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Falun Gong Practitioner Chen Suxiang Tortured to Death - Family Threatened Upon Seeking Justice

October 28, 2006 |  


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On September 12, 2006, Practitioner Chen Suxiang, from Dongyaoxia Village, Kaiping District in Tangshan City, was illegally arrested by the Qianquzhuang Security chief Li Zhiqiang. After the security people beat her badly, officers took her to the Kaiping Police Station in the afternoon. They chained her hands and feet with handcuffs and shackles and tortured her for twenty four hours. Chen Suxiang died the next day, on September 13.

After her tragic death while in police detention, her family members were devastated. Chen Suxiang's mother, while mourning for her daughter's death, went to the Kaiping Police Station to appeal for justice. She was accompanied by other family members. They demanded that the culprits be punished according to the law. Police officers from the Kaiping Police Station used deceitful tactics to lure them into a small room. They also chased away the bystanders who were drawn to the crowd. Some police officers said that their leaders were in the middle of a meeting, and that they would inform them when the meeting was over. Not long after that, Ma Fengtang, the party secretary in Jia-Anzi Village where Ms. Chen's mother lives and Chen Yujuan, the Women's Committee director arrived. At that moment, a police officer said, "Why don't you go home, this issue will be solved in a couple of days." Chen's mother and relatives returned home and waited for new information.

When they did not get any answer several days later, Chen's mother and family went back to the police station in order to appeal for justice again. Chen Suxiang's younger sister cried, "My sister was killed by police officers here." A male and female officer there threatened them, "How dare you accuse us? Your sister was not killed. She died of an illness."

A while later, security chief Zhao Kexian from the Jia-Anzi Village, and Women's Committee director Chen Yujuan came to the police station. They persuaded the family to go home. Someone in the police station promised that they would resolve the issue the next day.

The next day, the Kaiping police chief Hao came to the Jia-Anzi Village office with some police officers and tried to close the case. They wanted to pay a 40,000 yuan bribe to the family for this murder case, but refused to explain why they wanted to pay the family. Chen Suxiang's mother refused the money.

After that, Chen Suxiang's family visited the Kaiping Procuratorate asking for justice. Meng Linghua, a staff member from the Section of Power-abuse and Rights Violation, gave the following explanation: 1) Chen Suxiang was guilty of practicing Falun Gong, 2) The Kaiping Police Station did nothing wrong when executing its law enforcement, and 3) The police officers committed no mistakes.

Disappointed and desperate, the family members went to the Kaiping District Government office to appeal. But police officers from the Kaiping police station jumped out of nowhere and blocked the entrance. They threatened them, saying, "You know you are in trouble." Some of Chen's family members are also Falun Gong practitioners. The Jia-Anzi Village Security chief Zhao Kexian also showed up. The management from Chen Suxiang's husband Liu Yushun's company, the Tangshan City Water Company, also came and tried to force him to go home.

As a result, they did not see any officials in the District Government. To this day, the case is still open. During their appeal process, the Zheng-Zhuangzi Police Station also sent some police officers to Chen Suxiang's sister's house and threatened her, saying, "If you practice at home, we don't care, but you are not allowed to clarify the truth."

Chen Suxiang was making an effort to let more people know about the truth of Falun Dafa. She was helping people to see through the lies of the Chinese Communist Party. She also spread the truth in order to save people. For this, she was brutalized and died within one day. Her family members are trying to get an answer for her death, but the communist officials from different agencies are covering for each other. Anyone who commits murder needs to be punished by the law. This is the most basic principle in human society. No one can escape from eventual punishment from heaven. We warn all those who were responsible: Stop what you are doing and think hard about your futures.

We hope all Falun Gong practitioners in and outside of China pay attention to this incident.

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Jia-Anzi Village Administration Office: 3272085
Tangshan City Water Company: 2817247
Zheng Zhuangzi Police Station: 3262110
Security chief, Li Jianjun: 13931561486, home phones: 3261564, 3261574, cell phone: 8996154
Security & Safety chief, Li Zhiqiang: 13931564310
Village head and party secretary, Li Jingchen: 13513155866
Deputy party secretary, Du Xianglan
Kaiping Police Station: 315-3363740

Kaiping District 610 Office:
Office head, Yang Jinshan: Office: 3364567, Home: 3368215, Cell phone: 13903388202
Deputy head, Wu Lide: Office: 3377610, Home: 3368226, Cell phone: 13131547559

Kaiping District Procuratorate:
Head, Zhou Chunlin: Office: 3365526, Home: 7125693, Cell: 13932585858
Deputy head Song Renli: Office: 3361087, Home: 3373798, Cell: 13503154403
Deputy head, Gao Xiuwen: Office: 3361037, Home:, 3387965, Cell: 13832986852
Deputy head, Hu Zhigang: Office: 3368866, Home: 3363260, Cell: 13930565583

Kaiping District Government:
Deputy head of district, Wang Fuyan: Office: 3360948, Home: 2018850, Cell: 13803313925
Deputy Head of District, Wang Wenbin: Office: 3378068, Home: 3378098, Cell: 13832855778
Deputy Head of District, Ye Yongsheng: Office: 3366660, Home: 2338552, Cell: 13832509188