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Crimes Committed by Police Officers from Cangxi County in Sichuan Province

July 01, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Note: The following is a shortened version of a more detailed article that appeared on the minghui.ca website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net).

Since March of this year, the 610 Office personnel from Cangxi County have colluded with police officers from the County State Security Division, police stations, and Chinese Communist Party residential committee members to arrest and torture at least 18 Falun Dafa practitioners. These practitioners include: Ms. Feng Chunhua, Ms. Shao Jun, Mr. He Xuequan, Mr. Kou Zhixiu, Ms. Huang Qiong, Mr. Liu Zhengqing, Ms. Luo Changhua, Ms. Wang Yao, Ms. Zhang Zihui, Mr. Li Guangqing, Ms. He Xiuzhen, Ms. Deng Shanqiong, Mr. Yang Shixuan, Mr. Liu Jude, Ms. Li Tingfang, Mr. Wang Shifan, Mr. Yan Weisheng, Mr. Zhang Qishun, and others.

The police held the practitioners in the County Detention Center and brutally beat them. They interrogated them several days in a row and forbade them from sleeping or going to the bathroom. They also forced them to kneel on benches. Several officers pushed practitioners down on their backs and poured tea into their noses. They beat female practitioners on the chest. They also extorted money from practitioners’ family members. The largest amount was over twenty thousand yuan. The smallest amount was over ten thousand yuan. After they placed seven practitioners in forced labor camps, they forced the rest of the practitioners to go through brainwashing sessions in order to "transform" them.

Those that have directly participated in the persecution of practitioners include: County 610 Office member Ke Daji (male), Li Rong (male), Zhang Guanglan (male), County State Security Division police officer Hou Xiangyu (male), Gong Zexue (male), Yang Cong (male), Yue Gang (male), Xiang Longfei (male), Ran Changbo (male), Yang Caixu (male), Hou Qingsong (male), police officer from the County Police Station, Zhao Jun (male, from the Dongqing Police Statgion), Zhong Dexian (male, from the Wulong Town Police Station), Zhong Bo (male, from the Chengjiao Police Station), and Chen Bin (male, from the Dongcheng Police Station). Additional participants include: Wang Limin (female, from the Lingjian Town 610 Office) and Liu Guangxiu (female, from the Lingjian Town CCP Residential Committee).