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The Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Yang'ai Forced Labor Camp, Guizhou Province

March 18, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioners are being illegally detained in Teams Five, Seven and Eight in the Yang'ai Forced Labor Camp in Guizhou Province. The practitioners' names are as follows:

Liu ShuLing, Zheng Zhunchao, Ni Zhongmei, Li Guangmei, Huang Lihong, Chen Dingyuan, Shi Zhirong, Chen Yuanxiu, Liu Ling, Zhao Mingzhi, Li Yi, Wu Shunying, Wu Xuelan, Li Dongmei, Wang Ling, Qu Jing, Tang Wenping, Li Ping, Wei Lizhu, Wei Yalan, Peng Jinping, Feng Xuemei, Liu Junmao, Li Yuling, Zhou Yonghui, Yan Shie, Xie Guohua, Lan Jun, Xu Jiarong, Chen Xianying, Zhao Chunxia, Wen Ronghua, Jiang Zuqin, Yang Guangyin, Lei Zhifen, Yan Zhongfen, Qi Shunrong, Chen Yulan, Wang Zhaoyuan, Zhu Mingzhen, Li Yinrui, He Tianfen, Geng Guangxiang and Ding Yan, whose husband is also imprisoned in the Zhongba Labor Camp in Guizhou Province and whose daughter is left at home alone with no one to take care of her.

Here are some of their experiences.

Ms. Wu Xuelan: On the first day of her illegal detainment, in the Eighth Jail of the Third Squadron, policeman Bai Ju and others ordered criminals to drag her to a field where they shoved her violently in the mud and then forced her to do labor. Ms. Wu was later put in the Fifth Squadron. Policemen Gan Minghui, Zhou Kongxian, and Wu Xiangfen and other criminals tortured her with electric batons. They also did not allow her to purchase any daily necessities or let her go downstairs.

Ms. Qu Jing: Policemen Gan Minghui, Bai Ju and others beat her numerous times and also directed criminals to beat her. They used duct tape to seal her mouth, forbidding her from talking. Ms. Qu Jing was tied up and force-fed in a Yangai Camp Hospital bed for five days. As a result, she became infested with parasites and she lost consciousness. After Ms. Qu was returned to the labor camp, she was forced to do labor and beaten mercilessly, causing severe injuries.

Ms. Yang Hongyan: She had been illegally imprisoned in the Yangai Labor Camp since 2001. Because she resisted forced labor and the so-called "re-education," several policemen tried every day to brainwash her, while three or four criminals followed her around to keep her under surveillance. They punished Ms. Yang Hongyan by forcing her to stand for long periods of time and then beat her until she was covered with cuts and bruises. Her spirit was seriously devastated. Beginning in March 2004, in order to try and force her to write the "guarantee statements", the police threatened her, stating that she had to write a guarantee statement even if it was false, otherwise she couldn't go home. They used all kinds of evil methods to try to deceive, cheat, frighten and defraud her. The police incited Zhou Kongxian, Gao Hui, Xie Jie, Wang Xiaoxin and others to take turns harassing her daily. They kept her up late and tortured her like this for hours. They also used ropes to tie her up. To protest the severe mental and physical torture, Ms. Yang went on a hunger strike. Not long after, she was taken to the Police Hospital, where the news of her death was released. (Clearwisdom.net published the report of the persecution death of Ms. Hongyan.)