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Three Dafa Practitioners Died of Persecution

February 26, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Liu Runzhi, age fifty-seven, was a Dafa practitioner from Wuhan City, Hubei Province. She obtained Dafa in 1996. She moved into a home near the East and West Lake Breed Farm in 1998. She went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa in November 1999, shortly after the persecution began. She has been persecuted severely by local police and the Residential Committee. Ms. Liu was single but the CCP local government appointed a male security officer to live in her home and monitor her at close range.

Over the last six years she has been held in the East and West Lake District "610" brainwashing class, the Female Correction Center in Wuhan and harassed numerous times by the Lijiadun Police Station. She was forced to leave her home and became homeless for over a year. The police from Tangjiadun Police Station arrested her from another practitioner's home where she stayed temporarily in 2005. She was sent to the Jianghan District "610" brainwashing class. She was extremely weak and became ill after being brutally tortured. The authorities released her for fear of bearing responsibility for her death.

In July 2005, the local police and the Residential Committee raided her home and intensified the persecution. It was the final heavy blow to her mind and body. Fellow Dafa practitioners visited her while she was dying, but the police warned them not to come. Ms. Liu Runzhi passed away on January 11th 2006 after long term persecution.

Mrs. Liu Xiujia was a Dafa practitioner from Nanyan City, Henan Province. She obtained Dafa in 1997. Her life was harmonious and her body was healthy after she practiced Dafa. At the beginning of 2001, she was arrested because she distributed truth clarification material. She was sent to Xinye Detention Center, where the police twisted and injured her arm. She was fined six thousand yuan before the authorities released her. She began to practice again and recovered her health. The police harassed her endlessly, giving her little choice but to leave home and become homeless. She tried to make a living by taking temporary jobs. She passed away on January 9th 2006.

Mrs. Wang Dushi was eighty-one-years-old, a Dafa practitioner from Zhencai Village Jubaoshan Town and Changling County Jilin Province. She went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa in 2000 and was held in the Changling County Detention Center for over two months and was fined five thousand yuan. Her two daughters were arrested and held in Changchunhezuizi Labor Camp. The local CCP authorities and police harassed them constantly, verbally threatening and finger-printing them. Mrs. Wang's health declined along with the ceaseless harassment. She passed away on December 28th 2005.