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Persecution of Falun Gong Results in Unprecedented Human Tragedy (Photos)

February 09, 2006 |   By Minghui/Clearwisdom reporter Heyu

(Clearwisdom.net) In the six and a half years of the persecution, many human tragedies have had a devastating effect on human relationships.

Under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime, millions of Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted based on the state terrorism policy of "ruin [practitioners'] reputations, bankrupt [practitioners] financially, and destroy [practitioners] physically." The CCP's policy of implication and association resulted in and fostered conflicts and hatred among people.

If a family member practices Falun Gong, the regime extorts vast amounts of money, ransacks homes and confiscates personal property without a second thought to the hardships it causes. All family members are implicated. Children and young people are not allowed to attend school, move to the next grade, or find jobs after graduation. Employees are fired to eliminate the family's source of income. The implication/ association policy does not spare colleagues and supervisors at the practitioners' work units, related personnel in the community, on the street, and in the entire area. Promotions, demotions, and bonuses are all related to their "participation or non-participation" of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.

CCP's persecution of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" has been perverting human nature, and destroying people's conscience and love. Some family members witnessed the practitioners' dramatic health improvement and enjoyed the harmonious family life and other benefits brought to them by Falun Dafa. However, some of these people gave into the malice of the CCP. They have become tools of the persecution either knowingly or unknowingly. Many families have broken apart under the red horror.

Below are only a few examples of human tragedies and destruction of human relationships. Given the tight information blockade, these stories, which could be transmitted beyond the borders of China, are only the tip of the iceberg.

I. Perverting People's Minds and Hearts -- Family members force practitioners to "reform"

1. The Parents Paid Money to have the Persecutors "Reform" their Daughter

Ms. Mi Xiaozheng was arrested in April 2005. She was illegally detained in the second detention center in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province for about one month, and then transferred to the provincial brainwashing center for more persecution.

When Mi Xiaozheng went on a hunger strike to protest her imprisonment, and the guards in the brainwashing center force-fed her several times without a physician on hand, ignoring the risk of severe injury.

Mi Xiaozheng' parents, misguided by the Communist Party's propaganda, did not stand up for their own daughter. Instead, they blamed everything on their daughter's refusal to be "transformed." Her mother begged the so-called "teaching assistants" to transform her daughter by all means. She even prepared some home-cooked food and brought it to the brainwashing center to please those "teaching assistants," ignoring the fact that her daughter's life was in danger from the hunger strike. Mi Xiaozheng's father also brutally beat his daughter. The parents are not rich at all but they offered that as long as their daughter refuses to be transformed, they would keep sending money to the brainwashing center.

With the support of her parents, the brainwashing center persecuted Mi Xiaozheng even more severely. The "teaching assistants" once pretended to let Mi Xiaozheng do the exercises. As soon as Mi Xiaozheng crossed her legs in the lotus position, the teaching assistants pressed down hard on her legs with two stools and did not allow her to put her legs down for a long period of time. (Dafa practitioner Liu Lijiang was once tortured by this method). The male "teaching assistants" took advantage of Mi being confined in such a position to fondle her body.

The brainwashing center has used all sorts of tricks and methods in attempts to transform Mi Xiaozheng, but she has maintained her steadfast belief in Master and Dafa. Nothing could ever shake her will.

Even now, after their daughter has suffered two months of abuse, Mi Xiaozheng's parents still send money to the brainwashing center to help persecute their own daughter.

2. A Young Teacher's Father Resorts to Violence to Force Her to Renounce Falun Gong

On February 18, 2004, Ms. Yuan Ming, a young teacher from Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, returned to her home from teaching her class. Her father, under the influence of the Chinese Communist regime's propaganda and persecution, pulled the cord out of the telephone, came up behind Ms. Yuan, and suddenly wrapped it around her neck. After Ms. Yuan Ming struggled and got away, her father caught her again, wrapped the cord tightly around her neck and almost strangled her. Frightened by her father's brutish behavior, Ms. Yuan Ming could not think straight. In her confused mental state, she wrote the so-called guarantee statement promising not to practice Falun Gong any longer.

Her father is a high-level intellectual under the control of the CCP. When Ms. Yuan Ming told her mother what her father had done, her mother, a People's Congress member, only replied, "I have investigated and found that your father's behavior was only negligence."

