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Some Beijing Dafa Disciples Recount Stories of Master Teaching the Fa (Part 6)

July 28, 2004 |  


16. We put down our fans and the breeze blew gently

Jinan City in northern China is famous for its terrible heat; through the summer, it feels like an oven. During the second session of Master's lectures in Jinan, the audience felt very hot and could not help but fan themselves constantly. That day, Master said: "Why don't you all put down your fans." We all then put down our fans. All of sudden, we felt a cool breeze blowing. We were moved and clapped our hands.

The next day, Master said, "Yesterday I asked you to put down your fans. People with good enlightenment quality put down their fans and all felt the blowing breeze. But some people still did not listen and continued waving their fans. The more they fanned the hotter they felt..." "Practitioners should welcome suffering and hardship when they find it. You want to practice but you could not even endure such a tiny bit of hardship?"

17. Master shows his concern for practitioners' safety.

After the Jinan lecture session was over, Master advised practitioners: "People who plan to travel by plane should change to take trains." Some practitioners asked if everybody who was going to fly had to take trains instead. Master replied that only the people who would fly from Jinan to Dalian had to do so. It turned out that the flight from Jinan to Dalian ran into a severe storm.

Many of the practitioners who had attended the Jinan lectures had planned to fly to Dalian to catch Master's next lecture. After seeing the outcome, practitioners realized that Master had predicted that the evil would try to interfere to stop people from learning the Fa, so Master gave the warning to protect practitioners.

18. Master turns down offers from some people with money

After the Jinan lecture session, Master went to Dalian by boat. All the way to Dalian, five dragons were playing in the river to welcome Master. Practitioners who were with Master were very excited to witness the scene.

After the Dalian lecture session, many rich people offered rides to Master with the intention of asking Master to personally treat their illnesses. Master refused them all. Gao Qiuju, who later became the assistant at the Dalian assistance center, said: "Aren't we supposed to raise our level and advance together?" Master smiled and then took a ride with her.

On the way back, rain poured down so badly that Gao Qiuju could not see the road clearly. The situation was quite dangerous. Master then began turning the great Falun. The sky cleared ahead of the car, allowing safe passage, but behind the car the rain fell as hard as ever.

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