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Persecution of Practitioners in Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison

January 15, 2005 |   By practitioners in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

(Clearwisdom.net) In order to brainwash Falun Dafa practitioners and have them give up cultivation of "Truthfulness- Compassion-Forbearance," Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison has subjected practitioners to all kinds of inhuman tortures for a long time, including hanging up, handcuffing with both hands behind the back, exposing to freezing temperatures, sleep deprivation, taping the mouth shut, electric shocking, beatings, confining in a solitary compartment, and other atrocities. When their tortures were exposed, prison head Liu Zhiqiang announced publicly, "We will not let you find out anymore of our illegal activities." However, they have never restrained themselves in their persecution of practitioners. It is only that their abuses have become more hidden and they keep lying to the outside world. Whenever there were visitors from the Procuratorate, or other outside sectors, they would hide practitioners to avoid any possible contact with them. Practitioners were kept in the dark about any such visits. When practitioners protested the persecution and refused to be treated as criminals, the perpetrators would torture them with methods such as hanging, depriving of sleep, electric shocking and other means. Practitioners are frequently beaten, their living conditions are very poor and it is an unsafe environment.

The following are some of the criminal acts taking place in Heilongjiang Provincial Women's Prison.

Hanging up in the air, handcuffing with both hands behind the back, depriving of sleep

Practitioner Chen Yunxia and seven other female practitioners were deprived of sleep for over half a year since December 2004 for refusing to accept the persecution and to wear nametags. They were also tortured by being handcuffed with both hands behind the back (one hand up from back and the other one down from above the shoulder). They were forced to squat for long periods of times. After the Chinese Spring Festival of 2004, No.1, No.5, No.7 and No.9 Prison Wards each setup a private torture chamber and abused more than a hundred practitioners with methods such as hanging up in the air and handcuffing behind the back.

From 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on April 6, 2004, under the instigation of the guards, prisoner Yang Shuhua hung up practitioner Chen Yunxia, causing Chen to lose consciousness twice from the pain. On April 9, division head Cui again hung up Chen Yunxia for two hours until Chen was unable to speak and lost consciousness. Even now, the back of Chen Yunxia's head still feels numb and she suffers memory loss. The reason for torturing Chen was because she "closed her eyes." Whenever the guards saw practitioners sitting there with their eyes closed, they would assume that the practitioners were doing the Falun Gong meditation, and they would start to torture them.

On April 10, the day after they tortured Chen, guard Wu Xuesong threatened practitioners, "Don't tell others about this. If you dare to tell others or dare to close your eyes, the punishment will be more severe than last time." The guards hung up practitioners after other prisoners went out to work, therefore very few people knew about such atrocities.

Many practitioners had lost consciousness while hung up. Wang Fajuan was hung up for three days, which left her bed-ridden for several months. Liao Xiaolu had lost consciousness twice from the hangings, which made her unable to lift her arms even today. Zheng Jinbo passed out during the torture. Li Dongxue also lost consciousness twice while being hung up. Prison head Liu Zhiqiang said, "Don't let them have any evidence. They cannot win, even if they sue us."

In the No. 5 Building, 12 practitioners were hung up for as long as three days with their hands cuffed behind the back (very painful to endure), simply for refusing to count off or to wear the prison nametag. Wang Aihua lapsed into a coma, Shang Xiufang and Zhang Yanfang lost bladder and bowel control, Han Ying lost bladder control and passed out, and Li Yinghua was hung up for three or four months until all her limbs became cold and numb and lost their function. Li Yinghua eventually suffered a mental breakdown.

On August 2, 2004, practitioners in the No. 5 Building started a hunger strike to protest the persecution and refuse to wear the prison uniform. However, they were each force-fed through a tube with two packages of powdered milk plus a package of salt and some unknown drug. Several practitioners felt dizzy and kept tripping after the force-feeding. Their faces and mouths turned purple and dark in color.

Solitary compartments were known as "prisons within the prison," and long term confinement in such a compartment results in dysfunction of one's legs and involuntary head trembling. Ding Yu's legs could not function properly after being confined in a solitary compartment and Zhang Shuzhe could not stop her head from trembling. The prison often puts practitioners into solitary compartments and the guards did not care about how long they were left there. (For the common criminal, confinement is usually a week at most.) Practitioners, however, could be detained there for as long as over half a year. Practitioner Wang Shuxia staged a hunger strike to protest the hanging-up torture and she requested to see the head of the prison. Four days into the hunger strike, she was force-fed once every three hours and locked in a solitary compartment.

