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Truth-Clarification Allows Sentient Beings to Choose Their Future

December 27, 2005 |   By Hong Yuan, a Falun Dafa practitioner from China

(Clearwisdom.net) My younger sister lives in a big city. Her new house needed renovation, so she asked me to go help her with the job. I clarified the facts on the way to her home. Many people heard the truth, and seven of them decided to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

At my sister's house, I have continued to get up early every morning to study the Fa, do the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts. I clarify the facts to whomever I come across, like people in the farmers' market, the job center, stores, and supermarkets.

I used to think that it would be difficult to clarify the truth to city people, but I have learned from experience that people in my sister's city are quite open to the facts. In two months, I helped over 700 people to quit the CCP and affiliated organizations by clarifying the facts to them. I did pretty well considering the constraints in living with my sister.

When I clarified the facts to people at the job center, some people told me their own stories of hardship and oppression. I told them that I would put their stories on the Internet to expose the injustice in China to a more international audience. They were very happy to hear this and eagerly asked me to help them quit the CCP. I said to them, "Quitting the CCP is truly patriotic, because it is self-protection, rejection of wickedness, and salvation of sentient beings."

One time there were over 30 people listening to me explaining the facts. Twenty-nine of them agreed to quit the CCP. My understating is that our cultivation will not be hindered by the environment or external conditions, provided that we do what we are supposed to do as Dafa disciples. There are plenty of opportunities for us to save sentient beings by clarifying the facts. As soon as we walk out of the door, we can clarify the facts to people we meet. Wherever there are people, there should be truth clarification.

Since few people will proactively quit the CCP, we must help them to know the facts and help publish their renunciation statements on the web. Whenever I tell people, "It is time to quit the CCP, and I can help you do it," they happily reply, "Very good. Thank you very much for doing this." People are also happy to sign their names or put their aliases on prewritten quitting-the CCP statements. I then submit all the names to the Epoch Times quitting-CCP database. Sometimes I have collected over 200 names on one prewritten statement.

For a while I did really well in clarifying the facts, but at other times, I had not done so well. I realized, after years of truth clarification, that any selfishness, competitiveness, or fear would hinder my stepping out. At these times, even if I reluctantly stepped out, my words sounded unnatural. After studying Teacher's new articles and letting go of my attachments, I am in an excellent cultivation state once again.

Some practitioners say that cultivating one's xinxing is of paramount importance. I understand that any attachment can hinder one's stepping forward to clarify the facts, and that clarifying the facts requires making progress in cultivation and saving sentient beings.