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Detained Practitioners on Hunger Strike in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province to Protest Persecution; Several Are in Critical Condition

March 16, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On February 25, 2008, twelve practitioners were arrested in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. Among them was Mr. Chen Baofeng, who was tortured to death on the eighth day of his detention. (see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2008/3/9/95175.html). To protest the persecution, the remaining practitioners have been on hunger strike, and many of their lives are now in danger. Ms. Jing Fei and Ms. Li Yingxuan suffer from swelling in all parts of their bodies and are in critical condition.

Chaoyang City Police Department Deputy Director Zhang Minghua (male), the man responsible for the persecution, held a meeting and lied about the truth of the situation. The families have not been allowed to visit the practitioners and they have been sealed off from any information about their condition. The police also lied, saying that they confiscated enough Dafa materials, printing supplies, and other related items to "fill a basketball court."

Chaoyang City Police Department Deputy Director Zhang Minghua and Domestic Security Division Leader Wang Jinglong know that the detained practitioners are innocent. The practitioners rented a taxi to go the aid of Mr. Chen Baofeng, who later died. Even though these practitioners are innocent, the police will not release them. Instead Zhang is trying to have them sentenced by presenting their files to the Procuratorate.

Several practitioners have been transferred from the First Detention Center and are being detained at the Chaoyang City Second Detention Center. Zhang Minghua and Wang Jingong personally patrol the cell. When the families of these practitioners demand the release of the practitioners they are always told, "Your family member is fine inside." The practitioners answer back, "Mr. Chen Baofeng's family was told exactly the same thing, but he died of torture."

Chaoyang City Police Department Deputy Director Zhang Minghua (male): 86-421-2628248 (Office), 86-421-2636666 (Home), 86-13304219999 or 86-13904213399
Domestic Security Division Leader Wang Jinglong (male) of the Chaoyang City Police Department: 86-421-2611250, 86-421-2616682, 86-13591860610 (Cell)
Domestic Security Division Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Leader Li Xiuhua (female): 86-421-2614801 (Office), 86-421-2623361 (Home), 86-13942191166 (Cell)
Qianjin District Police Department CCP Secretary Li Qinghui (male): 86-421-2817001 (Office), 86-421-2620033 (Home), 86-13942117822 (Cell)
Qianjin District Police Department Deputy Director Cui Yuehui (male): 86-421-2817002 (Office), 86-421-2626996 (Home), 86-13904919956 (Cell)
Qianjin District Police Department Deputy Director Zhang Zhiqiang (male): 86-421-2817003 (Office), 86-421-2961133 (Home), 86-13188165558 (Cell)
Qianjin District Police Department 610 Office Deputy Chair Zhang Lianfeng (male): 86-421-2610610, 86-13904910072 (Cell)