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PR Newswire: More than Just a Pretty Show: Chinese New Year Spectacular at Radio City February 14-17

February 16, 2007 |  

NEW YORK, Feb. 13 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- With elegant court ladies in opulent Tang fashions, lovely heavenly maidens, and energetic drummers, all backed by an all-new 45-piece live orchestra, NTDTV's Chinese New Year Spectacular at Radio City February 14--17 promises to be a sumptuous feast for the senses. But there is more to the show than meets the eye.

As The San Francisco Chronicle wrote after a tour performance in January, "New Tang Dynasty Television's 'Chinese New Year Spectacular' has spectacle to spare -- and a mission to lift the spirits." That mission is to revive authentic traditional Chinese culture in all its beauty, richness, and depth.

The show's producers have drawn their inspiration from what they feel are the core values of 5,000 years of Chinese civilization, including the belief in a moral universe, that good is rewarded with good and evil with evil. These are the kinds of universal values espoused by ancient Chinese legends, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and also the spiritual discipline Falun Dafa.

The Chinese government is apparently not pleased by what NTDTV is doing. Chinese consular officials in the US and other countries have even harassed theaters and sponsors and blocked the ticket hotline in an effort to prevent people from seeing the show.

NTDTV Senior Vice President Samuel Zhou says the situation can be seen as a cultural conflict because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was actually a Soviet import into China. "Ever since it entered into China, the CCP has wanted to wipe out Chinese traditional belief systems and replace them with Marxist and Maoist ideology. That's the only way the leadership can maintain control over the Chinese people. They're out to destroy a lot of things that are actually quite good." Zhou quips: "I think the CCP's really upset because this year's show is more than good-it's great!"

Cyril Dabydeen, Professor of English Literature at the University of Ottawa saw the show in Canada and agrees. "It was tremendous; one of the best shows I've seen at the National Arts Center ... wonderful, superb choreography and beautiful soprano singing."

For complimentary media accreditation to the show, please contact NTDTV media contacts.

February 14-17, 2007 (two shows daily at 11am and 8pm, 2pm/8pm show on Sat)

Radio City Music Hall, 1260 6th Avenue @ 50th Street shows.ntdtv.com

Tickets: $38 and up

Reservations: 888.260.6221 or Ticketmaster or at Radio City Box Office

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