Now all solitary compartments are filled with practitioners, including Liu Liping, Ding Yu, Wang Hongjie, Zhang Shuze and others. They have been detained there since March 1, 2004 when they protested against the persecution and refused to count off during the morning drill and wear prison nametags. Most of them have been detained there for over half a year. Later, practitioners demanded to be released without charge and refused to wear the prison uniform. They went on a hunger strike for about four months. Since they refused to wear the prison uniform, the prison did not allow them to wear any other clothes except bras and underwear in the solitary compartments. It was in the fall and the temperature was already quite low. The compartments were cold and damp. When being forced to have an infusion, practitioners were handcuffed to a bed, wearing only a bra and underwear.

Brutal beating, freezing, starving and sealing mouth with tape

On April 17, 2003, practitioners in the No.5 Prison Ward held a group hunger strike, for which more than 30 practitioners suffered brutal beatings. Hu Guiyan and Xiao Ailing in the No.6 Team led practitioners to recite "Lunyu" of Zhuan Falun instead of the prison regulations. Around 1:00 p.m., male guards Yu Yongcheng and Yang, along with female guards Li Xiaoyu, Qiao Lina and Liu Hong, came to the cell where Hu Guiyan and Xiao Ailing stayed and beat Hu Guiyan. Yu Yongcheng said, "Who dares to come up against us? I would make her disappear from this planet." They made all others leave the cell except Hu Guiyan and beat her. They then dragged Hu from the cell to a solitary compartment. Hu screamed along the way and her body was badly injured from being dragged along the ground. Xiao Ailing tried to reason with them for Hu, but she was also put into the solitary compartment. They were detained there for nearly a month before they were released due to poor health. When they were released, they could hardly walk. Their feet were swollen so much that a layer of skin peeled off. Guard Wang Yulan told the criminal prisoners, "As far as practitioners are concerned, beat them as you like."

On July 20, 2003, practitioners in the No.5 Prison Ward again refused to accept the false charges against them and the persecution. They refused to take part in roll call and wear prison nametags. Practitioner Li Ping was the first one to refuse to participate in the roll call. To support Li Ping, Gu Yarong also refused to squat down. As a result, both of them were put into the solitary compartment. To protest the persecution, practitioners went on a group hunger strike. Around 9:00 a.m. on July 23, division head Wu, accompanied by prison guards Wang Shanshan, Liu Hong, Qiu Yan and prisoner Jiang Cunfeng, called Gu Yarong to the office and tried to force Gu to call out "report." Gu Yarong refused. They punished Gu Yarong by forcing her to squat, but she refused. Wu said, "Since you do not squat, we will force you to do so." She grabbed Gu Yarong's shoulders and the rest of them swarmed and beat her to the ground. Guard Liu Hong verbally abused her and kicked her legs. Later she handcuffed Gu Yarong onto the floor and made Wang Shanshan monitor her. At 1:00 p.m., they put Gu Yarong into a solitary compartment and did not release her until eight days later when she suffered a heart attack.

In July 2003, practitioners in the No.8 Prison Ward called out, "Falun Dafa is great" to the crowds who came to visit the prison. The criminal prisoners ganged up and beat the practitioners. Later, practitioners Zhang Shuzhe, Wang Juyan, Zhao Xin and Liu Liping were put into a solitary compartment. Zhang Shuzhe suffered beatings at the hands of guard Gao Feng from the Prison Administration Section. Zhang Shuzhe was thrown against a wall several meters away. Her head and face were severely injured and swollen. Her eyes were filled with blood.

Prison head Chu Shuhua stood aside with others and said, "Videotape her and just say she bumped herself." Zhang Shuzhe said, "As the prison head, how can you make such a statement?" Chu Shuhua stopped talking and left with the others. With such severe injuries, Zhang Shezhe was still forced to sit on the "Tiger Bench" for eight days. Her feet swelled so much that they became disfigured. She was confined to a solitary compartment for nearly two months.

When winter came in 2003, the guards inhumanly tortured practitioners by exposing them to freezing weather. According to incomplete statistics, more than one hundred practitioners were tortured in ice and snow.

