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Mr. Sun Yuzhang,76, Dies from Police Harassment; More Than Twenty Practitioners Arrested in Hebei Province

August 12, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Sun Yuzhang, 76, lived in Xin Village, Chenshi Township, Shenzhou City, Hebei Province. He used to have many illnesses, but he became healthy after cultivating Falun Dafa in 1996, and he never needed medication afterwards. He went to Beijing twice July 20, 1999 to clarify the truth with his personal experience. The police stopped him from going and detained him for eight months in the Shenzhou City Detention Center. He was sent to a brainwashing center for 3-4 months immediately after his detention.

In 2001, police took him into custody. They deprived him of sleep for six days, detained him in the detention center for another four months, and extorted from him three to four thousand yuan. Mr. Sun has been harassed constantly ever since.

In July 2008, for the sake of "Olympics security," officers from the Shenzhou City Police Department, 610 Office, every police station, and Domestic Security Divisions started another round of arresting, harassing, home-ransacking, and surveillance on all Falun Dafa practitioners. They arrested 20 to 30 practitioners. On July 18, 2008, Xin Village Official Liu Sanhe (male) and He Zhanguo (male) came to Mr. Sun's home to harass him. At this time, officers of Hengshui City and Shenzhou City Police Departments tried to arrest Mr. Sun's youngest daughter (a practitioner), but they did not succeed. Mr. Sun was deeply disturbed and worried about his daughter. He felt very upset on the evening of July 21, 2008 and died on July 22, 2008.