Ms. Yuan Ming, 29, is the only daughter in her family. Beginning in September 2001, she has taught English in the Foreign Language Department at Guangzhou City Evening University. After being introduced to Falun Dafa, Ms. Yuan Ming became a firm cultivator and improved her xinxing. She is kind and attaches little importance to fame and self-interest. She works hard at school and is also a devoted daughter at home.

In the past few years, Ms. Yuan Ming has been persecuted many times and was detained for brainwashing for a long time. She was last arrested on December 15, 2004, and sent to the notorious brainwashing class in Chatou, where she remains to this day.

In 2002, when the school forced all the teachers and students to attend a meeting to condemn Falun Gong, Ms. Yuan Ming spoke out frankly to defend Falun Dafa and also clarified the truth to teachers and students through her personal cultivation experiences. Against her will, the school sent her to a brainwashing class in Chatou, Guangzhou, the so-called "Legal Education School." Ms. Yuan suffered from physical and mental persecution. She was not released to return to teaching until 2003. Out of her compassion as a practitioner, Ms. Yuan Ming clarified the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong to her colleagues and students through her personal experiences of being persecuted in the brainwashing class.

Some people were still deeply poisoned and spread rumors to defame Dafa, including Economics Department teacher Ms. Mo, teacher He from the Administrative Department, and student Chen Jinghe. They reported Ms. Yuan Ming to the school authorities. Some officials of the Guangzhou Evening University used the school's name and colluded with the residential administration and the police station to immediately put pressure on Ms. Yuan Ming. They used both persuasion and threats, but none of their tactics worked on her. Therefore, they secretly called Ms. Yuan's father and threatened and intimidated Ms. Yuan Ming's parents.

Ms. Yuan Ming's father was afraid that his daughter might lose her job, so he begged the school authorities to keep Ms. Yuan's position. As a trade off, the school officials took advantage of the man's hot temper and lack of rationality to get him to "help educate" his daughter, not allowing her to clarify the truth. Pressured by the "red terror," her father was worried and scared, and he suffered extreme anguish. His rationality and morality were so completely twisted that he even persecuted his own daughter.

On December 15, 2004, Ms. Yuan Ming was arrested again and sent to the notorious brainwashing class in Chatou, where she remains illegally detained.

3. Brainwashing Results in Perversion of Human Nature - A Wife Supports and Encourages Persecutors Brutally Torturing her Husband

Lin Chengtao, male, 39, holds a Masters Degree and is a research scientist in the Institute of Fundamental Medicine, China Xiehe Medical University. He is the key researcher in the "State 863 Plan" funded project "Malaria vaccine research and production," "Genetic screening of a new malaria-resistance antibody" and of the US-China Medical Foundation CMB project. He presented his findings to the national conference of the "State 863 Plan," representing his research group. His work has been highly praised by the conference attendees and experts in that field.

The Family of Lin Chengtao

After being sent to Unit No. 2 of the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp in October 2001, Jiang Wenlai, Ni Zhenxiong and other labor camp officers cruelly tortured him. Mr. Lin survived the inhumane physical torture. Then the police resorted to mental abuse.

After being brainwashed at the Taintanghe Women's Forced Labor Camp, Mr. Lin's wife succumbed to the brainwashing and torture and renounced her belief in Falun Dafa. She sent letters suggesting that the leaders in Tuanhe Labor Camp adopt the methods used in the Women's Labor Camp, including electric shock, physical punishment, psychological abuse and sleep deprivation, to force Mr. Lin to give up his belief. The labor camp published one of her letters. The guards forced Mr. Lin to repeatedly read the letter from his wife requesting the guards to torture him. Mr. Lin could not take such mental stress. He became mentally unstable, rushed into the hallway, and kept shouting loudly. Since that time, he has been in a mentally traumatized state.

On July 3, 2002, Mr. Lin was tortured in the West Building, and he was slammed against the wall. He lost a lot of blood. In December 2002, the forced labor camp released the mentally traumatized Mr. Lin for medical treatment.