On the afternoon of November 26, 2003, practitioners in the No.5 Prison Ward sat quietly in the middle of the workshop to appeal for the release of Yang Xiuhua who had been detained beyond her prison term. Supported by the prison head Wang Xin and Chu Shuhua, the perpetrators tortured the practitioners.

From November 26, 2003 to December 2, 2003, every day before daybreak, the guards would force practitioners to stand outside to suffer in the freezing weather. In the evening after it was dark, dozens of practitioners would be forced to either sit or squat on the cold floor until midnight. The No.5 Prison Ward was located on the ground floor and it was very cold. Practitioners were stripped of their cotton padded coats and trousers. They were not allowed to go to the toilet and were forbidden to drink water or wash themselves. There was only one cold, steamed bun per person per day.

During the seven-day-long brutal persecution, all the practitioners had frostbite on their hands. The guards also whipped practitioners' hands with willow strips, which made their hands swollen and turn purple and blue. Female guards Wang Yanjie, Tao Shuping and others shocked the practitioners with electric batons. Victims include Xu Shufen, Liu Guihua, Ren Xiuying, Yan Shufen, Wang Wenrong and Hu Guiyan. The prison also ordered five anti-riot police officers (two of them were Wang Liang and Yang Zifeng) to assist the guards in the No.4 Prison Ward to beat practitioners. Practitioner Xiao Ailing was handcuffed to a metal door and beaten. Practitioners Li Ping, Cheng Peiying, Huang Liping, Zhang Cunjie, Liu Guihua, Ma Aiqiao and others were also beaten. Practitioners in the No.5 Ward were tortured and had injuries over their bodies.

In the afternoon of November 26, division heads Wu Yanjie and Tao Shuping incited criminal prisoners and the groups of four prisoners who were assigned to jointly monitor each practitioner to drag the practitioners down the stairs and take them outside to expose them to the cold. The guards who were already assembled there shocked the practitioners with electric batons. Because the practitioners refused to co-operate with the guards, each of them were dragged by two criminal prisoners to the male prison building over 100 meters away, where they were tortured. Guard Wang Liang beat practitioner Li Ping. She had blood all over her face and her nose was also badly injured. Her socks and other clothes were torn from the dragging. While shouting "Falun Dafa is great!" practitioners Cheng Peiying and Xiao Ailing were also dragged there to be tortured. At about 6:00 p.m., the guards brought the practitioners back. The second day, they tortured the practitioners even more brutally.

On November 27, escorted by guards from the No. 5 Prison Ward and the patrol team, practitioners were forced to the drilling ground to stand in four lines. The perpetrators exposed the practitioners' hands to temperatures of about -30o C (about -22o F). Because Xu Guangping did not have her hands exposed, guard Wang Liang kicked her. Her hands bled from the kicking. Practitioners Li Yuhua and Gu Yarong did not come out the first day. When they came out the second day, division head Tao Shuping tried to force them to run. They did not co-operate and Tao Shuping then forced them to squat for the whole morning. Cheng Peiying, Gu Yarong, and Liu Chunxia took off their nametags. Because of this, guard Yang Zifeng slapped their faces dozens of times, until their faces turned blue and purple. In the evening when they returned to their cells, Yan Shufen, Li Ping, Liu Guihua, Yang Xiuhua and some other practitioners also took off their nametags in protest of the persecution. Criminal prisoner Li Mei pulled them outside and beat them with willow rods and slippers. Sun Lisong and Qiu Yan, the guards on duty, also took part in the beating.

At 8:00 a.m. on November 28, the guards of the patrol team as well as guards from the No. 5 Prison Ward came to the prison building. To resist the persecution, practitioners recited "Lunyu" in unison and shouted out the Fa-rectification verses. Practitioners' firm and sonorous voices echoed in the prison building halls--their voices lasted for half an hour. Dozens of practitioners used their bodies to form a wall to protect each other. The guards did not know where to start with their beating. They stared at the practitioners blankly, holding electric batons in their hands. Later, they dashed at the practitioners and dragged Li Ping out. Practitioner Huang Liping was beaten to the ground and lost consciousness, and Yan Shufen's back was injured. Prisoners Yang Zifeng and Wang Liang beat practitioners with stools, which broke the stools into pieces. Ma Aiqiao's head was injured, with blood all over her face. She had to have four stitches, and the medical treatment cost her 2,000 yuan. In addition, she was locked in a solitary compartment, where she was given only two meals per day, with corn flour porridge. She was handcuffed with her hands behind her back, with one hand up from the back and the other one down from above the shoulder for three days until she lost consciousness. She was locked in the solitary compartment for a total of 15 days.

