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Valuing Internet Resources and Dissolving Internet Blockage

October 15, 2009 |   By a practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) Editor's note: October 1st marks the 60th anniversary of communist rule in mainland China. The highly nervous and sensitive regime has taken a series of measures to restrict internet access during this period for fear of any unexpected event that could trigger its collapse.

Since September of 2009, it has become more and more difficult to break through internet blockage in China, as officials have stepped up efforts to block access to any but "approved" sites. From the perspective of Fa principles, it is understood that any kind of trouble could be a test or opportunity to eliminate human attachments. Looking inward, I found that I had many human notions, such as writing an article for the 6th Internet Fa Conference for Practitioners in China. I did not pay enough attention to it and thought that other practitioners should do the same as I. In my mind I had one thought: "Everyone is too busy to write an article for the Fa conference." I did not even think to inform many others about it. Because of my loophole, I was taken advantage of in other dimensions.

Anti-blockade software has been used to break through the internet blockade for years and has had an enormous impact in saving sentient beings. Each time anti-blockade software was even modestly upgraded, the internet blockade was broken through. It didn't matter if practitioners casually surfed the web or were familiar with the use of anti-blockade software, everyone always said that the "internet blockage failed." With this kind of complacent thinking, it is easy to develop attachments! In fact, many practitioners in mainland China, including practitioners who were working at a production site to manufacture truth clarification materials, were unfamiliar with the technology of the internet. They didn't realize how difficult it was for practitioners to break through the blockade and that the battles between righteousness and evil in which they continued to fight created financial hardships and staff shortages. Everyone knows the term "dynamic website," but most have not thought much about what this term actually means. Why is it called "dynamic website?" The IP address must change constantly so that the anti-blockade programs can break through. It requires enormous resources to maintain a "dynamic" IP address. The change speed must be faster than the blocking speed. I work with computers and understand this situation. For years, the "dynamic website" had broken through the internet blockage and allowed people to freely visit any web page. I became complacent and began to take the limited Dafa network resources for granted. My thought was that the practitioners from overseas are responsible for producing anti-blockade software. My righteous thoughts were responsible for my own internet to be unobstructed. Because of my mentality of selfishness, I did not have a wide range of righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil blockade and strengthen other practitioners to produce anti-blockade software so that they could maintain their righteous environment to break through internet blockages. As a result, we did not form righteous thoughts in other dimensions.

In recent years, many practitioners and non-practitioners in mainland China think it is easy to break through internet blockage using anti-blockade software. Some practitioners even think that the evil is almost finished. We just require the press of a mouse and can break through the internet blockage. As a result, practitioners did not pay attention to such critical issues such as internet security, privacy, cultivating one's speech, confidentiality, contact information, and safety of material production sites. When individuals break through the internet blockage, it doesn't necessarily mean they can then establish a production site for producing truth clarification materials, but it is the first step. The evil takes practitioners' attachments to interfere with people or prevent them from breaking through internet blockages. In fact, it is not easy to break through the internet blockage every time, nor is it easy to produce truth clarification materials each time. This tells us we cannot form a fixed mode of thought in our cultivation. We should constantly break through and go to a higher level. Each time we obtain truth clarification materials, do we still feel thankful or value them?

Today, practitioners' wisdom and ability have already caused the evil to fear. Blockage is only on the surface, its true purpose is for the creation and preparation of Dafa practitioners. This also is to remind us to eliminate our human notions, attachments and keep looking inward. We should take this rare opportunity to form as one body and upgrade our xinxing.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out any faults.