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Crimes Committed by Gong Jingwen from the National Security Group of Dongguang County, Hebei Province

January 30, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Gong Jingwen from Dagong Village, Dongguang County, Hebei Province was a political instructor after being discharged from the army. He was then promoted to head of the Political Defense Section of the National Security Group of Dongguang County. Over the last few years under his supervision, Falun Gong practitioners have been forced to give information while being tortured, and fabricated crimes have been used to send six practitioners to a forced labor camp without trial. Three practitioners have been imprisoned with terms up to eight years, twelve practitioners have been arrested, thirty practitioners have been forced to undergo brainwashing, three have had to leave home to avoid arrest, and seven have had marriages end in divorce.

Gong Jingwen has confiscated property from practitioners worth up to 100,000 yuan (based on incomplete statistics). Some practitioners' capital for their small businesses was confiscated and never returned. Some practitioners were taken to the Political Defense Section of Dongguang County for a so-called "conversation." If the practitioner refused to cooperate, he or she would be illegally detained and tortured. Gong Jingwen frequently breaks into practitioners' houses, and on one occasion, he took 1,400 yuan in cash from an unattended house.

Gong Jingwen joined forces with the Chinese Communist Party Committee of Lian Town to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. During his tenure of duty, he arrested Ms. Qu Shufen from Cheng Village and extorted money from her family. Since the persecution began in 1999, Ms. Qu has been illegally detained for over 90 days, and her husband has been detained for over four months. The family was first charged 3,200 yuan by the Police Station of Lian Township, then fined 3,700 yuan by the Political Defense Section (which is run by Gong Jingwen). For her release, the family had to pay the detention center 770 yuan, and Gong Jingwen 1,000 yuan. Ms. Qu later passed away due to the physical and psychological trauma of the persecution.

Gong Jingwen incites or executes torture upon Falun Gong practitioners. The following lists the torture methods he has used:

1. Beating. Some practitioners were secretly detained in the No. 26 Squadron of the Traffic Police Team in Chengguan Police Station, handcuffed and hung up for 48 hours or longer, then brutally beaten. One practitioner was beaten so badly with a wooden club that six months after his release he still cannot move. Slapping practitioners in their faces, resulting in swelling or bleeding, is a also very common practice.

2. Freezing. In the cold winter of northern China, some practitioners were taken outdoors, and stripped, handcuffed and hung from a steel pole. The torture was not stopped until the practitioner was half-frozen and had lost consciousness. This inhuman act was committed against an older woman.

3. Forced-feeding. Practitioners who held hunger strikes were subjected to forced-feeding. The stomach tube wasn't pulled out for five or six days. Brine concentrate was also added from time to time, which caused severe damage to the stomach.

4. Steel bench. Practitioners were tied up on a steel bench for up to five days, and not allowed to sleep. When released, some practitioners fainted.

5. Practitioners were forced to continuously squat, stand or run for long periods.

6. Practitioners' fingers or other body parts were burned with cigarettes.

7. Practitioners were stabbed in the ribs with chopsticks or bottles. This torture is too painful to describe with words, and no superficial wounds can be seen.

8. Practitioners' employers are compelled to monitor their everyday lives, and to write a guarantee statement promising to quit the practice, or slander the name of Dafa.

9. Practitioners' homes and telephones are constantly monitored.

January 15, 2007