The guards used all sorts of violence on the practitioners. The practitioners held to each other tightly. Chu Li and several practitioners fell to the ground, yet they still tightly held on to each other. Nobody could separate them. The blood from Ma Aiqiao's head covered Chu Li's face. The criminal prisoners and female guards standing by were stupefied by the scene. By then, the guards had surrounded the prison building. They separated the practitioners and dragged them into separate cells. Li Ping and Liu Guihua were dragged to their cells and handcuffed. Other practitioners were forced to the drilling ground, with prisoner Li Mei taking the lead. Division head Tao called four practitioners out by name; they were Gu Yarong, Cheng Peiying, Du Guijie and Ren Xiuying. Later, Xiao Ailing, Li Ping and Liu Guihua were also called out. The seven practitioners were said to be organizers of the incident and were taken to solitary compartments. The seven practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest and were released from the solitary compartments on New Year's Day of 2004. They had been persecuted in the solitary compartments for 33 days. After they returned to their previous cells, they were handcuffed to their beds for another 18 days. They were forced to wear restraining devices and stand still until 12:00 a.m. every night. Later, because their feet were badly swollen and the Spring Festival was approaching, the restraining devices and benches were removed. These seven practitioners were not allowed to eat until 10:00 p.m. every day and they were only given food for four people. The seven practitioners were tortured this way for as long as five months. Due to the long period of wearing the restraining devices, Gu Yarong could not hold things with her right hand. Du Guijie had anemia and her face was very pale; she was given medical treatment.

On November 28, division head Wu Yanjie used electric batons to shock practitioner Wang Wenrong and kicked her. Criminal prisoner Liu Yumei kicked Wang Wenrong's chest so hard that Wang could hardly breathe upon impact of the kick.

In the morning of November 29, division head Wu Yanjie slapped practitioner Zhu Xiumin from Daqing City twice in the face and kicked her. Zhu Xiumin lost hearing in her left ear from the beating. Criminal prisoners Wang Yubao and Liu Wenge used bamboo strips to whip Zhu Xiumin's hands. Her hands swelled and were injured from the whipping. The criminal prisoners also stripped off her cotton padded jacket and let her freeze in the cold. Wang Daiqun whipped Zhu Xiumin's eyes with gloves and cut her hair into an odd style to humiliate her.

At 1:00 p.m. on May 23, 2003, practitioners Xu Shufen from Nianzishan in Qiqihar City and Chen Junbo from Shuangcheng Flax Mill, together with about ten criminal prisoners, were in a so-called "study session" in the prison building. Xu Shufen and Chen Junbo were sitting at the back. Guard Jiao Lina led a group of criminal prisoners into the room. They slapped Xu Shufen's face several times and repeatedly kicked her lower body with pointed, hard-toed leather shoes. Criminal prisoner Dan Guixiang held Xu Shufen tightly to prevent Xu Shufen from moving, while other criminal prisoners pulled off Xu Shufen's clothes and grabbed her hair so guards Jiao and Liu could beat and insult Xu Shufen.

Guards Jiao Lina and Liu Hong said, "So what that we beat you Falun Gong? Who saw it? Nobody has seen it. What would be the use if you screamed? Who would hear it?" They also said, "Let me tell you, I can find another ten criminal prisoners and you will suffer plenty if each of them beat you once!" After that, they held Xu Shufen's head and knocked it against the bed frame. Xu Shufen's body was covered with bruises and wounds, and she went deaf. Her legs were blue and purple, her lower body was swollen, her head was covered with bumps, her face looked scary from the swelling, and her nose and mouth bled a lot. Many people at the scene could not bear to watch, and some wept.

On November 28, 2003, when the criminal prisoners beat practitioner Dong Yazhen, several practitioners shouted together, "Stop the beating!" Xu Shufen questioned the criminal prisoners, "What kind of right does a prisoner have to beat people? Who gives you the right?" Criminal prisoner Li Mei dragged Xu Shufen out of the building where nobody could see them. She tore off Xu Shufen's cotton padded jacket and beat Xu Shufen. Division head Tao Shuping and guard Liu Hong came over. Tao Shuping pulled Xu Shufen over and slapped her face repeatedly and then Liu Hong pulled Xu Shufen over to beat her.

