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The Buddha Fa is Both Compassionate and Solemn

February 19, 2006 |   By a Dafa practitioner in Hong Kong

(Clearwisdom.net) Chinese Communist regime spies recently assaulted Dr. Li Yuan at his home in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. These thugs held him at gunpoint, tied his hands and feet, beat him, and confiscated his computers.

Following that, in the afternoon on February 12, 2006, another attack of a Falun Gong practitioner happened in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. Practitioner Mr. Kuang Senqia was attacked and injured by an unknown offender with martial arts training when "clarifying the facts" to rescue his family members.

In his new article, "Eliminating the Evil," Master said,

"In spreading the Fa and saving sentient beings these years, I have actually included people from all social strata and professions, and I have not treated anyone differently than others. When being saved by Dafa, all beings are equal, including those who are in very bad professions."

Dafa is compassionate! Master is merciful! Although the persecution has lasted more than six years, in order to rescue the people who are falling into deep holes because their moral characters are deteriorating, Master has been waiting. Many practitioners have silently endured tremendous physical harm and mental torment over these past six years. In this totally irrational persecution, numerous individuals and families have suffered from police investigation and intimidation, they have lost their jobs and income, their private property has been confiscated, and many happy families have been broken apart.

Although the persecution continues to be so widespread, so long lasting, and so severe, practitioners still focus their attention on saving people. They have endured the pain and have never stopped in their efforts to clarify the truth to people. They are trying their best to tell the facts to more people, so that those people can avoid disaster and have a bright future.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) spies' purpose for intimidating and attacking practitioners is to stop the them from clarifying the truth and exposing the evil Communist regime's lies and atrocities. The CCP's ugly violence can only backfire. Falun Gong practitioners' faith in Truth-Compassion-Forbearance and their determination to disseminate the truth will not change.

Master said in "Eliminating the Evil,"

"All along, lowlife secret agents of the wicked CCP have been constantly gathering so-called 'Falun Gong intelligence.' The dissemination of Dafa, however, is solely for the sake of having people cultivate, and in spreading the Fa, everything is done out in the open and with no secrets. Even as the evil Party carries out its irrational, sinister persecution of Dafa disciples, everything that Dafa disciples around the world have been doing to counter the persecution is open--to the point of many things being put in writing on the Clearwisdom website and shared openly. The acts of the lowlife secret agents of the evil Party are in fact done, for one, because [the CCP] knows the persecution is groundless and it feels uneasy about that. So it bluffs and blusters to show strength. At the same time, they're done so that CCP insiders can deceive one another, generate false intelligence, and come up with reasons for the persecution, and all of this is done for the sake of a handful of individuals who have gotten themselves into a hopeless bind persecuting Falun Gong."

Although our compassionate Master never stops giving these people ample opportunities to correct their mistakes, and Master always wants to save them, some of them are hopeless. As Master said in "Eliminating the Evil,"

"But when it comes to those people who don't think for themselves, and who can't distinguish good from evil--especially those who, after being instilled with the evil Party culture, use the perspectives, logic, and standards of the evil Party, which are not those of normal people, to judge what is kind or wicked, good or bad, and what should or should not be done--the evil Party has manipulated and used them very easily, and they have fully become shameful tools of the evil Party. Meanwhile, these people have indeed committed colossal sins in persecuting Dafa disciples, and they are beyond redemption."

These evildoing Party ruffians, being beyond redemption, have not only forfeited their own future but have also tried to prevent Falun Gong disciples from offering people salvation. They are pushing the people who are fooled by the CCP's lies into a deep pit.

Now that Master and the gods have taken away the good fortune in the lives of those spies, I have a suggestion. In order to stop the Communist spies' sabotage of efforts to save people, I suggest that when we send forth righteous thoughts we should include a thought, "Immediate retribution to all the CCP spies involved in the planning and execution of the recent overseas violence."

February 13, 2006