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Falun Dafa Practitioner Han Junmiao from Hebei Province Dies from Persecution

June 24, 2005 |  

 (Clearwisdom.net) Han Junmiao, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Xiong County, Hebei Province was severely persecuted between July 1999 and May of 2005 for her belief in and the practice of Falun Dafa. Over that period of time, the local 610 Office put her in Baoding City Mental Hospital, Baoding City Forced Labor Camp, the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp, Shijiazhuang City Forced Labor Camp, the Xiong County Brainwashing Class and the Baoding City Brainwashing Class. She endured harsh torture and still firmly believed in Falun Dafa. After she returned home, Ms. Han was still watched, monitored and harassed by the "610 Office." Han Junmiao passed away early in the morning on May 6, 2005.

Practicing Dafa to be a good person

Ms. Han Junmiao was 53 years old. She had junior college education and was the director in the Recruiting Office of the Education Bureau, Xiong County, Baoding City. Before she started practicing Falun Dafa, she had several illnesses, such as heart disease, liver disease, swelling in the leg, and other conditions. These conditions disappeared after she began practicing Falun Gong. She benefited both mentally and physically from the practice. Working diligently, she was well liked and respected by her colleagues and superiors at work.

In 1998, the bathroom in the Education Bureau needed repair. Dirty water was everywhere in the hot summer, and nobody did anything about it. Han Junmiao took care of it all and even laid the bricks herself. In her position as Director of the Recruiting Office, she never accepted any bribes or took advantage of perks normally associated with her position.

Nevertheless, such a good person went through unbelievably savage torture from 1999 until May 6, 2005, the day she died from persecution.

Mental hospital staff inject her with drugs harmful to her central nervous system

In July 1999, the persecution of Falun Gong began. In November of 1999, officers from the Politics and Security Section in the police department came to Han Junmiao's office. Under the pretext of a conversation with Ning Hongmao, the Secretary of Politics and Law Committee, they unlawfully detained her. Ten days later, the Politics and Security Section sent her to Baoding City Mental Hospital, where four men held Han Junmiao down. Someone injected her with a drug that attacks the central nervous system. The drug made it so that Han Junmiao couldn't sit or lie down. She had to stay up for the whole night. During her two-week stay in the mental hospital, Ms. Han was injected twice with this drug. She suffered severe mental and physical trauma.

Ruthlessly tortured for three Years in forced labor camps

Early in October of 2000, Dong Aihua, Zhao Daping and Wang Jianjun from the Politics and Security Section came to Han Junmiao's office again and took her to a detention center. Her husband was not home at that time. Her youngest daughter was only ten years old and couldn't find her mother when she came back from school. In November Han Junmiao started a hunger strike to protest. Approximately ten days later, she was sentenced to three years of forced labor and sent to the Baoding City Forced Labor Camp.

During the 12 days at the Baoding Forced Labor Camp, she was handcuffed for several nights to the handrail on the stairs. A dozen policemen pushed her down to the floor and used electric batons to shock her, from the bottom of her feet to her waist. They even put an electric baton into her mouth. They shocked her in the head and back. Ms. Han wasn't allowed to sleep and was forced to stand in water for four days and four nights. Nevertheless, the labor camp still couldn't shake Han Junmiao's belief in Dafa. She was then transferred to the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp.

At the Gaoyang Labor Camp, she was again injected with drugs that harm the central nervous system, which for a while made her mentally incoherent. They kept her in an iron cage for ten days, where she wasn't able to sit down or stand up straight.

In December of 2000, for refusing to write the so-called Guarantee Statement to not practice Falun Gong, Han Junmiao was sent to a huge, icy-cold windowless warehouse. She was handcuffed to an iron ring on the concrete floor, making her only able to squat on the floor. She couldn't sit or stand all day long and was deprived of sleep. Washing for personal hygiene was out of the question. A person being subjected to this kind of torture would experience numbness in the legs in a little over an hour and would be unable to bend over because of back pain. On the second day of being handcuffed like this, Han Junmiao's hands and arms were severely swollen. She was handcuffed like that for 4-5 days.

Around July 2001, the weather was scorching hot. Han Junmiao was handcuffed in the yard under the blazing sun. She still couldn't stand or sit all day long and was forbidden to sleep. She was handcuffed like that for several days.