The next morning at about 6:00 a.m., before walking out of the door, practitioner Huang Liping saw that Xu Shufen was not wearing her cotton-padded jacket. The guards had thrown it away. She gave Xu Shufen a wool sweater. Criminal prisoner Li Mei saw that. She asked Xu Shufen, "Where is your nametag?" Xu Shufen said, "I took it off." Li Mei ordered criminal prisoner Liu Yumei to take Xu Shufen outside where nobody could see them, and beat her. Liu pulled Xu outside, and whipped her with bamboo strips. Liu Yumei also tore off the wool sweater that Huang Liping had given to Xu Shufen. She stomped on the wool sweater and tore off the sleeves. She stepped on Xu Shufen's feet. Liu Yumei put her cold, gloved hands into Xu Shufen's clothes to warm her hands. She also said, "Do you know what kind of people we are? We are murderers. We treat you like this!"

At noon, guard Tao Shuping told practitioner Xu Shufen to go to the office. When she stepped into the room, she saw division head Wu Yanjie was there too. They took Xu Shufen to an empty room in the back of the building. As soon as Xu walked into the room she saw a bamboo strip. Tao and Wu whipped Xu Shufen with the bamboo strip. Tao forced Xu to take off her shoes and then smacked her with her own shoes. Tao also shocked Xu with an electric baton and thrashed her with a plastic tube. Before she left, Tao ordered, "Take Xu to Fangshan Hill and have prisoner Liu Yumei monitor her."

When Xu Shufen took off her clothes after she returned to the prison cell, other practitioners were shocked to see that Xu's body, arms, and legs had all turned purplish black and were swollen.

On March 19, 2004, division head Wu Yanjie forced Xu Shufen to sit on the cold ground from 8:00 p.m. to midnight for not counting off. The next day she was again forced to sit until midnight. During the following three successive days, Tao Shuping made her sit from 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. the next morning and then Xu had to go to work as usual, having not slept at all for the entire night. On April 11, 2004, Tao Shuping ordered prisoners to handcuff Xu Shufen from behind to a bed handrail with the arms raised. She was hung like this from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. the next morning. After letting the arms down for a little while, she was again handcuffed for the rest of the morning. At the same time, prisoners verbally abused and bullied her.

On March 24, 2004, practitioner Yang Xiuyun was watched by criminal prisoner Luan Shumei for refusing to be treated as a criminal and for not cooperating with the management, not taking part in roll call and not wearing a nametag and prison uniform. Luan either beat her or insulted her the whole day. When Yang struggled during force-feeding, they kicked and beat her. When there were people in the cell during the daytime, Luan would make Yang sit on a stool, and when there was nobody in the cell, Luan would handcuff Yang to the bed frame. In the evening, when all the other prisoners had fallen asleep, Luan would hang Yang Xiuyun on the bed frame. Luan has beaten and insulted countless practitioners for the last three years.

On November 24, 2003, practitioner Dong Yazhen was kicked from behind by a prisoner when she refused to be treated as a criminal and refused to squat during the roll call. Her legs were injured and she couldn't stand up or walk and stayed in bed for two days. Two days later, on the evening of November 26, 2004, about 50 practitioners in the No. 5 Prison Ward were beaten. After they returned to their cells they were prohibited to eat or wash themselves and were forced to sit until 12:00 a.m. Ms. Dong suffered the same treatment. In the evening, a guard asked Ms. Dong, "Will you obey the prison orders?" Dong answered, "No, I cannot!" The guard then ordered, "Go and sit outside if you cannot obey." Ms. Dong's legs were already severely injured and she couldn't stand up. She needed help even to use the toilet. Still, Ms. Dong was forced to sit outside in the cold until midnight. The next day from 6:00 a.m., along with other practitioners, she was again forced to sit on the concrete ground outside to suffer in the cold weather (-18 oF). They were each given half a bun for a meal and only allowed to use the toilet once a day.

