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After Their Brother and Sister Died from the Persecution, the Family of Hebei Dafa Practitioner Mr. Chen Aili is Hounded by Authorities

June 06, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On several occasions, Clearwisdom Net has reported the experiences of the family of six who are residents of Canfangying Village, Zhangjiakou City in Hebei Province. The brother Chen Aizhong and sister Chen Hongping died as a result of being persecuted for practicing Falun Dafa. Elder sister Chen Shulan is currently being illegally detained at the Tiantang Female Prison in Beijing's Daxing County. Out of the six family members, only Chen Aili and their parents were able to remain at home. At present, the remaining three family members are now facing persecution by the authorities.

February 28, 2004, the criminal police team and detention center police suddenly broke into their house. They sealed up Chen Aili's mouth and dragged him into their car. They then also took the mother, Wang Lianying, from the house. The authorities confiscated all the family's valuables in the house. They took away a printer, paper consumables and also eight thousand Yuan in personal savings (1). The father Chen Yunchuan was kidnapped on his way home. The three of them were illegally detained and have been forced to attend a brainwashing program in the Shalingzipiandi Legal School in Zhangjiakou City.

The three remaining family members held a hunger strike for two months to protest their illegal detention and persecution. Chen Aili's weight is only about 50 lbs now. The evil persons saw that his body has become extremely weak and wanted to first let him go home to recover for a few days before taking him back again. In this way on April 27, both father and son were temporarily released to recover at home. The mother Wang Lianying is still persisting in her hunger strike in the detention center. It was claimed to be an unconditional release, but the father and the son were locked in their house from the outside. The Beixinbao Township Police Station also sent a man called Wang Chunsheng to keep watch on the east side of the road leading to Chen's house and another man in the same village called Li Zhonglin to watch over on the west side.

Chen Aili was once again abducted on May 10 after his health just managed to recover a little after returning home. Presently, only the father Chen Yunchuan has been permitted to stay in the house.

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Principal Zhou of brainwashing classes in Shalingzipiandi Legal School: 86-313-3686238
Principal Lu: 86-313-3686038
Principal Kang: 86-313-3686038
Beixinbao Towhship Government: 86-313-6841019
Beixinbao Towhship Police Station: 86-313-6841011
Zhanjiakou City Police Department:86-313-6234170

Mr. Chang (Politics and Law Committee Secretary of Zhangjiakou City): 86-313-2013838, 2012581
Qiao Denggui (Politics and Law Committee Secretary, City Party Committee Deputy Secretary): 86-313-4068683, 8021963
Huailai County Police Department: 86-313-6234170
Zhangjiakou City Judicial Bureau: 86-313-4061319
Jiang Shubang (Zhangjiakou Police Department Chief): 86-313-8682201, 86-13191916000
Li Jingyun (Zhangjiakou Police Department Party Secretary) 86-313-8682301, 8688666