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Ms. Gong Xuehua of Mengyin County, Shandong Province Tortured by CCP Personnel

May 26, 2008 |  


Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Gong Xuehua of Mengyin County, Shandong Province went to Beijing to appeal at the end of 2000 but was brutally tortured by police officers there. She was then taken to a location in Mengyin County where she was cruelly tortured.

Ms. Gong Xuehua is 54 years old and lives in Longhuzhai Village, Tanbu Town, Mengyin County, Shandong Province. Before she practiced Falun Dafa, she suffered from illnesses and her temper was bad. Since becoming a Dafa practitioner in 1998, she has benefited physically and mentally; her temper has improved, she considers others first, and her illnesses disappeared without treatment.

However, Jiang's regime began to persecute Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999. Tanbu Town Party Secretary Liu Zhimin, town head Yuan Junhai and others commanded staff members Gong Pichun and Yu Huazeng to force Ms. Gong Xuehua to pay 100 yuan as a "guarantee bond" for not practicing Falun Dafa. They also harassed her and forced her to go to the village committee many times to be fingerprinted. Gong Xuehua went to Beijing to appeal on December 21, 2000. As soon as she arrived at Tiananmen Square, she was pushed into a car by plainclothes police officers. She was taken to an office, interrogated and locked up in a cellar full of Falun Dafa practitioners. Policemen beat and kicked practitioners mercilessly with rubber batons. Some practitioners bled from their mouths and noses and some had bruises on their faces. The beatings did not stop until it got dark, then one by one, each practitioner was dragged into a car and taken to Yanqing Detention Center. After Ms. Gong Xuehua conducted a hunger strike there for five days, the guards released her along with several other practitioners.

On the way home on December 28, the practitioners were reported in Jinan. Local police station deputy manager Li Qiang led several police officers and took the practitioners to a place in Mengyin. Gong Jingan shouted at, verbally abused and handcuffed four of them together. They were dragged into a room and left on a cement floor. Practioner Ren Liangxiu was burned on the forehead with a hot iron, leaving the flesh smoking. Sun Dimei's head was also burned with the hot iron. That night, Li Qiang and Gong Jingan sent the practitioners to Tanbu Town Police Station. They forced them to sit on the ground, cuffed to a row of seats and again shouted at them, "Still want to practice or not?" Unable to bear the abuse, Ms. Gong Xuehua conformed to their demands against her will. Police officers then straightened the practitioners' legs and cuffed them to a row of seats. Manager Wang Jiquan, deputy manager Li Qiang, Miao Shuzheng, Wu Gang, and Bo Fanwei watched them in shifts and did not allow them to sleep. If the practitioners became sleepy, they were beaten with a rubber baton. At daybreak, the officers cuffed them to a basketball stanchion in the snow so they would suffer from the freezing cold. The police then took them to the Mengyin County Detention Center by car. It was Chinese New Year's Eve and after 18 days of detention, Wu Gang, Sun Qinghua, Zhang Qian and others took Ms. Gong and 9 other Dafa practitioners to the Tanbu Town government.

A new round of persecution began that same night. Under the command of newly-appointed Party Secretary Li Peixin, Assistant Secretary Gong Fangzhen and Pan Yushan, goons Zhang Qian, Zhang Jiazhao, Zhang Minglei, Wang Mingjun, Zhao Jian, Sun Jifang, Hu Yanfu, Yu Huazeng, Wang Youfu, Feng Chuanqi, Tian Yongzhong, Gong Weidong, and Gong Yanpeng tortured Falun Dafa practitioners until, one by one, they fainted. Some had bruises on their faces and bodies, some were spitting up blood and some had broken ribs. Ms. Gong Xuehua was in pain everywhere on her body and was tormented for three days. Sometimes the CCP personnel pushed the practitioners into the snow, forced them to sit there and poured cold water over their clothes. While in detention, Zhao Xichun was surrounded and beaten up by a group of goons until his face was bleeding and he could no longer stand. Feeling he had no other way out, he was forced to pay CCP personnel 10,000 yuan.

The next 9 months were spent in a brainwashing session. A member of Ms. Gong Xuehua family and three guarantors were forced to accompany her. They were forced to pay 800 yuan for a guarantee bond and would be fined 50 yuan for each day they were absent. In the brainwashing center, the principal persecutors of Falun Dafa practitioners were Pan Yushan, Song Bingjiang, Kan Shixiang, goons Sun Jifang, Zhang Jiazhao, Zhao Jian, Gong Weidong, Gong Yanpeng, Zhang Qian, Zhang Minglei, Wang Mingjun and others. Ms. Gong Xuehua was fined 11,450 yuan in total. The Town Party Secretary sent Wang Mingjun to supervise ten people to randomly search her home every few days. He also sent Zhao Xiling to secretly monitor her and constantly put pressure on the village committee.