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People Are Awaiting the Truth

August 15, 2009 |   By a practitioner from Shandong Province

(Clearwisdom.net) I own a small sales booth and always keep Dafa materials with me. When a customer comes, I greet the customer and mention, "Here is very interesting brochure. I just read it. Would you like to check it out?" Most of time, the customer will take it.

One day I had an article on China's current status. I showed it to a customer who took a look and asked to take it with her. "Sure!" I said. "I just read it. Wait, here is another booklet (the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party), and you can have it, too." Later, other people saw that I not only sold my merchandise but also handed out booklets for free. They came over voluntarily to take copies of the Nine Commentaries.

A young woman customer said to me "Do you have the brochure and the booklet on hand? Can I have them?" Another person then asked, "Can I have them, too?" A woman in her 60s said, "I don't want to buy anything, but I want the handouts you have." I gave her a Minghui Weekly printout. "Can I have that Nine Commentaries booklet, too?" I asked her, "You do not seem like a person who likes to read lengthy materials. Why do you want that?" She said, "I want it for my child to read."

With the increase in materials I was handing out, I started to become afraid of the undercover police. Quickly I had a righteous thought that no one could prevent me from offering people salvation.

People are really waiting for us to offer them salvation. Many people came to me and asked for Dafa materials. Once I set up my sales booth near a bookseller's booth, where several people read history books. I went over and showed them the Nine Commentaries and gave them one copy of the booklet. Soon, someone approached me and asked for more copies. I suggested he share his copy with his friends. He insisted, "We don't live in the same place. Can you give us each a copy?" Before he left he said, "If you have more booklets like this, please bring them over and I will help distribute them."

Whether I'm handing out truth-clarification DVDs, the Minghui Weekly or the Nine Commentaries, people now take the initiative to ask for the material. For a time I distributed Shen Yun DVDs every day. At the end of day I may not have sold much, but I have distributed lots of materials. Most of the people appreciate what I offer.

Sharing my personal experience with customers to validate Dafa

Once a mother and daughter came to my booth. The mother greeted me by saying how healthy my skin looked and asked what brand of cosmetics I used. I told her, "I do not use anything. Sometimes I use baby sunblock lotion that costs about 20 yuan, which the whole family can use for a year." She was surprised. "How do you take care of your skin? It looks so good." I said, "How old do you think I am?" She answered, "Are you in your early 30s?" I smiled at her and told her, "I am in my 40s."

Both mother and daughter were surprised "No, you are not; you must be joking." "Yes, I am--my son will take the college entrance exam tomorrow," I replied. "Tell us what your secrets are," the mother wanted to know.

"I won't tell you--you would not believe it even if I told you. People listen to someone who has power and will not listen to ordinary people like me."

She was very anxious and wanted to know the truth. She stayed at my booth and did not want to go until I told her. I told her that one must be healthy before being beautiful. Costly cosmetics will not work if one does not have good health. I have not had an illness for more than ten years and did not take any pills or get any injections. I told her about Falun Gong, about the staged Self-Immolation incident at Tiananmen, and that the CCP concealed knowledge of the impending Sichuan earthquake to maintain "social stability" ahead of the Olympic games. This led to a huge loss of life and property. I also told her to quit the CPP to save her life.

She finally understood and quit the CCP using an alias. I reminded her to say, "Falun Dafa is good" every day.

I saw her again a while later. She told me, "I repeat Falun Dafa is good every day," and she is happier now.