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Jilin City Practitioner Mr. Yu Shujin Is in Critical Condition as a Result of Persecution

December 04, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yu Shujin from Jilin City, Youngji County, was illegally detained and persecuted in Tiebei Prison for more than a year. He has been tortured to the point that he now has cirrhosis of the liver and his body and stomach are swollen. He cannot eat, has difficulty breathing, and is in critical condition.

Mr. Yu Shujin, 55 years old, has been illegally arrested 10 times in the past several years for validating the Fa and clarifying the truth. In the detention centers and forced labor camps, the authorities persecuted Mr. Yu inhumanly in many brutal ways.

In May 2004, Mr. Yu Shujin was arrested in Shulan City while he was transferring a Dafa truth clarification materials production center to another location. Other practitioners got to safety by running away. Police officers under the authority of Xin He and Wang Tingbo persecuted Mr. Yu inhumanely in order to force him to reveal the names of the escaped practitioners. They handcuffed both of his hands behind his back, tightening the handcuffs into the wrist bone and causing bleeding that wouldn't stop. They also beat Mr. Yu violently. Some used wooden sticks to hit him, and others violently kicked his stomach. Mr. Yu was covered with blood, as was the ground around him. Even so, the perpetrators still poured mustard oil into his mouth and nose. During those several months of detention, Mr. Yu Shujin's formerly healthy body deteriorated as a result of the torture, and symptoms of liver cirrhosis and ascites appeared.

On June 25, 2004, the Public Security Department of Shulan City secretly and illegally sentenced Mr. Yu Shujin to 12 years. Because of his poor health, they sent him to Jilin Province's Chongchun City Tiebei Prison. After one year of detention and persecution, Mr. Yu now has liver cirrhosis and ascites and his body is terribly swollen. He can hardly breathe, and is in critical condition.

In the past ten days, Mr. Yu's relatives have already gone to Chongchun fives times to try to get him back. They went to the Tiebei Prison authorities, including the head of the department who is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong and the director of the prison. They even went to the head of the Jilin Provincial Prison Administration, but so far the authorities still will not release Yu Shujin.

Departments and authorities related to this case:

Jilin Province Judicature Bureau, #992 Xinfa Road, Chongchun City, Zip 130051
Zhu Guozhi, general office director: 86-431-2750001 or 2750020, 86-431-8969266 (Home)
Feng Mingfang, deputy director: 86-431-2750199 or 2750169, 86-431-2700185 (Home)
Liu Zhenyu, deputy director: 86-431-2750185 or 2750205, 86-431-7630589 (Home)
Lu Jun, deputy director: 86-431-2750181 or 2750208, 86-431-8588638 (Home)
Ju Wanzhou, deputy: director 86-431-2750209 or 2750189, 86-431-8977918 (Home)

The Prison Administration Bureau of Jilin Province, #1000 Xinfa Road, Chongchun City, Zip130051
Li Wencai, head of the bureau: 86-431-2750002, 86-431-2763556 (Home)
Zhang Zhensu, deputy director of the bureau: 86-431-2750004, 86-431-7919580 (Home)
Yu Guangsheng, deputy director of the bureau: 86-431-2750005, 86-431-8586398 (Home)
Xu Fuming, deputy secretary: 86-431-2750006, 86-431-2744928 (Home)
Zhao XianDe, deputy director of the bureau: 86-431-2750007, 86-431-2707063 (Home)

Jilin Province, Prison Administration Bureau, Criminal Penalty Department: 86-431-2750074 Jilin Province

Chongchun Tiebei Prison, Address: #68 Xinyye Street, Chongchun City, Zip: 130052
Jilin Province

Criminal Penalty Execution Department: 86-431-2687171, 86-431-2682031