4. Under Persecution, a Man Drank Excessively Before Torturing his Wife

Mrs. Zhao Limei is a teacher at the Lixian County Community College in Hebei Province. Before Mrs. Zhao Limei started practicing Falun Gong, she had many health problems. She suffered from headaches, poor memory, insomnia, and tinnitus for over twenty years. She also had heart disease, which had caused her to faint several times. In addition, she had Hepatitis B, spondylosis of the neck, galactophore proliferation, chronic pharyngitis, and gynecologic disorders. She had five or six walnut-sized tumors in her lower abdomen, and discharge of pus in her intestinal tract. Oftentimes she could not relieve herself for eight days in a row. Her suffering was indescribable. Mrs. Zhao thus felt very depressed. Sometimes, she lost her temper without reason. After Mrs. Zhao started practicing Falun Dafa, she followed the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, and all her diseases disappeared without any medical treatment. Moreover, she became carefree and optimistic. She became a completely different person. Her husband Liu Pu had dreamed of a harmonious marriage and he finally saw his dreams come true. Therefore, he was very supportive of his wife's practice. Even after "April 25", 1999, when the CCP started planning to systematically persecute Falun Gong, Liu Pu often urged his wife to go to the site for group exercise practice. Mrs. Zhao asked him, "What if I am arrested for going to group practice?" He replied, "I will still support you in your practice." He really cherished the benefits brought to his family from his wife practicing Falun Gong.

After the CCP started persecuting Falun Gong in 1999, Zhao Limei went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Gong and to testify about the benefits of the practice. For this she was arrested and taken to the Lixian County Office in Beijing. Later, Mrs. Zhao was detained in the Lixian County Detention Center for over a month. She was interrogated numerous times and was tortured during the interrogation. She suffered tremendously both physically and mentally. Her family alone spent tens of thousands to pay the officers for her release. Most of the money was taken by Chen Yonghua, the former deputy secretary of the CCP Committee of Lixian County, Zhu Guoyu, the secretary of discipline for the Department of Education, Chen Guixing, section head of the Politics and Security Section of the Lixian County Police Department, and Zhang Chunliang and Niu Haifeng from the Lixian County 610 Office.

Late in the evening on January 18, 2001, Zhu Guoyu got drunk and broke into Ms. Zhao's residence. Realizing that he had wicked intentions, she tried to drive him away. He tried to assault her sexually and even pushed her into the kitchen. Mrs. Zhao sternly berated him and made him leave her house.

Later, Zhu made Zhang Yongchun, Li Hailiang, and Zhao Lanrong, staff from the college, live in Mrs. Zhao's home for over ten days. Mrs. Zhao's whole family felt like they were in prison. They completely lost their personal freedom. Zhang Yongchun and others locked the front gate day and night and took all the keys from her family. They only opened the gate to let Mrs. Zhao's husband bring their child home from school. They would then lock the gate again and opened it only to let the child go to school. It was quite a psychological torment for the whole family. The persecutors ate and slept in Mrs. Zhao's tiny home day and night. Mrs. Zhao's husband could not sleep at all, but he didn't dare say a word. They also forbade him from going to work, thus delaying a half-million-yuan construction project. This resulted in a tremendous financial loss for the family.

Zhu Guoyu forced Mrs. Zhao's husband to attend a meeting at the Department of Education and put pressure on him. He threatened that if Mrs. Zhao refused to be "reformed," she would be exiled to the desert. With no other way out, Mrs. Zhao jumped from the utility room of her residence and escaped.

Under such pressure, Mrs. Zhao's husband became ill and stayed in bed, and had to depend on transfusions to sustain his life. Even so, Zhang Yongchun and Li Hailiang often went to Mrs. Zhao's home to harass her family, and coerce her husband to look for her.

Later, after Zhao Limei returned home, Zhu Guoyu directed people from the Department of Education and the community college to break into Mrs. Zhao's residence and take her to the Bailizhuang Brainwashing Center, where she was tortured both physically and mentally. She became seriously ill and was sent to the Lixian County Hospital emergency room. Zhu Guoyu, however, claimed, "She is pretending that she is dying. Even if she dies, someone else will take the blame."

Even when Mrs. Zhao was twitching all over, Zhu Guoyu refused to release her. Her husband was outraged. He said, "You claim that she is a danger to society. Now she is a patient lying in bed. How can she be a danger to society? If you don't release her now, I will hold you personally responsible." Mrs. Zhao's relatives also told Zhang Yongchun, "Zhao Limei is well-known for being a kind-hearted person. You tortured a good person to such an extent for no reason. We will hold you liable for all the consequences if something happens to her."

Under the intense denunciation, Zhu Guoyu and Zhang Yongchun agreed to let Mrs. Zhao go home. However, Zhu forced Mrs. Zhao's husband to pay a 5,000-yuan fine and to agree that the release would cost him his job.

