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All of My Illnesses Disappeared After Practicing Falun Gong

January 14, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) I used to suffer from various illnesses such as hepato-cirrhosis, esophageal varicocoele, hypertension, hypersplenism, low platelet count, stuffy chest, arterial fibrillation, chest pains, deterioration of the cervical vertebrae, bursitis in both shoulders and kidney stone and others. Put in simpler terms, I was on the verge of death.

In the past ten years or so I had taken numerous medications, injections and had been admitted to the hospital several times. I even tried a form of qigong but received no significant results. My condition continued to worsen until one day in April 1995, the base of my esophagus tore open due to my esophageal varicocoele. I suddenly felt unbearably uncomfortable, and had the strong urge to vomit. Before long, I vomited half a bucket of blood and excreted black stools. My condition was unable to be controlled and I fell unconscious before the ambulance arrived. After several days of continuous emergency room treatment, my condition finally stabilized and I came out of the coma. In order to take better care of me, my family members took turns caring for me 24 hours a day for an entire month. My two daughters who worked at foreign enterprises resigned, and my son took leave from his job for several days. In addition to anxiety, my wife was extremely exhausted by rushing in and out of the hospital several times a day. After a month of intensive care, I was finally out of danger.

I was hospitalized for three months, transfused with over one liter of blood and took the best medicines available. Yet my hemoglobin, platelet and white blood cell counts remained extremely low. Since I also had hypertension, there was a high probability that a hemorrhage could recur in my esophagus; however, no additional treatments were available to prevent such a problem. My mental burden remained heavy even after returning home, because each day seemed like the last day of my life. My family was very concerned over my health, and one of my daughters continued to stay home to care for me.

I fortunately came across Falun Gong and decided to take the path of cultivation. On the third day of watching Teacher's lecture on videotape, I experienced huge gushes in my abdomen and began to excrete black stools for the next seven days. I knew Teacher was cleansing my body because I immediately felt lighter and more comfortable afterwards. I then started to participate in group exercise and Fa-study. After doing the exercises each morning, I became more cheerful and open-minded for the rest of the day.

One day after group exercise in early 1996, I finally obtained what I had long been yearning for - videotapes of Teacher's Guangzhou lecture. I immediately rushed home to watch the tapes and was again deeply amazed by Teacher's profound teachings of the Fa. At that moment I felt so close to the Fa that tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks. As Teacher had said in the lecture, my body experienced a powerful cleansing process that evening. I began to vomit blood violently before going to bed. The urge to throw up was so strong, yet I was not afraid. My mind was clear and I could feel what I was going through was different this time. After a while the vomiting stopped and my chest felt extremely comfortable, as if the dirty substances had been eliminated from my body. My wife and children were not nervous either, for they had seen the miraculous power of Falun Gong in the past and knew these reactions were normal during the cleansing of the body. That night when I was drifting into sleep, I suddenly felt a very comfortable surge of heat pass through my body. I had never felt so hot in my life, and I sweated profusely. Everything went back to normal the next day, and my health and mental state got better ever since. Now I no longer suffer from illnesses, for all of them have vanished.

Teacher and Falun Dafa saved me from the brink of death. Through my personal experience, I deeply realize that Teacher's every word is the absolute truth. Falun Dafa is so wonderful. I want to help more people see the facts so that they will not miss this precious chance.