour, I just dozed for 45 minutes.

After a few years of doing this, I felt great improvement in all areas. Although it was very hard, still I experienced joy in hardship. For instance, if I did not skip any hour during the night, my energy was especially great throughout the next day. I did not become sleepy when sending forth righteous thoughts or during Fa-study. My views and breadth of mind expanded. My environment became better and better. Because my dimensional field was very clean, I did not feel much pressure and had less fear. If I had missed too many hours between sending forth righteous thoughts at night, or if I did not persist in doing it, my heart would feel uneasy. I would start to look within. I would search over the past several days to see if my words and behavior had met the requirements of a Dafa practitioner. In the process of examining myself, I made improvements. Sometimes, I realized that there was interference from other dimensions, or I did not enlighten to the right thing. But no matter what kind of interference I experienced, conquering it is also a test of a Dafa practitioner's willpower. I was eliminating evil elements. Sending forth righteous thoughts at the top of every hour is directly aiming at evil factors in other dimensions. Doing it is a reflection of assisting Master in rectifying the Fa. Doing it well is also a reflection of doing the three things well.

Sending forth righteous thoughts well will help us face unexpected situations. We can coordinate better, and utilize the supernormal powers Master has bestowed on us.

One day, in March 2003, when I was distributing truth-clarification materials in a hallway, someone reported me to the authorities. Facing the police, I suddenly did not have sufficient righteous thoughts and was taken advantage of by the evil. One of my legs kept on shaking as if being powered by an electrical current. I pinched my leg and thought: you need to stop. I don't fear the evil. So what are you afraid of? The shaking stopped immediately. After I was taken to the police station, I did not comply with any of their demands. I did not answer a single question, or say a word. When the police tried to take a picture of me, I sent forth righteous thought while turning my head sideways. They attempted to find out where I was from. But in the end, they couldn't find out who I was. They then took me to a detention center.

At the detention center, the guard ordered me to stand, but I sat down instead. When he asked me to sit, I stood up. I did not give out my name and did not follow their orders. Later, they assigned me an alias. At the detention center, I wore my clothes to sleep every night. Because I slept upright, with my back against the headboard, I was able to truly achieve sending forth righteous thoughts at the top of all the twenty-four hours and did not miss one hour.

The prisoner on duty assigned to patrol the hallway had taken my alarm clock and put it on the patrol office desk. At night, when the alarm went off on every hour, I couldn't hear it because of the distance. I thought that if I were closer to it, it would be better. The next day, they moved me to another room, and the patrol room was right in front of my door. One night, I missed two hours of sending forth righteous thoughts. The next day, the guard demanded that I give my real name and address, and he also threatened me. So throughout that day, I strengthened my sending righteous thoughts at the top of every hour. Afterwards, the guards and prisoners did not trouble me any more. At night, if the person on patrol saw me sending forth righteous thoughts or doing the exercises in the sitting position, he would quietly close my room window to prevent me from catching a cold.

Under Master's merciful protection, I was able to return home after two weeks.