The labor camp put Han Junmiao and three mentally and physically disabled people in the same room. One of them, a little girl, was mentally disabled. An older lady was incontinent. Another older lady wasn't able to say things clearly and had a hard time control her moods. It always smelled bad in the room.

The police still could not persuade Han Junmiao to change her mind about Dafa, even after she suffered the torture Gaoyang Labor Camp used on Dafa practitioners: the Tiger Bench, force-feeding with chili pepper water, being force-fed feces, and the Death Bed. The guards brought her to the fields in the evening to mercilessly beat her and to have her bitten by snakes and vermin. The Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp later transferred her to Shijiazhuang City Forced Labor Camp to continue the persecution.

In October of 2002, even after Han Juanmiao had been tortured and abused in three labor camps, she remained steadfast. Her courage made those who persecuted her admire her. Still, she suffered severe physical trauma and also became very thin. The shocks from electric batons left scars on her face, and her hands and feet had bleeding cracks, which would be aggravated by movement.

Li Chengqun from the 610 Office sent her to brainwashing classes and forced labor camps

The day Han Junmiao's term ended, personnel from the 610 Office in Xiong County sent her directly to the Xiong County Brainwashing class held at the Xiong County Dayin Shooting Range. Li Chengqun, the 610 Office head, ordered his subordinates to torture her physically. Ms. Han was forbidden to sleep and was force-fed. After more than 40 days, they still couldn't force her to give up Dafa. Li Chengqun sent her to the Baoding City Brainwashing Class, where she underwent anther month of cruel torture.

After she returned home, people from the 610 Office frequently monitored her, even when she went shopping for groceries. On politically sensitive days, several people were watching her in her house. At night, her family slept in the inner rooms, while the monitoring people slept in an outer room.

In October 2004, 610 Office head Li Chengqun sent people to forcibly take Han Junmiao away from her home again and sent her to the Baoding City Forced Labor Camp. Due to Han Junmiao's health problems, the labor camp refused to accept her. Li just left her at the labor camp and left in a hurry. The labor camp had to call him to take Han Junmiao back. Li Chengqun then sent Han Junmiao to the Xiong County Brainwashing Class to continue the persecution.

By then Ms. Han had been tortured to the point of not being able to eat. She vomited every time she ate. Several days later Han Junmiao's mother went to visit her. When she saw her daughter's terrible condition, she begged them to let her daughter go. The anxious mother took out the only 300 Yuan she had and gave them to a guard named Zhang Guoli. They then let Han Junmiao leave.

Even after Han Junmiao returned home, Li Chengqun from the 610 Office still didn't want to let up on the persecution. He sent people to watch her all day long, harassed and monitored her and said, "When she can stand up, we will send her to the labor camp again."

After Han Junmiao was released from the labor camp, she was not allowed to go back to her job. Since the family needed to send two children to school, they were having a difficult time financially. She petitioned several times to get her job back, but due to pressure from the 610 Office, she was turned down.

In the spring of 2005, Han Junmiao started going to the office every day. If her boss didn't assign her any work, she would clean up. After two months, her boss said they would discuss her salary issues with the 610 Office. The very next day, though, Li Chengqun and seven or eight men came to her house. They lied to her husband and said, "The Baoding Forced Labor Camp called and will need to give Han Junmiao a physical examination." Ms. Han refused to go with them. Li then ordered several men to drag away and throw her into a vehicle. When they arrived at their destination, the labor camp refused to accept her. Li had to send her back home and still had people watch her all day long. They did not leave until Ms. Han's husband could not stand it anymore and forced them to leave.

Han Junmiao once said, "After I came back from the labor camp, I can't even recall how many times this kind of persecution has happened. Sometimes they just stood by the door. Sometimes they lived in our house day and night. We can't live a normal life. My youngest daughter didn't even want to come home when she thought of these people living in our house. She couldn't concentrate in her classes because of this."

The nonstop harassment and persecution kept Han Junmiao's whole family from living a normal life. She was unable to practice and cultivate normally and was under great physical and mental distress. Her health deteriorated and she passed away early in the morning on May 6, 2005. She was 53 years old.

Afterwards, the 610 Office dispatched people for the several days of Han's funeral to monitor the family.