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Further Information about the Torture Death of Dafa Practitioner Ms. Xu Fuzhi from Heilongjiang Province

August 16, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Xu Fuzhi, 55 years old, had lived in Bei'an Dadui, Bei'an Street in Mudanjiang City. She used to work in the Bei'an Dahui Foundry. After she practiced Falun Gong, the cardiac arrhythmia and high blood pressure she had suffered from for many years had all disappeared. She and her two daughters had a happy and harmonious family. Dafa has brought her both physical and mental health and she told everyone she met that Falun Dafa is something good.

During the night of November 6, 2002, Xu Fuzhi was abducted by the police from the Bei'an Police precinct and taken to the National Security Team of the Aimin Police Department in Mudanjiang City. Peng Jun and other policemen covered her head and force-fed her with burning mustard oil to torture her and force her to tell them the source of the truth-clarifying materials. Mudanjiang City police frequently use mustard oil as torture method. The oil is so caustic it can leave chemical burns on any part of the skin where it is applied and the fumes can cause choking and leave the person feeling like they are suffocating. After the authorities failed to obtain any information, they held Xu Fuzhi in the Mudanjiang City Detention Center.

Ms. Xu refused to renounce her belief in Falun Dafa or agree to stop practicing, and she did not cooperate with the criminal authorities. In March 2003, she was sentenced to three years by the Aimin Court and was sent to the Harbin Women's Prison on June 16, 2003. During her incarceration she suffered from scabies that had developed all over her body due to the extremely poor living and unsanitary conditions that were allowed to exist in the prison. The high blood pressure and heart disease that she previously had overcome returned in the poor environment of the detention center. Due to her poor health condition, Haibin Women's Prison officials refused to accept her and sent her back to the Mudanjiang City Detention Center. She should have been released on a medical parole to receive medical treatment, but the authorities from the Mudanjiang City "610 Office" and the detention center refused to release any Falun Dafa practitioners who were rejected by the prison for health reasons and refused to send them to a hospital to get medical treatment. When the family members tried to obtain their release on medical grounds, the authorities created obstacles and would not release the practitioners. Xu Fuzhi's husband sold their house in order to have enough money to obtain her release for medical treatment, but was rejected. Xu Fuzhi's blood pressure reached 260 in the detention center, and the scabies made her skin itch uncontrollably. Due to gross abuse in the detention center, coupled with the denial of medical treatment for her heart and blood pressure condition, Xu Fuzhi suffered a stroke and died on May 26, 2004

Many practitioners have been detained in the Mudanjiang City Detention Center. They were illegally sentenced, tortured, disabled and the prison refused to take them due to their poor health condition, which resulted from the torture they received. Practitioners' physical and mental health was traumatized, but the detention center did not release them and refused them medical treatment. Only when a practitioner's life was in danger would medical treatment be permitted, as the authorities feared having to take responsibility should any practitioner die in the detention center. When they were in a critical condition, the practitioners were sent to the Mudanjiang City Police Hospital.

Xu Fuzhi's death was completely preventable. The actual cause of her death was due to torture and being denied medical treatment. When her family members finally learned about Xu Fuzhi's condition, she was already in critical condition. In those instances, the authorities of Mudanjiang City Police Department, Detention Center and the city "610 Office" feared their crimes might be exposed, so they strictly monitored her family members who were visiting Xu in the police hospital. Only one family member at a time was permitted to go to Xu's bedside and their entry and exit were tightly restricted.

After Xu Fuzhi was abducted by authorities and taken into the detention center she was detained for one year and six months. She was tortured to death by Mudanjiang City "610 Office" enforcer Peng Jun and others from the national security team of Mudanjiang City Aimin Police Department, Bei'an Police Station, Sun Hongliang, and others from Aimin Court.

So far, seven Dafa practitioners in Mudanjiang City have died as a result of torture. Nearly 600 practitioners have been sent to the Jianshan Prison, the Harbin Women's Prison, Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center, Mudanjiang City Detention Center, the Forced Labor Camp, the Mental Hospital. The authorities responsible for these deaths are all from the Mudanjiang City "610 Office," from the Aimin Court, other courts of the city and people from the police department. The practitioners were subjected to torture in all those locations.

Li Changqing and others from Mudanjiang City's "610 Office" were received merit awards as a result of having tortured practitioners with such enthusiasm. These awards, which were touted as "political achievements," were gained at the expense of practitioners' lives. Practitioners in Mudanjiang City are being ruthlessly persecuted and their family members and friends will not keep silent about it. Several lawsuits against Jiang for his crimes of genocide are pending around the world. Those criminals who follow Jiang's decrees and persecute practitioners will not escape the judgment of history.