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Ten Torture Methods Used on Dafa Practitioners in Various Labor Camps (Illustrations)

September 17, 2004 |  


Method 1: Hanging for several days with both hands handcuffed

Persecutors hang practitioners to the upper level of a bunk bed with the tips of toes barely touching the floor. Practitioners have often been hung in this position for days if they refuse to renounce Falun Dafa.

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Illustration1 "Civilized Law Enforcement"

Method 2: Force-feeding

With the victim bound to a bed or chair, the persecutors pry their mouths open and force-feed them using a funnel or tubing reaching into the stomach. Before feeding, the persecutors first pull the tubing up and down, and back and forth repeatedly. This usually results in bleeding of esophagus and stomach, and is extremely painful. The victim is then fed unknown substances, drugs, or a high density solution of salt and water. Practitioners often vomit after force-feeding.

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Illustration 2: The purpose of "Force-feeding" is not to nourish, but to further torture practitioners so that they will sign a letter denouncing Falun Gong (the paper with Chinese characters on the table)

Method 3: Tying practitioners to the shape of "ÍÁ" (a Chinese character)

In this methods, the practitioner's hands are bound to the wall and the legs are tied to a long bench to form "ÍÁ" shape. This torture method causes severe physical and emotional injury to the practitioner.

Illustration 3 Tying practitioners to the shape of "ÍÁ"

Method 4: Stripped naked and shocked with electric batons for long time

In this torture, the practitioner is stripped naked and thrown to the ground face down with both hands handcuffed behind the back. Three guards step on the victim's head, back and thighs respectively, while another guard steps on both ankles and uses his body weight to force the victim's legs open. A thick steel bar is placed in the victim's mouth and tied from the back of his head. The guard who steps on the practitioner's head shocks the steel bar as well and the face with a high voltage baton, while the guard who steps on his back shocks his upper body and the one who steps on his thighs shocks his lower body and buttocks. The guard who steps on his ankles shocks the sensitive arches of his feet and the back of the knees.

Illustration 4: Stripped naked and shocked with electric batons for extended periods

Method 5: "Press to the Wall"

In this torture method, guards force practitioners to bend over while holding the legs straight. Then, with the feet close together, the arms are lifted by two guards to the highest position possible, with the hands touching the wall. Then, the guard who sits on a chair moves back his chair to force the practitioner to the closest position next to the wall.

Illustration 5: "Press to the Wall"

Method 6: Handcuff from the back

The practitioner's hands are cuffed to heat pipes from the back so that one can neither sit nor squat. Practitioners have often been handcuffed in this way for long periods of time. They can't stand straight or squat, and have to have somebody feed them.

Illustration 6: Handcuff from the back

Method 7:

Cuff both hands together or separately to heat pipes with tips of toes barely touching the ground.

Method 8

Forcefully double-fold hunger striker's two legs and tie up. Tie both hands from the back, insert thick tubing into the nostril for force-feeding. The tubing is often left inside the body for a long time to cause more pain to the victim and so that force-feeding can be administered at any time.

Method 9

Lift one leg as high as possible and then cuff it to an iron window. Meanwhile, stretch the other leg upright and cuff the hands behind the back. This torture method has been even applied to practitioners in their 60s for a long time.

Method 10: Hanging upside down

Tie both legs to the upper frame of a two bunk bed, then flip the bed to hang the victim upside down with both hands locked to the lower frame. Practitioners are then beaten by guards or inmates while in this position.