In the morning of the third day, the guards told Ms. Dong Yazhen to put on her nametag. Ms. Dong refused. She was kicked hard and her chest and back were injured. Later on, they forced her to sit on a snow pile. The guards stripped off her padded jacket, handcuffed her, and taped her mouth shut. She was forced to sit in the snow for the whole morning. When a guard passed by and saw her, the officer even took a photo of her with a cell phone's camera. They cut Ms. Dong's hair in an odd style to humiliate her. The next day, when they beat her again, Ms. Dong shouted, "Falun Dafa is great!" She was once again handcuffed and her mouth was taped shut. On the seventh day, Ms. Dong felt that she couldn't stand any more. Her legs hurt terribly. Prisoner Wang Daiqun claimed that her standing was unacceptable and kicked her injured legs. The prisoner also whipped her hands, feet and neck until they were all badly swollen. Wang then stripped off Ms. Dong's padded jacket and pants. Division heads Wu Yanjie and Tao Shuping and guards Qiao Lina and Liu Hong ordered prisoner Li Mei to beat Ms. Dong. From then on, the muscles in one of Ms. Dong Yazhen's legs became atrophied and she walked with a limp.

On April 9, 2003, heads of the intensive training division Lv Jingping and Wang Xiaoli, asked guards from Prison Administration Section and the Investigation Section to persecute practitioners. Practitioner Yan Shufen tried to stop them from persecuting Ms. Xu Jingfeng. Because of this they beat Ms. Yan on the head and face with a plastic bench,taped her mouth shut and sent her to solitary confinement in shackles and her hands were cuffed behind her back with one hand up from the back and the other down from the shoulder. On July 21, 2003, Ms. Yan was taken over to Lv Jingping and Wang Xiaoli's office because she did the Falun Dafa meditation. They ordered Ms. Yan to squat when speaking to them. Ms. Yan refused. They then beat her and kicked her with their high-heeled shoes. From November 26 to December 2, Ms. Yan was brutally abused. In addition, prisoners Li Mei and Fu Yanping dragged her by her arms and pulled her with her face upward, while prisoner Wang Yubo madly beat her until they reached the gate of the Male Prison Ward. In the evening, Ms. Yan was once again dragged out and beaten because she took off her nametag. Her left shoulder and hands were severely swollen after the beating. The left shoulder was beaten so severely that it became inflamed and formed an open wound, which left a round scar.

Once when Ms. Yan Shufen and other practitioners recited "Lunyu" and the Fa-rectification verses together in the hall, prison officers shocked their faces with electric batons. Ms. Yan's legs were also injured from their kicking. Yang, head of the Investigation Section, was present at the time. Ms. Yan asked Yang, "Why did you order the prisoners to beat people?" Yang didn't reply; instead, she ordered the prisoners to drag Ms. Yan back to the prison cell and handcuffed her to the bed from behind her back, not allowing her to sit. Although Ms. Yan's shoulder was already inflamed and festered and the egg-sized wound oozed pus and blood, they still didn't allow her to lie on the bed. Ms. Yan was handcuffed to the bed for seven days and nights, and she could only sit on the floor.

Persons who participated in the persecution:

Prison Head: Liu Zhiqiang

Former Prison Head: Wang Xing, Chu Shuhua

Head of the Training Division: Lv Jingping, Wang Xiaoli
Head of No. 1 Prison Ward: Cui Hongmei
Division heads: Wu Yanjie, Tao Shuping

Guards of No. 1 Prison Ward: Li Xiaoyu, Qiu Yan, Qiao Lina, Liu Hong, Yu Yongcheng, Yang, Wang Yulan, Wang Shanshan
Prison Administration Section: Gao Feng, Wang Liang, Sun Lisong, Yang Zifeng
Prison Investigation Section: Yang Libin (Head), Officer Niu, Officer Deng, Zhang Xiaoying, Wu Xuesong
Criminals: Yang Shuhua, Jiang Chunfeng, Li Mei, Wang Yubo, Liu Wenge, Shan Guixiang, Wang Daiqun, Liu Yumei, Luan Shumei, Wang Runjie, Fu Yanping.

These perpetrators have already violated the following articles of the Criminal Law:

Article 234: Crime of intentionally causing bodily injuries
Article 235: Crime of causing severe bodily injuries due to negligence
Article 238: Crime of illegal detention
Article 245: Crime of illegal house search
Article 246: Crime of humiliation
Article 247: Crime of illegal inquisition by torture
Article 248: Crime of maltreatment of detainee
Article 251: Crime of illegal deprivation of citizens' right of freedom of belief
Article 237: Crime of abuse of power

The perpetrators also violated the Labor Law and the Prison Law.