During six years of persecution, and living under constant harassment and threats, Zhao Limei's husband felt it was beyond his endurance. He now lives in great fear, and is not able to resist the persecution. He often attempts to coerce his wife to give up cultivation and he often beats and curses her. Before the old wounds on her body have healed, Ms. Zhao has new wounds as a result of her husband's beatings. On one occasion, her husband slapped her face so hard that she felt dizzy and her ears were ringing. It took her a long time to recover. On another occasion, Liu Pu continually punched her chest with his fists when he was drunk. It hurt so much that she could not turn over or cough without pain for over a month.

In the second half of 2004, Liu Pu proposed to divorce Mrs. Zhao. Since then, he has been drinking alcohol almost every day. After he becomes drunk, he beats and curses his wife and demands a divorce. He has become completely irrational because of the persecution. One day he said to his wife, "You are so nice to me. If I were to marry anyone else, she would not take as good care of me as you do. No other person would treat me as nicely as you. However, because you practice Falun Gong, I want to divorce you. If you refuse, I will beat you every day. Do you plan to live like this for the rest of your life?"

5. "Party Nature" Supplants Human Nature -- A Party Member Beats his Mother

Ms. Zhou Shunying, 55, is a resident of Leiyang City, Hunan Province. She clarified the truth of Falun Gong to people when she visited her hometown on July 22, 2005. A CCP party member Xie Guijie reported her to the police (Xie aggressively tortured people during past movements of the CCP). After receiving the report, the police broke into many practitionershomes and hunted for Ms. Zhou.

Fortunately, Ms. Zhou had returned to her home in the city. The local Political and Judiciary Committee secretary Liu Honggao and some people came immediately to the home of Ms. Zhou's son Tan Haibiao. When the persecutors did not find Ms. Zhou, they pressured her son to turn her in by a certain date -- otherwise they would fire Tan Haibiao from his job.

Tan was the second son of Ms. Zhou and a CCP member. Ms. Zhou had tried to persuade Tan to renounce the CCP, telling him of the party's evil nature. Yet Tan became furious and shouted at his mother: "I want to kill you!"

When pressured to turn his mother in, Tan told Ms. Zhou, "I will have to turn you in, or I will be fired. If my wife finds out, she will divorce me. Someone will die if that happens." Ms. Zhou replied immediately, "I will not go with you because I have not violated any law." Upon hearing that, Tan used an inch-thick book to slap his mother's face twice very hard and said, "Then you get out!" Ms. Zhou was thus forced to leave her home. Her whereabouts are unknown.

II. Due to Intense Pressure, Family Members Kill Practitioners

1. Mentally Traumatized, a Man Strangles his Wife to Death with his Hands

Falun Dafa practitioner Mrs. Yang Lirong in Dingzhou City, Baoding, Hebei Province was persecuted because she persisted in her belief. Her deceived husband abused her and murdered her in the early morning of February 9, 2002.

Mrs. Yang Lirong, 34, lived on Beimen Street, Dingzhou City, Baoding, Hebei Province. She began practicing Falun Gong in 1998. In October 1999, she went to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa and clarify the truth. Xiao Fudi, a police officer from Dingzhou City, arrested and held her in a detention center for two months. The authorities extorted 5,000 yuan before releasing her, and the police constantly harassed her after she returned home. Her husband was worried that he may lose his job and often physically abused Yang Lirong. Yang Lirong behaved according to the principles Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and treated her husband with kindness. The perpetrators later arrested her and sent her to a brainwashing class. Because she refused to give up her belief, she was sent to this class three times. Her husband became increasingly angry and blamed Yang Lirong for the persecution.

On the evening of February 8, 2002, the perpetrators again went to Yang Lirong's home to search for Falun Gong materials. Early the next morning, while Yang Lirong's parents were away, Yang Lirong's husband strangled her to death with his hands. She left behind their 10-year-old son. Her husband immediately called the police after the murder.

Yang Lirong's husband is a driver for the Bureau of Measurements and Standards.

2. With No Human Nature Left, a CCP Party Secretary Poisons his Wife

A former vice-principal of the No. 1 Elementary School of Lingwu City, Ningxia Province, Lu Hongfeng, thirty seven years old, was taken to the local mental hospital against her will since she insisted on speaking the truth about Falun Gong. She passed away on September 6, 2000 after being severely tortured. She was injected with high doses of powerful drugs used on mentally ill patients. Lu Hongfeng was in excellent mental health.

