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Three Short Cultivation Stories

February 08, 2007 |  


A Miracle of Dafa Manifests in Our World

By a practitioner in Yushu City, Jilin Province

On January 3, 2007, a practitioner in Yushu City, Jilin Province was sending forth righteous thoughts at home. All the lights were turned off. After 10:30 p.m., the Chinese character for Fa appeared on the wall. The character looked like it was written on the wall, and was emitting a soft green florescent light that was jade-like, lustrous and crystal clear. It was almost like neon. Each stroke of the character was made up of countless little sparkling particles, exquisite and delicate. The practitioner was deeply moved upon seeing it, and felt the miraculousness and magnificence of Dafa. Her tears streamed down her cheeks, and she was helpless to return Master’s compassionate encouragement. That night, her husband returned home at 3:00 a.m. after distributing truth-clarification fliers. After he heard about the character from his wife, he could it clearly on the wall when he turned off the light. He was also deeply encouraged.

This word "Fa" became more distinct and bright; it was visible even during the day if the light was dimmed. The news spread quickly, and many practitioners and non-practitioners saw this miraculous word "Fa," and witnessed the wonder of Dafa. Some practitioners who had lapsed in their cultivation started practicing all over again.

Just like what Master stated in "My thanks to Sentient Beings Who Have Sent Greetings":

"Sentient beings! All that you have been hoping for, awaiting, and concerned over for thousands of years has arrived, and is in fact currently unfolding. Through it each and every person is choosing, whether knowingly or not, his or her fate."

From this miracle we felt Master's great expectations of all Dafa practitioners. We hope practitioners will advance vigorously in cultivation, and seize every moment to save sentient beings. Practitioners in Yushu City will follow Master closely, save sentient beings, and fulfill our prehistoric vow.

Dafa Saved My Life

After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, I stopped diligent cultivation in Dafa for fear of persecution by the CCP. However, Master did not give up on me even though I failed to live up to expectations. Master saved my life one more time when I encountered a life-threatening situation.

One evening in the spring of 2005, I was going home riding on a friend’s motorcycle. Because it was dark, the road ahead was not very clear. We hit the pole of an overpass when maneuvering to avoid another vehicle. I was totally unprepared and thrown off. My clothing got caught on the motorcycle and I was dragged a few meters before the motorcycle stopped. I lost consciousness.

I had no idea how long it had been before I regained consciousness. I saw people were carrying me to the ambulance. My face was covered with blood, I could not talk and I could not move. I only had vague and clouded memories. At the hospital, I threw up repeatedly. After multiple investigations including a CT scan, the doctor ascertained that the diagnoses were cerebral concussion, multiple skull fractures and hematoma formation. The doctor told us it might be necessary to perform a craniotomy.

Seeing my condition, my aunt, a diligent practitioner, whispered in my ear, "You had better ask Master to save you, quick!" Even though I could not move or speak, my mind was very clear, so I kept thinking "Master, please help me," and recited Master’s articles. At the insistence of my aunt, my mother was persuaded not to authorize the craniotomy. Just like this, I kept reciting Fa in my mind. As a result, a miracle appeared: The following day, I could sense something moving in my head. I felt it was the Falun adjusting my brain. I was very moved, and I no longer felt pain. I also saw multiple rays of colorful lights on the wall of the ward. I hadn't realized that Master had never abandoned me even though I was such a disappointment.

On the third day, the doctor performed another CT scan and told me that the hematoma was resolving and being absorbed. On the fourth day, I could sit up and talk. On the fifth day, I started to take some food, and on the sixth day, I could slowly get off the bed with the help of my family.

During this period, I could feel that there was something constantly moving inside my head, and I firmly believe that Master was adjusting my body with Falun. Thus, on the seventh day, I was discharged from the hospital.

After I got home, I persisted in reciting Dafa in my mind. Not long after that, one morning when I woke up, I spitted out a long, dark red blood clot. I knew this time Master completely eradicated the root of my karma.

As someone who nearly left Dafa, I was given another chance to live because I thought of Master and Dafa at that critical moment.

The Fruits of Looking Within

By Zhien, a practitioner in China

During 2005, my human attachments were particularly strong. I kept thinking about my personal financial gains or losses, how others were at fault, and how my personal interests suffered. Sometimes I even cried while doing the sitting meditation. I could not achieve a tranquil state of mind at all. I went home to contend with my younger brother on properties. Even though the whole family felt I should not have done so, I felt that I was in the right.

At that time, my legs were particularly painful during meditation. It usually took 40 minutes before I could cross my legs, and I could only sit like that for 20 minutes.

Then, fellow practitioners urged me to put in more effort to study the Fa and seek within. I started to settle down, study the Fa and look within myself. I found that I did not study the Fa or validate the Fa well. The evil exploited that and made me become more attached to everyday people's things. The result was frightening.

Fellow practitioners helped me, and through studying the Fa and looking within, I recognized that there was not a moment to lapse in studying the Fa or doing the three things well. Now I have given up the house property I fought for, and apologized to my brother. I finally feel at ease, and it now takes me only a few minutes to cross my legs for the sitting meditation. I can sit for close to an hour because I listened to Master’s teachings. Thank you Master.