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Practitioner Chen Shuyi from Laishui County Tortured in Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp

October 08, 2009 |  

Name: Chen Shuyi (陈书义)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Address: Wangzhuang Village, Wangcun Town, Laishui County
Occupation: Farmer
Date of Most Recent Arrest: September 2, 2009
Most recent place of detention: Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp (高阳劳教所)
City: Baoding City
Province: Hebei Province
Persecution Suffered: Electric shock, forced labor, beatings, home ransacked, detention

(Clearwisdom.net) (By a Minghui correspondent from Hebei Province) On September 2, 2009, when Chen Shuyi was clarifying truth in Sunzhuang market, he was illegally arrested by officers from the Sunzhuang Police Station and taken to Zhuozhou Detention Center. Ten days later he was transferred to Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp.

On the afternoon of September 18, 2009, officials from Zhuozhou City Police Department sent his family a so-called "Forced Labor Camp Decision Document" through the secretary of the Party committee in Dongwang Town of Wangchun Village. It stated that Chen Shuyi had been sentenced to forced labor for one year and nine months. He had been sent to Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp. His term was from September 14, 2009 until June 11, 2011.

Chen Shuyi's family had heard nothing about him until they received this notice. They attempted to visit him in Zhuozhou Detention Center, but the police would not allow it and sent him to the labor camp before his family could see him.

His family has now been given permission to visit him in Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp, but they have to wait until after October 1 - National Day.

Chen Shuyi and His Family Tortured

On the evening of July 23, 2001, officers from the Zhuozhou City Sunzhuang Village Police Station broke into Chen Shuyi's home. Without showing any legal documents or warrants, they ransacked his home. In addition, they arrested Chen Shuyi, his wife Zhang Guifen, and his son Chen Hongshuai.

After been illegally arrested and taken to Sunzhuang Police Station, they were brutally beaten and electrically shocked. That same night, they were sent to Zhuozhou Detention Center. Ten days later, Chen Shuyi and his son Chen Hongshuai were transferred to another center and where the torture continued.

His wife Zhang Guifen was released after been detained fifteen days. His son was released after suffering torture for over four months in Zhuozhou Detention Center. Chen Shuyi was sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp in September 2001, and was sent to Baoding City Balizhuang Forced Labor Camp. He was released half a year earlier than his term on lunar January 14, 2004.

September 26, 2009