Ms. Lu Hongfeng

For speaking out about the truth of Falun Gong, local officials persecuted her illegally. The city education bureau also fired her. During the period of the "Two Meetings" (the meeting of National People's Congress and the meeting of political consultation) she signed an open letter to the People's Congress, urging an end to the persecution of Falun Gong. As a result, she was dismissed from the office of vice-principal.

Her husband Qin Yuhuan (Secretary General of the Communist Party Committee of No. 1 Construction Company in Lingwu City) sided against his wife, and participated in actively persecuting Lu Hongfeng. On May 6, 2000, he beat Lu and kicked her out of their home. Lu Hongfeng continued to clarify the truth of Falun Gong to the people and kept safeguarding Dafa even though she was homeless. Her husband, Qin Yuhuan, became even angrier. [Note: under Jiang Zemin's "implication" system, many families are broken up as non-practitioners fear the repurcussions of being associated with practitioners and thus become persecuted themselves] On June 7, he committed Lu to the Lingwu Mental Hospital with help from Dong Yun, the director of the in-patient Department of Lingwu Mental Hospital. Tao Zhijun, a nurse from the same hospital also was directly involved in the confinement of Lu.

They persecuted Lu brutally for more than fifty days. During this period, they tied Lu Hongfeng to the bed. They injected and force-fed her with large doses of medicines that can be damaging to the central nervous system. According to a doctor with the surname of Yong, Lu was forced to take twenty-four tablets of a medicine imported from Germany. This medicine will cause ordinary people to lose consciousness for three days with only one tablet. Fifty days of such inhumane torture drove Lu to become mentally traumatized. She was in an extremely weak state. At the end of July, Lu was brought home. Qin Yuhuan did not relax his efforts in torturing Lu Hongfeng. In addition to forcing Lu to take large amounts of medicine that is damaging to the nervous system, he tortured Lu both physically and mentally. Lu passed away on September 6, 2000.

Qin Yuhuan became an accomplice of the forces persecuting Falun Dafa and murdering Dafa practitioners. He showed no regret at all. Instead, he attacked Falun Gong even more viciously in the newspaper and on the TV. News of Lu's death was blocked. Instead, there was an attempt to slander Dafa viciously after murdering Lu.

III. The CCP has Created Countless "Home Prisons" and Pressured Family Members to Monitor Practitioners

During the past several years, practitioners have often been confined to their homes, and held there as prisoners by their family members. These house arrests are being ordered by the CCP. The party uses this method to save guards, prison room, and other resources used in the persecution. In the words of 610 Office members, they "entice [the practitioners] with money, threaten lay-offs, punish with fines, and threaten with arrests. If all else fails, they will often torture [the practitioners] to death because they are not held responsible under the CCP policy."

The 610 Office first uses lay-offs and fines to cause conflicts within a family. The local police and the CCP officials in the local village threaten the Falun Gong practitioners' family members and require them to severe their relationship with the family member who practices.

The family members are required to detain the practitioner at home and prevent them from leaving the home, doing the Falun Gong exercises, or from going to Beijing to appeal to the government. This turns the home into a prison. Family members are effectively turned into "guards." If the family members disagree, they face the risk of being laid off or even arrested and persecuted themselves.

Under such circumstances, many family members of Falun Gong practitioners have become "home" prison guards for the 610 Office.

In addition, the local police and CCP officials also send special personnel to do random checks on the homes where practitioners are imprisoned. If they find that family members do not follow their rules, the family members receive a large fine, and the practitioners may be arrested, detained and tortured.

1. Having Lost Human Nature, Family Members Detained and Tortured their Older Mother

Ms. Sun Meilian, 66, is from Nanyangshan Village, Linqu County, Shandong Province. Her husband had suffered from hemiplegia when their children were still young, and he lay in bed for years, relying on medicine to sustain his life. Ms. Sun also suffered from illnesses such as pleurisy, phthisis, hypotension, and some shoulder problems. After her husband passed away in 1997, Ms. Sun began to practice Falun Gong. After that, she fully recovered from all her illnesses without any medical treatment.

On March 20, 2004 (the Chinese lunar calendar), the 610 Office of Linqu County arrested Sun Meilian and sent her to the Weifang "610" brainwashing center. There they asked Sun Meilian to pay 3,000 yuan in cash. How could a senior widow from the countryside pay such a large amount of money? When she could not come up with the money, they then extorted the money from her two sons.

