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We Should Not Be Attached to Time - Upholding Dafa in Every Moment Is What's Important

March 23, 2005 |   By a Practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) As the process of Fa-rectification progresses, it is getting much closer to the moment of Fa-rectification coming to the human world. There are practitioners in our area who are not coolheaded. They are gossiping about whether the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will collapse in 2005.

After the public persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999, it became inevitable that the CCP must collapse. This is for sure. But if it will happen this spring or this fall is not a prediction in history that can be forecasted. Because it is our Master that is doing Fa-rectification, this has never happened even in remote history. As disciples during the Fa-rectification, we might feel tension and do the three things much better as we advance further. However, we should not be attached to time, since there have been so many lessons about this during the past five years.

I saw a small truth-clarification sticker with a little rhyme that said, "The CCP will fold in the early spring of 2005." It does not obviously mention Falun Dafa, but even if only the prediction from this one sentence doesn't manifest for everyday people to see, wouldn't it have a negative effect on their understanding the truth about Dafa? I think it would. Previously, there were messages about Jiang's legs being disabled from some other website in our materials. When everyday people didn't see this reality manifest, they would not want to see the Falun Dafa truth-clarification materials anymore. I met many people with this kind of obstacle when I clarified the truth face-to-face. They thought what we said was not believable.

If the truth-clarification materials are not based in reality, and we have added in them personal emotion, zealotry, pursuit, etc., then the materials are not pure. This will make people who don't know the truth reject this method of clarifying the facts. Furthermore, there are evil elements still in existence, and couldn't they take advantage of this loophole to cause damage? This could create an obstacle in our saving people.

Our actions should be based on upholding Dafa every moment, everywhere, based on whether people can be saved. They should not be based on our emotions.