Both sons are farmers who grow watermelons, and May 2004 was the busiest month of pollination for watermelon farmers. Liu Jianguo, head of the 610 Office, and some other officials repeatedly went to the homes of Ms. Sun's sons and threatened and harassed them. The officials seriously disturbed their normal lives and farm work. In addition, each of the sons was forced to give the 610 officials as much as 10,000 yuan. Under the current dictatorship, there is no place to seek justice. Although Ms. Sun's two sons knew their mother had done no wrong, they turned their rage on their kind-hearted mother.

When Sun Meilian returned home from Weifang in June, her two sons, against their own conscience, forbid her from practicing Falun Gong (because they were afraid of being fined again). In addition, the sons, Ma Fenghua and Ma Fengxin, and their wives did not allow her to live alone at her home, and the couples forbid her from going to visit friends. Instead, Ms. Sun had to live with her two sons. In September of the Chinese Lunar Calendar (2004), Sun Meilian lived in the house of her eldest son, Ma Fengxin. One day, when Ma Fengxin's wife found that Ms. Sun was going to visit another family, she started to brutally beat her with her fists. She ruthlessly hit the old lady on her chest and back. Sun Meilian was injured so badly that she could not move. Later, they locked Ms. Sun in the west room, and gave her one piece of Chinese bread and one thermos of water each day. They also refused to let her out of the room, even when she needed to use the restroom. Ms. Sun was held captive there for one month and was finally released when the second son came to the house.

In July of the Chinese Lunar Calendar (2004), Ma Fengxin's wife found an excuse to mistreat the old woman, and from July 24 to August 3, she forbid Ms. Sun from eating or drinking anything. Although Ms. Sun was starved for nine days, she was still healthy.

One day when Sun Meilian was studying the Fa at her second son's (Ma Fenghua) home, the son seized his mother's book and tore it up. Then he fiercely pounded his mother's chest with his fists.

Sun Meilian could not bear the fact that her own sons mistreated her like this. To escape these irrational mistreatments and to stop her sons from doing such dishonorable things, she left on January 3, 2005 (Chinese lunar calendar) and became homeless. She did not have the opportunity to clarify the truth to them. Sun Meilian is still homeless.

2. More Reports of "Home Prisons"

Zhang Yubin, a Falun Gong practitioner from Xiaoluo Village, Chongyang Township, Chongzhou, Chengdu City refused to cooperate with the persecution. His family was fined 4,000 yuan (US $496). After police arrested Zhang, he was put in solitary confinement, beaten, and injected with drugs which damaged his central nervous system. Inhumane treatment of Zhang caused him to suffer a mental collapse. He is now unable to take care of himself.

An elderly Falun Gong practitioner named Fang Guiming who is from Xiaoluo Village in the Chongyang Township of Chongzhou, Chengdu City suffered in a "home prison." The local 610 and CCP offices threatened her family members. The family succumbed to their pressure, and acted as "prison guards." Ms. Fang, already in her 70s, was detained in a room less than 20 square meters in size and cut off from all outside contact. Her physical and mental health was destroyed by the close confinement. She died in July 2001 at the age of 73.

Ms. Wang Xiuyun, a Falun Gong practitioner from Xiaoluo Village, was detained at home for a long period of time because her family was worried about losing their jobs and livelihoods. Despite Ms. Wang's efforts, her family detained her in a small room 18 square meters in size. She lost all personal freedom and her mental and physical health were severely damaged. She died in the spring of 2003 at the age of 63.


Countless family tragedies not unlike the ones recounted above are caused by the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the CCP.

The CCP and Jiang's regime have persecuted millions of kind people who believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." They use vicious lies, hate-provoking propaganda, and temptations to force people to choose between survival and their love and conscience. They have forced people to participate in the persecution against their family members.

Over the past six-plus years, Falun Gong practitioners have borne much suffering and persisted in upholding justice and exposed the persecution. As a result of their efforts, more and more people have come to know the truth about Falun Gong and the evil nature of the persecution. Falun Gong has not vanished despite the unprecedented torment. Instead, Falun Gong has spread to the entire world. Some observers have noted that Falun Gong practitioners and their efforts in stopping the persecution are preventing the CCP evil spirit from poisoning human nature and destroying humankind. Falun Gong practitioners will be long remembered in history.